My Reading Pile #73

Apparently the post office did it again and lost the remaining eight books I traded for. I’m really starting to suspect this post office…. Well, while not okay, I still got two seriously amazing books in the mail this week.

[Credit for mailbox sharing goes to TSS]

At the top of the pile is Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens. I received an ARC from the author from a giveaway she had on her website. As I’ve loved every single book I’ve read by this amazing author I couldn’t help but be super excited to get a chance to read her next book. I definitely plan on adding it to the pile next week.

I also received an ARC of Rift by Andrea Cremer for review from the publisher Penguin Young Readers Group. I have the book pre-ordered, which comes out on Tuesday, but I will be reading this version for review next week.

Well, it looks like my reading pile is set for next week, but…

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(August 5 – August 11, 2012)


First up on the pile is I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. I read this book last year but hadn’t reviewed it. I am re-reading it for review and as a refresher so that I can read the next two books in the series this week.

From what I remember, the story was super cool. I loved the premise. And I loved meeting Number Four. It was definitely a different sort of book for me, but I found it incredibly engaging.

Of course I’m curious to see what my re-read experience will be like.

Next up on the pile is The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore. I had received an unsolicited early copy of this book last year which prompted me to buy the first book in the series. While I hadn’t gotten the chance to read this second book in the series, I did purchase the eBook and it’s been on my list of “really want to read” books along with all the short stories in the Lorien Legacies series.

I have been waiting quite some time to meet Number Seven. And I can’t wait to finally get a chance to this week.

I can’t even imagine where this series is heading, but I want to find out who the girl is in Number Seven’s dreams. I want to know whether she is real and whether they do meet. And I want to know just what kinds of powers she has.

I decided to add a third book to the pile this week and that is The Rise of Nine by Pittacus Lore. It may be a bit ambitious and I may end up reading it next week instead, but I wanted to be able to try and read all three books in this series back-to-back-to-back.

My only concern is that I won’t want to put any of the books down, which will make for a difficult time reviewing them if I wait.

I only took a glance at the description for this third book in the series as I don’t want to risk reading any spoilers for The Power of Six. But I believe this book is told from Number Six’s perspective and I really can’t wait to hear Number Six’s story and see how the series has progressed.

I am hoping this book will be action-packed and full of surprises, though I guess I’ll find out when I read it later this week.


Wishful Thinking reads:

It’s more of a will be reading than a wishful thinking read, as there’s no way I can pass up the chance to read it, but I am so looking forward to Biting Cold by Chloe Neill, which releases this week.

I probably should not be going off pile to read it, but there’s no way I can miss the chance to see what’s going on with Ethan and Merit. So, I think, for once, a wishful thinking read will be more than a wish.


Those left behind:

I didn’t read either of my books from last week, but I will be reading them this week as I have some time off work and hope to spend much of that time relaxing and reading. I just hope I’ll be as productive with my reviews….

I did end up reading Onyx last week and it was so incredibly awesome. So awesome. Now I am even more desperate to get my hands on Opal, the next book in the series. I will have my review up later this week as I’m on the ONYX Blog Tour, I just have to finish writing it… and editing out a few of  the “oh Daemon” comments I may have made throughout.


NetGalley Pile Adds:

I was goaded into requesting a book from NetGalley, The Lost Prince by Julie Kagawa, as I was told it was awesome and that I had to request it. Thanks Jaime. So now I just have to read The Iron Knight which I kept putting down because I didn’t want the series to end.

And while The Iron Prince is about Ethan, there are a few of my favorite characters from The Iron Fey series that I love that will be making an appearance in this book. Yay!

Between the Authors Are Rockstars Tour, the Olympics and work, I haven’t gotten any time to read during the week. As I will be on vacation this week I hope to catch up on my reading because there are some seriously amazing books sitting on my TBR pile right now.

I really wish I could figure out how to build more hours into a day. If anyone knows just how to do that, I’d love to know.


I hope you’ve received some amazing books this week and have a few awesome books on your pile. Happy reading!


Do you create a reading pile?
If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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