SWEET EVIL Read Along Week Four: Halloween

This is the final week of the Read Along hosted by Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and wow did this month fly by! While I’m sad that this event is nearing its end, I’m so happy that I had the chance to re-read SWEET EVIL this month. Even though I did finish it way too early. But it really couldn’t be helped. Kaidan Rowe. I don’t think I need to say any more.

This was such an awesome idea that Mindy came up with and it was so much fun being a co-host along with Jaime of Two Chicks On Books, Tara of Tater’s Tall Tails and Nancy of Ravenous Reader. And it was even more fun knowing that everyone who decided to join in the Read Along was devouring SWEET EVIL and creating these weekly posts, too!

So… anyway…

This final week we’ll be reading Chapters 26 through 31 (pages 341-447). And this week’s topic ties in not only with the title of the first chapter but with the fun and candy-filled event at the end of the month, and that is…


This week’s topic is pretty open-ended so I thought I’d share just a few personal stories about my Halloween experiences over the years. But just a few of them, as some are way too embarrassing to admit to here on the blog.

I have always loved Halloween. The idea of dressing up in a costume and going door-to-door so that strangers could give me candy was more exciting to me than Christmas. My mother was more of a natural foods kind of woman and so candy was a rarity for most of the year except Halloween.

But it was almost as exciting to be able to get dressed up in a costume. I rarely wore a store-bought costume – my mother would sew one for me or I’d make one on my own.

And for some reason I almost always wanted to get dressed up as a cat. Until that one year I decided I’d rather be Dracula – fangs, cape, fake blood and all. I never wanted to be a fairy princess.

If it was a school day, we’d start trick-or-treating the second we left school and continue on until the socially acceptable time of 8 p.m. Yes, five whole hours to tackle each subdivision in our neighborhood and get as much candy as possible. When the load got a bit too heavy we’d stop and snack for awhile. And when that didn’t work, we’d hide our stash and come back for it later.

When Halloween fell on a weekend, however, we rarely waited for an appropriate hour to start ringing doorbells. Let’s just say that not everyone was thrilled to have their sleep interrupted by trick-or-treaters at 7:30 a.m. But that didn’t stop us. The possibility that someone would have their candy ready and we’d get “first dibs” was worth a few angry doors slammed in our faces.

Halloween was always a lot of fun in those early days. But as we got older things got a bit more complicated. My best friend and I – her idea – decided to dress up as college cheerleaders one year. We were eleven. We spent much of the night worrying about our safety.

We were a bit more selective with our costume choices the next year.

My final year of trick-or-treating was one that I hadn’t planned on going out. We’d just moved and I was old enough – fourteen – to have exchanged begging for candy for parties. Still of the wholesome variety – ice cream, cake, scary movies, chips and soda – but parties nonetheless. We were so over trick-or-treating.

But apparently I wasn’t. My sister was just born and my mother hadn’t bought candy to give out at the door. She didn’t want the doorbell to wake her and so wanted me to sit outside and give out candy before any bell-ringing. Candy we didn’t have.

As I couldn’t drive – I was only fourteen – and my mother was taking care of a newborn, she came up with the grand idea of sending me out trick-or-treating to acquire candy that I would then pass out to kids who stopped by. Yeah. Great idea.

Why, you might ask? For one, I would be trick-or-treating alone. Something I’d never done before. Two, I was fourteen. How mortifying is that? Three, I was in a completely new town and didn’t even know the neighborhood. And four, I didn’t have a costume.

But I went anyway. For my tiny baby sister. To get my mom off my back.

I glommed on to a group of kids that were going house to house. I was at least four years older than them, but I was hoping that whoever answered the door would think I was their chaperone.

Which worked out well. I was getting a ton of candy. I didn’t feel weird for not having a costume. I was a pretend chaperone so why would I need one?

And I would have considered the night a success, and it probably would have been one Halloween I’d have forgotten about by now given how many other mortifying and shockingly memorable Halloweens I’d had over the years, but for that one house. My very last house I’d trick-or-treated at. Ever.

It started out the same as all others, but when I got to the door the woman thought that since I was older perhaps instead of candy I might want a roll of pennies. Which I really didn’t, because I needed the candy to give away. But okay. Especially since it turned out to be a roll of quarters in her hand and not pennies. A mistake I was loathe to correct.

But when she played the “let me guess what you are” game, things went downhill fast. Because her first guess – and no, I didn’t stick around to hear her second guess – was that I was a lady of the night. She may have used a different term. But I’d rather not say that word here on the blog.

So, yeah. My very last trick-or-treating memory is one that still makes me feel utterly humiliated. But was it worth it? To keep the doorbell from ringing so my little sister could sleep peacefully? It might have been. Except that my mother realized at some point during the evening that simply turning the porch light off would deter people from stopping by. So in the end, no. Not worth it at all.

And sadly that’s not even close to my most embarrassing Halloween moments. Though it really felt like it at the time. But my lips are sealed about those.

Oh, and for the record, I was wearing a skirt, strappy sandals and a fitted top. Yes I was wearing makeup. But no, there were no fishnets, go-go boots or bustiers involved. So what the heck!?!


Are you a fan of All Hallows’ Eve? Did you enjoy getting dressed up to go trick-or-treating when you were young? Do you still get dressed up? What is your all-time favorite costume?

And have you had any mortifying moments on Halloween that you’d like to share? Please….


Now let’s get back to the read….

These last few chapters in the book were among my favorites. I loved just how the author wrapped things up yet… okay, I probably shouldn’t spoil that since it’s just the start of the week. And I guess I shouldn’t mention just why I loved the Halloween chapter.

But to give you an idea…

“What do you want from me, Kai?”

“For starters?” His voice lowered to sexy, dangerous depths. “I want to introduce myself to every freckle on your body.”

Hmmm…. See what I mean? And that’s just a small taste of the awesomeness in these final chapters.

So, if you haven’t yet caught up with your reading for this week’s read, I hope that enticed you to read a little bit faster. And for those of you who haven’t signed up, you still can. It’s not too late to join in.

Because it only takes a day to devour this entire book – shorter if you read faster than I do. So just check out the page HERE on Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and sign up.

And don’t forget to enter the amazing giveaway while you’re there!

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