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I am so unbelievably excited to be kicking off week one of the SWEET EVIL Read Along hosted by Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads and co-hosted by Jaime of Two Chicks On Books, Tara of Tater’s Tall Tails and Nancy of Ravenous Reader.

This week’s read along will be of Chapters One through Nine (pages 1-121) and the theme of this week’s post is ROAD TRIP to correspond to a certain adventure that Anna and Kaidan embark upon.

I have read and reviewed SWEET EVIL, so this is a re-read for me. Well, it’ll be my fourth or fifth read, actually. But since this kick-off post is prior to this week’s read, I won’t share my thoughts on the first nine chapters until next week. I will just warn that there will be lots and lots of sighing along the lines of – *sigh* Kaidan Rowe *sigh.*

But for now, just to tease, I will share one of my favorite passages from the first nine chapters…

Kaidan leaned over me. Oh, my gosh. A half-naked half demon was burying his face in my neck! His hot, smooth shoulder pressed against mine. A thrill of pleasure shot through my confusion and fear. I felt the heat of his mouth on my shoulder, and gripped the couch cushion with my hands to keep them from going where they wanted to be, which was anywhere on him.

Yeah… Definitely one of my favorites. But that’s not theย onlyย passage that’s awesome. Just one of them. So you will totally want to read those first nine chapters and see what other awesomeness they contain.

Anyway… road trips….

I’ve been on my share of road trips. From short day trips to long cross-country road trips. I’ve been on trips with my parents, with friends, with family friends, with extended family, with my Dude and with my pets. And all of them have had their ups and downs.

The downs….

No matter how awesome the person or people you’re traveling with, the longer the trip the more likely it will be that fights will break out – over when to stop, where to stop, who’s going to drive and for how long, what music to listen to, where to stay the night, when to wake up, what to eat. Yeah, it can be challenging.

There’s bound to be someone with no sense of direction, who can’t set the GPS, follow a map, or figure out how to use the maps app on their cell phone.

Bringing snacks along is great… until someone gets a sugar high and then crashes and gets moody. At which point there’s nowhere to hide.

But road trips are not all doom and gloom. Or else I wouldn’t have gone on so many of them and have so very many fond memories.

The ups….

Getting to see places you’ve never seen before. Traveling through towns, cities, states you’d never visit if you took a plane.

Getting the chance to get to know the person or persons you’re traveling with on a whole different level. If you can survive a long road trip with them, then chances are you can survive anything. I highly suggest taking a road trip with the one you love before making any serious commitments. It can be very telling.

Getting the chance to be totally silly – whether by singing aloud to cheesy songs, taking goofy pictures in front of tourist attractions or attempting to fit in with the locals when you so clearly couldn’t possibly fit in.

Some of my most memorable road trip moments included the time when my family camped their way across country and a bear rambled onto our campsite to sample the clams my brother caught as we cowered in our tent.

Then there was the time that my mom’s muffler died and we had to drive home from our Massachusetts vacation in the dead of winter with all the car windows open so we wouldn’t suffocate. No, we didn’t stop to get the muffler fixed. And yes, it was freezing cold.

My favorite, though, was the road trip I took cross-country with my Dude when I was supposed to be at college. Of course I didn’t tell my parents. Of course I should have been in school. But it was way more fun to spend a week driving across the country, staying in crappy motels, taking in the sights and marveling at just how different and beautiful and awful this country is depending upon just where you are.

While we’ve driven across the country twice since then, this first trip will always be my favorite and one I’ll never, ever forget.

Oh and I highly recommend taking the northern route (I80) versus the southern (US40). Though if you can do both that’s even better.

I also recommend taking lots and lots of pictures and videos. Sure, nobody but you will want to see those blurry pictures taken from your car window, those hundreds of highway signs announcing new states and cities you’ve arrived at or departed from, the mountains, trees, cows, horses and hay bales you see along the way. But you will.


Anyway… as you prepare to read – or re-read – SWEET EVIL this week for the read along, think about your favorite – or most dreadful – road trip moments. Maybe they were more exciting than Anna and Kaidan’s trip. Maybe they were less exciting. But if you can still remember them clearly, they were definitely memorable moments.

And if you’d like to share what you love or hate most about road trips, some experience you’ve had or advice you’d like to share, I’d love to hear about it!

But if you’d like to join the read along and create your own post to talk about your road trip moments, it’s not too late. Just click the banner at the top of the post to sign up. If you’ve already signed up for the read along, be sure to submit your links for this week’s post on the SWEET EVIL Read Along page HERE.


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