Blogoversary Guest Post: Jaime of Two Chicks on Books

I reached out to a number of my favorite bloggers who have been doing this thing for a year or more to invite them to share their tips, advice and wisdom about book blogging for those who have just started out or those who have been blogging for awhile but just need some guidance.

Some of these bloggers have been extra generous with their time and expertise and so I’ll be giving them their very own post. Because all that wisdom needs a spotlight.

And it probably should be no surprise to those of you who have “met” me around the blogosphere that as my very first guest this blogoversary I have the very lovely, very awesome, very generous and incredibly wise blogger, publicist and friend…

Jaime of Two Chicks on Books.

For just a little background…

I met Jaime on Twitter back when I started blogging. She was the very first person I spoke with on Twitter aside from the occasional Tweet I’d send back to an author. She responded to my random Tweets that I sent out there and I totally freaked out. I clearly didn’t know that Twitter was a two-way street.

She was always the more social one. She still is. I admire her so much for her courage and her ability to drag me out of this shell I exist in. She is my sounding board, she is the social someone I aspire to be, she is a very good friend.

And so, without further ado, blathering, rambling and the like….

Oy, ok so I don’t know who I am to be offering tips but I have been around for almost two years so that’s something right? So here’s a few tips I’ve learned over the last two years.

If you choose a partner make sure that you’re not doing all the work. That it’s split up equally. Also that it’s someone you can trust and will keep on their reading schedule just like you do.

Posts don’t have to go up every day! No seriously they don’t there aren’t blogger police out there that will fine you if a day or two goes by and you haven’t posted. WE ALL HAVE LIVES.

You don’t have to participate in meme’s and hops (I was a meme free blog until a few months ago). Unless you want instant popularity and a ton of followers. Then I suggest that you do.

Read what you want! If you don’t like a book then don’t finish it. If it came from a publisher then simply send them an email stating that you couldn’t finish the book and you won’t be posting a review. Trust me they will understand.

Make your reviews personal! People don’t like a revision of the synopsis. It’s boring! But DO KEEP IT CLASSY!!!! Don’t author bash if you didn’t like the book then state that.

You can say no to review requests! Don’t say yes to so many that you can’t enjoy reading.

Try to stay out of the drama. I know easier said than done. But I promise you you’ll be a happier blogger if you’re oblivious to the twitter and goodreads dramz.

Don’t plagiarize! EVER! Just don’t do it! If you have nothing to say about a review then say so. People will love you honesty more than your theft of their words. Just do a small post and link to someone else’s review. Make sure you ask for permission first though.

Don’t get jealous over what other bloggers get in the mail from publishers (another easier said than done) or at book conferences for that matter. Think of it this way… yeah they may get an early copy of a book to read but then they have to wait that much longer to read the next one. Plus we’re reading these books to support the authors and what better way is there to support them than to buy the book?

Have fun! Blogging isn’t a job. You’re not getting paid to do this and it takes hours upon hours of our time to read a book, review it, post, tweet, etc. but if you forget to have fun then what’s the point?

Thanks for having me Rachel this was fun 😀

I am so glad this was fun! Your tips were amazing. I really need to read those over and over again so that I actually heed your advice on one or two of them. Especially the ones about taking a break or reading what I want to read. Yeah….

And no, I do not want to read those series-ending books! Seriously, I don’t! I know I should….


You all know I think Jaime rocks. So If you haven’t met her yet, be sure to catch up with her around the social…

I asked Jaime to choose two books that have (or will be) released in October or November that she thinks rocks. And she chose….

So, I am offering up for giveaway – to be ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository depending upon location – to two winners EITHER a copy of THE LOST PRINCE by Julie Kagawa or a copy of RENEGADE by J.A. Souders.

Enter in the Rafflecopter below, and all my usual giveaway rules apply. (See my giveaway policy if you have any questions.)

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