Random Thoughts: Being Thankful {2}

Last year I posted about being thankful and I thought I’d continue the tradition this year. Except I thought this time around I’d be a little more personal with my thanks, otherwise I may just as well re-post what I posted last year. Because I am still so very thankful for all of those things.

But I will try to keep this in the bookish realm, as this is a book blog after all, and not my personal online journal. So here goes….

I am so very thankful that I’m here, one whole year later, blogging about the books and authors I love. I’m thankful that even with all the hardships that life has thrown my way, I still have the ability to share the books I adore with others, I still have a mind which allows me to write these posts and I still have readers who visit my blog, read my posts and share their thoughts in the comments.

I have also been fortunate to have met some amazing readers, bloggers and authors this past year and have gotten to know those I knew the year before even better.

I’m so thankful to have made a close friend in the bookish community, not something I’ve done very often in my adult life. And that she’s someone I trust completely, someone who has my back, someone who shares her amazing collection of books with me, someone who calms the crazy in me, and someone I can go to for advice, means more to me than I could ever say.

I am so thankful to and for those authors who have shared their books with me, given me an early peek at the amazing stories they’ve written, entrusted me with their work and looked to me for my opinion. Reading each and every one of those stories has been an honor and a privilege. And they will be moments and hours that I will forever be thankful I have had.

I am thankful for the amazing designer who has put her stamp on all of my blogs. She has managed to give me a multitude of places to post my thoughts that I love to visit each day. She has taken what would otherwise have been simply blogs with endless text-heavy posts and created visual backdrops that are so totally me. Her designs have often been the inspiration I need to keep posting.

I am thankful for those bloggers and readers who have reached out to me privately with their kind words and personal stories. The fact that they have the courage to reach out to a stranger – something I lack – is amazing. And the fact that they reached out to me? I am absolutely floored. Just knowing that in some small way I’ve affected someone else’s life is a huge, huge thing. I mean HUGE. And it is daunting and awesome and wonderful and scary, but I am so touched that anyone would feel that way about me.

I am thankful for all those authors who write those books, who risk their stories being ripped to shreds by those who read them, for giving me those few hours to get lost in their worlds. Without these lovely distractions, I don’t think my waking mind would ever quiet down. Books are my happy place. Even when they make me sob.

I am thankful for those who came up with an idea called NaNoWriMo. Because without that annual event I might never have started to write again. Even if it’s currently the bane of my existence. Even if I want to toss my WIP off the nearest pier – which is less than twenty feet away – more times than I care to admit. But without the pressure to get those wordcounts in, I might never have pushed myself to write this story that now really, really wants to be told.

Most recently I am so very thankful to one person who reached out to me one day when I was feeling less than stellar. Someone I didn’t even think knew I existed. Someone who I’ve held in the highest regard for as long as I’ve been blogging. Someone who just by saying “hey” turned my entire day around. If that weren’t enough – and it was – they also gave me an opportunity to do something that turned my month, my year, my existence on its ear. Maybe to them it was a small kindness. To me it was something huge. So I am so very thankful to them too.

And lastly but most definitely not least-ly, I am so very thankful for my Dad. Who, after many, many, many years I’ve finally entrusted to read my stories – the short ones and the WIP. His opinion of my writing has always meant more to me than anyone else’s, so I’ve never had the courage to share my writing with him lest he think less of me. But the fact that he’s been nothing but supportive, yet honest with his criticism, means the world to me. For someone who lives in the land of “not good enough” the fact that he is willing to be my cheerleader after having read my stories makes me so very thankful he’s my Dad.

And… because I just can’t leave things on such a “heavy” note.

I am thankful that The Vampire Diaries has returned this season, I’m thankful for this new show Arrow that has captivated my interest so completely. I’m thankful that my new iPhone allows me to hold more books, TV shows and movies than my old one did. I’m thankful that Suits will be returning this January with new episodes. I’m thankful that I had the chance to read SPLINTERED early so that I can gush about Morpheus and Jeb every chance I can. I’m thankful that Jaime made me read SPLINTERED earlier than I had planned so that I can gush about Morpheus and Jeb every chance I can. [See what I just did there?]

I’m thankful for electricity, because boy did that blackout the other week scare the bejeezus out of me. I’m thankful that I have more than one eReader so that when my battery dies I don’t have to search for a power cable and can just pick up one of the other ones from my nightstand to continue reading.

I’m thankful that the iPhone has a notepad feature because in my older age apparently writing with a pencil is a much, much slower process. I’m thankful that more and more ARCs are available as eBooks, because I find them just so much easier to read.

I’m thankful that The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures are being made into movies because without The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Twilight, I was seriously starting to stress about the shortage of book series into movies.

But most importantly of all here on the blog “Dear Reader” – as my favorite author of all time likes to start his forewords – I am thankful for you. Because, as I’ve said before, without you I’d be talking to myself. (Not an uncommon thing, but one I probably should be doing less of.) Without you I’d be sharing my thoughts on books with no one. (Much like I do in my everyday “real life” existence.) Without you I’d have no reason to buy or read as many books as I do, get my blog re-designed on a regular basis or ramble about next to nothing on my other blog.

So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and making me less alone in the blogoverse.

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