My Reading Pile #82

I had a bit of a surprise in this week’s mailbox. While I was expecting one of the books – as it’s for a giveaway – I did not expect the other. And as it’s one of the few books I’ve wishlisted that I don’t actually own, I’m totally psyched… at least I think I don’t own it….

[Credit for mailbox sharing goes to TSS]

Thanks to HarperCollins I got an ARC of ERASING TIME by C.J. Hill for the GIVEAWAY for my tour stop post. As I hadn’t specified in the giveaway what format – as I wasn’t sure if I’d be getting a finished copy or an ARC – I will leave it up to the winner and buy a finished copy if they prefer it. But who doesn’t love an ARC?

Anyway… the amazing folks at HarperCollins also sent a copy of TWO OR THREE THINGS I FORGOT TO TELL YOU by Joyce Carol Oates. I had my eye on this book and may not have added it to my collection yet, so I’m super thrilled to have received a surprise ARC which I hope to get the chance to read really soon.

I also received another audiobook copy (not shown) of OUTPOST by Ann Aguirre for review thanks to Macmillan Audio. As I’d been in the process of moving when they sent the first copy, they sent out another copy to my new address. I don’t quite feel right keeping this copy so I’ll have to check if they’d like it back or if they’d like me to offer it up for giveaway.

I’m really hoping to be able to add ENCLAVE and OUTPOST to my pile next week, but for now…

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(October 7 – October 13, 2012)

First up on the pile is COVET by Melissa Darnell. I’m on the blog tour for this book later this week and while I don’t have to read it for review, I want to. It’s quite the addictive series.

I read CRAVE last week and wanted to pick this one up right away but had to read another review book first. Then I got a bit sidetracked. But I thought CRAVE was a lot of fun and I am super excited to find out more about Savannah, Tristan and the Clann.

The ending to CRAVE was a bit cliffhanger-y and I did find myself immediately opening up COVET and reading the first few sentences before I had to drag myself away.

I loved the forbidden love aspect and all the secret-keeping both Sav and Tristan were involved in. It created some really nice tension throughout. I hope to see more of the same in this book, which, from checking out the description, seems very likely.

I am so curious as to just what Tristan does to “fight for the girl he loves” and am dying to find out just what those forces are that take them in directions “neither could have foreseen.”

The description promises that not everyone will survive and I’m very nervous as to just who won’t.

Now I just need to decide whether to read the eARC I have from the NetGalley courtesy of the publisher or the finished copy I have on my Kindle. Decisions… decisions….

Next up on the pile is BECAUSE IT IS MY BLOOD by Gabrielle Zevin. I have the finished copy on my Kindle, but I will be listening to the audiobook edition I received for review. That is if I can get the computer set up that syncs with my iPhone this weekend so that I can listen to it. Otherwise I may do a mix of both.

I listened to the first book in the series, ALL THESE THINGS I’VE DONE, in audiobook format and loved the narrator and the way she brought the story to life. But more than that I absolutely loved the book and couldn’t wait until the sequel was released.

I’m so excited to finally go back to Anya Balanchine’s world and see what happened after that ending… which I won’t talk about as it is spoiler-y. But I’m really worried about the way things start out after having read the description. Especially about what’s going on with Win.

It seems Anya will be taking a journey in this book. And the description hints that her heart “will be tested,” so of course I’m just dying to find out by whom.

I really hope that I will be able to listen to it in its entirety this week, because I won’t be able to resist the urge to dive into the print edition if I can’t get the audiobook on my iPhone in time.


Wishful Thinking reads:

I really wish I could read the second book in Kresley Cole’s The Arcana Chronicles. But as it’s not yet out… and not even close to being released… I’ll just have to pine. For a long, long time.

But if I could add another book to the pile this week it would once again be Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. Yeah, I am still wishing I was reading it right about now. I may not be able to resist its lure for much longer and so it may end up being a “read” book this week instead of just a wish.


Those left behind:

While I’m still behind on older reading piles, I am not behind on last week’s pile. I read CRAVE early in the week, though I still have to write the review, and then devoured and reviewed ERASING TIME.

But I did add a couple other books to the pile since I finished last week’s reading pile on Monday. I read POISON PRINCESS by Kresley Cole because I just couldn’t resist. It had been tempting me for ages and I gave in. And was so not disappointed. Well… I’m disappointed that I’ve finished it. But not at all disappointed at what I discovered.

I also started reading, and will be finished by the time I start on this week’s pile, LOTHAIRE by Kresley Cole. No, it’s definitely not YA, but after Rachel of Parajunkee’s View mentioned it was really good on Twitter, I just had to take a peek. And then a longer one. I was going through intense KC withdrawal and just needed to read something more by her.

Yeah, it was so worth it. And will be the perfect way to return to those non-YA reads I plan on reviewing on my non-YA blog.

I am still hoping to sneak in QUARANTINE this week and STARLING which has been screaming at me. Loudly. Very, very loudly. Plus I will be reading DEVOUR ME because it’s all about Warner. Enough said.


NetGalley Pile Adds:

I’ve managed to steer clear of NetGalley this week, though I’ve been tempted to stop by as I heard they have had a complete redesign/overhaul. But so far I’ve been good. But my strength is waning. And I think I’ll be checking it out this weekend.

While I’ve been more motivated than I have been in the longest time to read this week, for some reason I’ve been exhausted. I’ve woken up most nights on the sofa, lying atop my Kindle. And woken up in bed in the morning in a similar situation.

And while I’ve had every intention on getting ahead on my blog posts, that might have been too lofty a goal. I’ve managed to get a post up each day and even a few on my other blogs. But I’m definitely not ahead of the game.

I am also, once again, just a bit behind on reviews. A situation I hope to remedy this week, if I can just get ahead on formatting those tour posts – and resisting the urge to read ahead in the read along for SWEET EVIL – I just might be able to catch up.

I still haven’t found the charger for my Kindle, but I have more than one Kindle so I haven’t been too worried. Though I really hope to find it this weekend. Anyway… I’m rambling….

I’d love to know what books you plan on reading this week and if you got any amazing books in the mail. And I hope that your reading week past was and your reading week ahead is successful.


Do you create a reading pile?
If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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