Cover Reveal: Naturals

Naturals (The Lost Souls #2) by Tiffany Truitt

Coming April 9, 2013


I am thrilled to be a part of the cover reveal for Naturals by Tiffany Truitt. I absolutely loved the cover for the first book in the series, Chosen Onesand was super excited to find out just what the cover to book two would look like.

While I may have gotten a peek at it earlier this weekend, I couldn’t wait to take a longer look when I received it from Entangled Publishing on Sunday. And I think I love this second book’s cover even more.


My Thoughts

This cover is so beautiful. But not too perfect. It fits the title so well as there is just something very natural about it.

I love the warmer tones in this second book’s cover, which is in contrast to the cooler tones in the first cover. And I love the look of serenity on the model’s face. Which, interestingly, is also the opposite of the model’s expression on the first book’s cover. Yet I loved both the cooler colors and the model’s fierce expression on the earlier cover, too.

I like how the font and the placement of the author’s name, title, series title and tagline are all in same order and roughly the same placement as they were on the cover for Chosen Ones. And, as with the first cover, I love just how beautiful and distinctive the fonts are for this series.

And I love how the earth beneath the model in repose is also cracked. It is yet another element that establishes continuity between the two. But I love that for this cover, the shot is a closer one, allowing the model’s expression to be the focus.

This cover is just so stunning that I may just have to break my rule against buying print books just so I can see what it looks like in real life. Too bad release date is so very far away.


About the Book

Tess is finally safe from the reach of the Council, now that she is living in the Middlelands with the rebel Isolationists. With James having returned to Templeton, she easily falls back into her friendship with Henry, though her newfound knowledge of Robert’s chosen one status still stings.

Even surrounded by people, Tess has never felt more alone. So she’s thrilled when James returns to the settlement, demanding to see Tess — until she finds out that it’s because her sister, Louisa, has been recruited into Tess’s old position at Templeton, and that the dangerously sadistic chosen one George has taken an interest in her.

NATURALS is the second book in The Lost Souls trilogy, and follows the dystopian hit CHOSEN ONES.


About the Author

Tiffany Truitt was born in Peoria, Illinois. A self-proclaimed Navy brat, Tiffany spent most of her childhood living in Virginia, but don’t call her a Southerner. She also spent a few years living in Cuba. Since her time on the island of one McDonald’s and Banana Rats (don’t ask) she has been obsessed with traveling. Tiffany recently added China to her list of travels (hello inspiration for a new book).

Besides traveling, Tiffany has always been an avid reader. The earliest books she remembers reading belong to The Little House on the Prairie Series. First book she read in one day? Little Woman(5th grade). First author she fell in love with? Jane Austen in middle school. Tiffany spent most of her high school and college career as a literary snob. She refused to read anything considered “low brow” or outside the “classics.”

Tiffany began teaching middle school in 2006. Her students introduced her to the wide, wonderful world of Young Adult literature. Today, Tiffany embraces popular Young Adult literature and uses it in her classroom. She currently teaches the following novels: The OutsidersSpeakNight, Dystopian Literature Circles: The Hunger GamesThe GiverThe Uglies, and Matched.



The Series

Here’s a peek at both covers for the series side-by-side. Aren’t they gorgeous? So similar and yet so very different. One fierce, one calm. One cool, one warm. One with eyes open, one with them closed. One at a distance, one up close. And yet both work in harmony.

If you’d like to add both books to your Goodreads TBR pile, just click the image below.

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