Yesterday was a Most Dire Day After All

Yesterday was a most #DireDay after all. I knew it would be quite wretched indeed. But it exceeded my every expectation. It was absolutely dreadful. With 65 books to drop in addition to the 30 books “dropped” from my giveaway on the blog, the day was downright miserable.

My misfortune and the misfortune of those who live in my city began at the Santa Monica Public Library.

The children’s librarian did not know what was in store for her when I dropped these 40 unfortunate books on her desk. What may have at first seemed like a wonderful gift, was in fact stacks and stacks of bothersome books. Books that chronicle a series of most unfortunate events.

Her enthusiasm for accepting such dreadful books, however, could not be contained and she offered up a calendar for this picture to prove, in fact, that the dire day in question was Friday the 13th.

As a thank you to her for accepting such despicable books and ridding me of a large chunk of my burden, I gave her one of the three #DireDay tote bags I received. Although it was much more a gift to me as I was rid of yet one more terrible reminder of this #DireDay.

A little bit later on, I attempted to rid myself of some more of these bothersome books. But as they aren’t called bothersome for no reason, I wasn’t able to part ways as soon as I’d have liked. My local YMCA knew exactly just how miserable these books were and refused to make today a #DireDay for them, too.

And so I headed toward the Santa Monica Promenade on Third Street where I couldn’t help but want to spoil everyone’s most happy day. The sun was shining – finally – but with these terrible books, I knew some dark clouds were bound to descend upon this lively street and these happy people.

My first attempt to drop the books was absolutely miserable. I could barely part with any due to the unpleasant nature of these dreadful tomes. But not everyone was lucky enough to escape with nary a book in hand. No. I convinced two unfortunate souls to take home copies of THE BAD BEGINNING. And so the misfortune begins….

I then decided to try a different tactic. Instead of passing out copies of the book, I could pretend I didn’t care and just leave them behind.

After all, these are such dreadful books I couldn’t imagine that anyone would actually want to invite such misfortune into their homes. But choosing to leave them behind seemed to do the trick. Just five or six artfully placed copies of THE BAD BEGINNING created a buzz.

And with my very first set of leave-behind copies, someone grabbed three for themselves and for their sisters. The tote, however, continued to take the journey with me.

I added a few more books to replenish the display and keep the misery levels up for any new unfortunate people who took home one or more of these incredibly bothersome books. Somehow I felt responsible to keep this #DireDay most dire.

With the sun sitting just a bit lower on the horizon and the burden of these dastardly tomes growing lighter by the minute, I made my way down the Promenade, earning more than a few stares because of my #DireDay tote and the grim but determined look on my face.

Yes, it was a most miserable and disastrous day.

At my next dinosaur book drop stop, I encountered an onlooker who just wouldn’t leave the area and allow me to get a clear shot of my books. But even this off-to-the-side view captures just how pitiful these books truly are and just how dire a day it really was.

And while I didn’t see anyone grab a copy to take home with them, I did turn and see people flocking to these deplorable books. It was almost as if they were drawn in by the misery that oozed from the pages.

So, with an even lighter burden to bear, I continued on my journey in the hopes of quickly seeing the end of this most #DireDay.

But it did not come at the next stop, either.

Even with this fourth dinosaur willing to take on the unfortunate responsibility of keeping these books until some unlucky soul decided to take it on themselves, I had a handful of books left to drop. Fortunately there was one dinosaur remaining.

And so I approached the final drop stop with hope in my heart, a new bounce in my step and the promise that this #DireDay would soon be over.

But I couldn’t possibly be that fortunate, could I? Not with such abysmal books in my bag. Oh no. That would be much too lucky for someone like me, in such close proximity to such a vile story as this one.

With only five books remaining, I put them on display as I had throughout my journey. But it seems my artistic endeavors weren’t quite as appreciated by everyone. And so I had to wait through countless photo opportunities while happy photogs snapped picture after picture of themselves in front of this last statue. And yes, in front of these final books on display.

But when a lull finally occurred, and it did occur, I jumped at the chance to take this picture and run far, far away from these abhorrent books.

Oh woe is me. Yesterday was indeed the most #DireDay I’ve had in a long time. And I can only hope that this most unfortunate and unpleasant of books doesn’t find its way into my hands on some other #DireDay.

Now I just can’t wait to ship out the thirty dreadful books I have sitting here, before my #DireDay becomes a dire weekend. I can’t even imagine how much misfortune that would bring….

All I know is that I most definitely do not want to find out.


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