My Reading Pile #75

Aside from a limited collectors UK edition of Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King that I bought for myself, I didn’t expect to get anything in the mail this week, so it was quite a surprise to get this stack of books.

[Credit for mailbox sharing goes to TSS]

I was so sure the picture was level when I took it, but clearly my phone had just a bit of a tilt to it. And as my book towers are overstuffed, my latest books received are on my coffee table making for a less than stellar photo.

Anyway… This week I received an envelope of books from HarperTeen which contained I AM NUMBER FOUR, THE POWER OF SIX and an ARC of THE RISE OF NINE by Pittacus Lore. I did not expect to receive all three books in the LORIEN LEGACIES series as I’d just received an ARC of THE RISE OF NINE the week before.

So that is an extra copy. And while I own both other books in the series on my Kindle, they look so pretty in print I might just have to read those versions instead. While THE RISE OF NINE comes out this week, as I am just a bit behind on my reading I won’t get a chance to catch up on it until next week.

And since I am so far behind on both reads and reviews I decided to add only one book to the pile….

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(August 19 – August 25, 2012)


The book I am adding to the pile this week is OVER YOU by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus. It’s been screaming at me from my coffee table for the past week and change, begging to be read. It’s been ages since I’d read a book by these authors and I can’t wait to get lost in their writing.

I promise not to go on endlessly about the many reasons why I want to read this book this week, as I’ve already done that in my Book Watch post just a couple weeks ago. But I will say that I can’t wait to see just what happens with Max Scott – to see just how her life unravels, to learn how she gets even and to see just what consequences she will have to face.

And I can’t wait to learn if she really and truly got over the the boy she claimed to have moved on from.

It looks to be a super quick and fun and potentially bittersweet book, and I hope to devour it early this week before trying to catch up on some of those books from previous reading piles.


Wishful Thinking reads:

I wish I could read Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi. I have the sequel pre-ordered, I’ve heard such amazing things about that first book, I own three copies of it – ARC, signed hardcover and eBook – and I’m pretty desperate to get this one marked read.

I still have some time before Through the Ever Night comes out, but I’d really wanted to read this first book long before then. I just wish I could sneak it onto my pile this week.


Those left behind:

I did not read either book from last week, though I plan on reading both of them later this week. I went back to an older pile to read a book I’d been dying to read, Throne of Glass, in order to get caught up on books I needed to read for tours.

It took me longer than expected, though I should have guessed it would take awhile, as I don’t generally breeze through epic or high fantasy. But it was mostly because the eARC, I’m guessing for security reasons, was missing the “Th”‘s at the beginning of sentences. So “The” became “e” and “Their” became “eir” and “Then” became… well, you get the idea. So it killed the flow and made reading a much, much slower process.

Of course I could have switched to the finished eBook I’d purchased, but I started with the eARC and didn’t want to switch. Fortunately the story was amazing and while it did take away from my enjoyment of reading it to some level, it didn’t take away from the story itself.

Anyway… I also decided to go back to an older pile to read Inbetween by Tara Fuller as I’ll be on tour for that book later this week. And while I’m still reading it at the time of this post, I will be finished by Sunday, in time for me to start on this next week’s reading pile.

And oh those pesky reviews. Must get caught up on those, too….


NetGalley Pile Adds:

I headed over to NetGalley twice this week to post the reviews I’d written for the eARCs I received and ended up clicking to request a title before I remembered that the publisher does not approve review titles for book bloggers. So it was a bit of a relief when I received the big DENY. But I also clicked to get the free peek at THE ARCHIVED by Victoria Schwab. I was so excited just to get a peek at this awesome book.

And then I noticed, not a day later, that I apparently have this ARC thanks to Jaime for having grabbed it for me at ALA. How on earth did I miss that? Now I just have to fight the urge to go off pile to devour it.

I’ve been trying to be a more focused blogger. It’s not been easy. I’ve wanted to go way off pile so many times that I think I developed tennis elbow from grabbing and putting back TEN, STARLING, OVER YOU and SCARLET when guilt took over and I refocused my attention on the books closer to the top of the pile.

I did finally get my review written and posted for SILVER, but it wasn’t last Sunday as planned, because Sunday turned into a day spent traipsing through potential places to move. But I hope this Sunday will be a little different and I’ll be able to write my review for THRONE OF GLASS and maybe even the one for INBETWEEN. Though that might be just a bit too ambitious.

I’d hoped I’d have the willpower to not join any more tours, but I was approached for another tour in September/October and I really hope to be on it. Fingers are most definitely crossed.


I seriously hope you have an awesome reading week. As summer winds down and things start to once again get crazy I hope you’ve at least managed to reduce that pile of TBRs just a bit. As always, happy reading!


Do you create a reading pile?
If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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