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There are only a few days left… I promise. But there are still a few rockin’ bloggers who have some amazing tips to share. And I can’t not post their wisdom here on the blog. If I were to hoard it all to myself, that would be… well… selfish. And I try not be too selfish. Especially with awesome advice that can only make this community better.

Well, today I am very honored to be able to have another one of my favorite bloggers on the blog. She really doesn’t need an introduction, though I’ll give her one anyway. I mean, who doesn’t already know Ashley, The Bookish Brunette a.k.a. The Zombie Queen?

While she may have only started “rocking your face off since 2011” it feels like she’s always been a part of this community. She has a larger-than-life kind of personality… totally opposite to my hide-in-the-shadows one. And I am so seriously amazed by everything she does.

From having one of the most gorgeous blogs in the blogosphere. To promoting some of the most exciting Indie and Self-pubbbed authors. To writing immensely entertaining and informative posts. To running Zombie Craze two years in a row. To being just as… if not more than (though I don’t think that’s possible)… in love with Claudia of PhatPuppy Art’s amazingly amazing artwork.

Oh… and if that’s not enough, you should check out her hilarious vlogs and late night Twitter convos.

But before I go and take up all the post space with my ramblings, I’ll just leave you with a little background before I turn this post over to Ashley….

I am almost positive I got to know Ashley through our mutual love of PhatPuppy Art. There may have been the occasional Tweet or two before that, but until it became set in stone that we were huge fans, I might not have known Ashley quite as well.

Though I did know of her blog. How could I not? That blog is the stuff of awesome. And while I can’t rock that look – she even makes zombies look pretty – where clearly I go for dark and destructed, I love staring at her gorgeous design and her incredibly well-formatted posts. (Sooo pretteh.) But it’s not like I really need another reason to stick around. Her posts rock!

And Ashley is super nice, super friendly and someone who is clearly way more established and knowledgeable at this blogging thing  than I am. And so, without any more blabbitty-blab, let me turn this blog over to her…

BB’s Tips for Bloggers

1. Twitter is your ENEMY!!!!! Take it from a recovering tweet-whore… It is the biggest time suck and SUPER ADDICTIVE! Here’s an example:

“Ooooh, I’ll just get on and see what everyone’s doing. I’ll get off immediately after and start my day!!”


“Babe, what are we having for dinner?”

OMG! When did hubby get home?! The house is still filthy and NOTHING was done during my *checks clock* NINE HOUR twitter-thon!!!!!

Of course, that’s just one example…

2. Don’t be afraid or nervous to ask someone (other bloggers, authors, publishers etc) for advice (bloggers), interviews (authors), books you want to review (publishers)… Whatever the case may be. The worst they can say is no right?

3. TALK to people! Book blogging is all about connections and making friends! I’ve become great friends with bloggers and authors alike through my book blogging journey! I’ve met some of the most amazing people EVER, and I’m happy to say that some of my very BEST friends are virtual!

4. Be aware that not everyone will LIKE or agree with your opinion, but thankfully most everyone will RESPECT it. 🙂

5. And in turn you would do well to respect others. Go back to the Golden Rule : Treat others how you wish to be treated. No joke. This is probably the MOST important rule of book blogging!!!

Here are a few more to go along with #5:

a. It’s inappropriate and RUDE to insult a blogger or another commenter in the comments section/on twitter (anywhere really) because you don’t agree with them. Be RESPECTFUL, not hateful. Differing opinions is one thing, but being an asshole is quite another!

b. There are “cliques” of sorts in the blogging community, I know right? Just like high school except reading is COOL! (dude, there’s an initiation into ‘The Most Epic Bloggers EVER’ one… Just sayin. *wink*) … Bloggers look out for each other and are really tight knit, mess with one- you get them all!

c. It is rude to copy & paste a blogger’s header into an email, then demand them to tell you how to design such things. Uuum… Learn? Or get Parajunkee to design you awesomeness!

d. Plagiarism is BAD!!! Very very bad!!! Just say NO!

Oh those tips are AWESOME! And that post was so much fun. I totally agree Twitter is something to watch out for! When I started out it became a total time suck… actually I think I still get caught up on the DM side of it way too often. It is a total frenemy!

And I will always, always, always be afraid to ask… but I’ll do it anyway. Because you’re totally right. They can just say no… or ignore you. It’s not like they’re zombies that will invade your home and eat your brains!

Respect is so important. Of course you don’t have to agree. Differences are what make life interesting. But being respectful of those differences and treating people with respect is a must.

Um… as far as “cliques” I was NOT one of those bloggers that got the invite to be epic…. So I’m really, REALLY grateful Your Epicness agreed to be on my humble little blog.

And oh… em… gee… that is SO freaking rude! i can’t believe anyone would demand that you tell them how to design your header! Yes, learn… or buy them from Parajunkee like I do. 🙂

As far as choice “d” – YES. Couldn’t agree with you more.

Ashley, thank you so much for taking the time to write this awesome post and to share your wisdom in a voice that is very much all your own. I LOVE it! Thank you!

And now…

For those of you who have not yet “met” Ashley – is there really someone who hasn’t? – you can find her here…

So I asked Ashley what her favorite YA Zombie reads were this year and she had two…

So, I am offering up for giveaway – to be ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository depending upon location – to two winners a copy of ROT & RUIN by Jonathan Maberry OR ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND by Gena Showalter.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below, and all my usual giveaway rules apply. (See my giveaway policy if you have any questions.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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