SWEET EVIL Read Along Week Three: Truth… or Dare

As we head into week three of the Read Along, hosted by Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads, I have to say this week’s topic made me very, very nervous. I have never fared well when playing “truth or dare” as the truths were always way too embarrassing to reveal and the dares were way too dangerous.

So I’m glad I’m not alone and that the co-hosts of this event – Jaime of Two Chicks On Books, Tara of Tater’s Tall Tails and Nancy of Ravenous Reader – are also subjected to the very same post topic I am. As well as all those who have opted to join in. [Insert wicked grin here.]


This week we’ll be reading Chapters 17 through 25 (pages 232-340). And as mentioned above, the theme of this week’s post is:

Truth… or Dare

Though if I were Anna I never would have agreed to Marna’s offer to play. Especially when someone as wicked as Kaidan was playing. Although Anna did manage to put him in his place…. which just so happened to be sprawled on the ground.

That’s right, even Kai shouldn’t mess with someone as kick-a** as Anna.

And while the game of truth or dare was more than fun, my favorite passages during this week’s read were in the earlier chapters. One of which is…

“Kai,” I said. I could feel his nose and mouth move over my hair. Why was he doing this to me? Telling me not to romanticize him, and then nuzzling me from behind? “You shouldn’t…”

My knees were shaking. I was so confused. What I really wanted to do was close my eyes and lean back into him, pretending for just a moment that we were together.

Yes, that Kaidan Rowe can be absolutely maddening. But you know that by now. You have gotten to know him for sixteen chapters already.


I’ve been trying to avoid this week’s topic because, well, I’d much rather discuss the book than subject myself to revealing a few truths here on the blog. After all, I can’t possibly dare myself to do anything. Oh, say, like go on a book buying ban for a month. No. No, I couldn’t do that.

So truths it is. Well, here goes. Though to be a little less boring I’ll make them strictly book-related truths.

1. I have not been sticking with the reading guidelines for this Read Along. I finished my re-read earlier this week. I just couldn’t stop reading. While I’d never planned on being dishonest about finishing early, I didn’t necessarily plan on coming clean about it either.

2. Try as I might – and I have tried – I am not able to re-read the Harry Potter books. I know, I know, they’re awesome. I bought them in eBook format the second they came up for sale. But I just can’t get into them at the moment.

3. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the sparkly vampire books. Okay, that might be a slight huge understatement. I read the series – and the unpublished partial novel – and then re-read them immediately after finishing three more times. Yeah. It took four reads of the series to get those books out of my system. And you can bet I’m mortified to admit that.

4. When browsing books in the YA section of a bookstore I feel more guilty than I would if I were to be browsing in the adult section of a video store. Not that I’ve ever done that… except on a dare that one time as teen. See? I told you that dares and I never played well together.

5. (This one only came about after I started blogging.) I am horrible at remembering characters names unless I’ve read at least two books in a series. Or have re-read the book a few times. But even then I sometimes still forget. And it’s not uncommon for me to forget them the second I finish reading the story. If I didn’t make note of them while reading I’d be totally lost when it came time to write my reviews. And while I have not forgotten Kaidan’s name. Ever. I did forget Anna’s. Even when writing this post – after now having read the book at least four times – I had to look it up to be absolutely certain I’d gotten it right. Yeah. Not good.

And just for fun, a bonus question. Because I’m now on a roll and ready to admit all my bookish secrets. Except for what sekrit books I’ve read this year as those are not my secrets to spill.

6. As much as I enjoy a HEA, I prefer one with a little – or more than a little – tragedy. I love it when the characters have been through some major upheaval, suffered a heartbreaking loss, or are torn up inside for a heart-wrenching sacrifice they had to make. I love when their creators have left them broken-hearted, in precarious or life-threatening situations or on the verge of turning evil. Yes, I’m a glutton for fictional punishment. Both for myself and the characters. While I may root for a happy ending, because I am always hopeful for one, they don’t really leave me satisfied if they’re too joyful, too neatly tied up or too saccharine.

Okay then. Perhaps I was a bit too truthful about my reading proclivities. Perhaps I should have stopped at just one or two of the truths listed above. But I figure, as a co-host, if I can’t tell a handful of truths in my post, how can each participant be expected to do the same?

And this week, I really can’t wait to check out the Linky list to see just what truths or dares every participant has subjected themselves to.


Just like last week, this week’s chapters seriously rocked. Of course next week’s chapters rock, too. But if you’re a much more disciplined reader than I am, you won’t find that out until next week.

And while we’re heading into the second half of the Read Along, it’s still not too late to join in. It would be super easy to get caught up, given that SWEET EVIL is a one-sit read.

All you have to do is check out the page HERE on Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and sign up. And don’t forget to take a peek at the awesome books for giveaway while you’re there.

Good luck everyone! I hope you enjoy this week’s chapters. And I hope you don’t decide to bail out just because the post topic this week is a bit challenging. You can reveal a few truths about yourself, or just one. Or you can ask someone to dare you and you can share that experience in your post.

Hey, at least it won’t be Kai daring you. That is most definitely a plus.

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