The Extras: Teasers #12

There are so many amazing books out there – released or soon-to-be-released – that have certain passages that just captivate.

Here are just a few of those that caught my attention in the past few months.


I have so many favorite passages in Unravel Me that if I were to include them all I’d practically be reprinting the book. Which, contrary to popular belief, would not be good. So I had to choose just one favorite, which proved impossible to do.

And so I chose two. Both with just enough to tease, but that are not too revealing – though my very favorites are the most spoiler-y of them all. And both that definitely made me sigh.

And yes, I left off just who was sharing either or both moments with Juliette.

“Hey, you,” he whispers, right up against my neck.

I bite back a shiver as the blood rushes up to blush my cheeks and for a moment, just for this moment, I drop my bones and allow him to hold me together. “Hey.” I smile, inhaling the scent of him.

Luxurious, is what this is.

And because one just wasn’t enough….

“Let go of me.”


I feel his breath on the back of my neck and it’s killing me to be so close to him. It’s killing me to know that I have to rebuild the walls I’d so carelessly demolished the moment he came back into my life.

I am so in love with this sequel to Wildefire. Embers & Echoes is definitely a book I’d call epic. But it’s so much more than that. There are so very many passages that are absolutely gorgeous.

My favorites, of course, are completely spoiler-y. Especially the one about… Oops. Nope. Sorry.

So I chose this one from a scene I absolutely adore that is beautiful and intriguing.

The song released its explosive last breath, and the band trickled into a slower song. Ash tried to latch on to the ghost of a memory; to dig further for a vision like the ones she’d been having over the last few nights. But the phantom slipped away from her, and she was left only with Wes holding her, unmoving, watching.

This Is Not a Test is a surprisingly beautiful and heartbreaking story for a book that involves zombies. I never anticipated finding a passage to love let alone the very many that I did.

One of my most favorite is completely spoiler-y and one of them I included with my review. But as there were so many to choose from, I couldn’t help but tease this one. Though I am not going to reveal the two people in the scene.

…[S]uddenly everything is just slow and tender in a way it wasn’t before. The energy in the room shifts. They’re kissing still, but now they’re really kissing. It’s so open and so honest and so end-of-the-world and I can feel it from where I’m standing. I feel the absence of it from where I’m standing. I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this.

Still here. Still here. Still here.

There is so very much to love about Demon Eyes. Talk about a seriously amazing follow-up to a wickedly awesome book. And with the way this book ends…. Well, that’s the biggest teaser of them all, so I couldn’t possibly reveal that here.

I have a ton of passages that I think are beautifully written that teased me throughout the read. But I think this one is the perfect one to tease with. Especially since I know who is asking the question and I know what happens next.


I don’t know. I could barely hold the thought together.

Visions continued to freight train through my head, thousands and billions of snowflakes that crashed into me, lighter than feathers but harder than steel.

He yowled in a voice that wasn’t human–sounds I don’t think even animals could replicate.

I have nearly fifty passages marked as favorites in Before I Wake. Most of them are total spoilers for If I Die so I’ve been hesitant about talking about them. But it’s long past release date for IID and Before I Wake has been out for a couple of weeks, so I figure I can be just a tiny bit spoiler-y for If I Die.

Of course choosing a passage to tease with was oh so tough. I already teased one with my review that was intense and beautiful. So I thought I’d go with something just a little bit more fun and a lot more grin-worthy.

“I signed on for the role of ‘boyfriend,’ not ‘conscience.’ If you want wholesome and ethical, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But I promise that won’t be half as much fun as this is….”

His hand slid down my side and over my hip, and my heart beat faster.

I expected Cold Fury to be a story with action-packed sequences and so I did not anticipate finding one, let alone several, passages that I could call favorites. But the way the author talks about Chicago throughout the book is absolutely beautiful and I found so many passages that pulled me in simply from the pictures he painted.

I have one of my favorite passages earmarked for my review that talks of betrayal, but this passage just clings to me.

The room was so beautiful and comfortable, so desolate and remote, that it felt like the end of a life. I wanted to get up, pack my few things, and continue on my desperate journey to nowhere, but my body was dead weight.

I tried to lift an arm but it wouldn’t move.

I willed my leg to bend but it was paralyzed.

I turned inward to my aloneness and cried until I was unconscious.

I am reading Onyx right now and I can say with absolute certainty that there are so many awesome passages in this book. I think I already have at least twenty marked down and I’m not very far along in the read. This bodes very, very well.

Of course the passage I chose just has to include Daemon Black. It wouldn’t be a teaser without him. And I decided to tease this one for just a little bit longer.

I came off the desk swinging. My knuckles only brushed his face before he caught my hand. Wowzers, he was fast. Daemon pulled me up against his chest and lowered his head, eyes snapping with restrained anger. “Don’t hit, Kitten. It’s not nice.”

“You’re not nice.” I tried pulling back, but he kept my wrist secured in his hand. “Let me go.”

“I’m not sure I can do that. I must protect myself.” But he dropped my hand.

“Oh, really, that’s your reason for–for manhandling me?”

“Mandhandling?” He pressed forward until my lower back was against the cubicle desk. “This isn’t manhandling or whatever the hell that is.”

Visions of me against the wall at my house and Daemon kissing me danced in my head…

Grave Mercy is an absolutely beautifully written book. I found myself lost in the words and the world from the very start. And I knew from the author’s writing that I’d be enchanted by nearly every word that was written. And I was.

I had an absolute favorite passage, which I included with my review, along with another passage I loved. But they were most definitely not the only ones. Passages like this one also held me captive.

And yes, the very next paragraph is even more….

His eyes never leave mine, but his hand comes up and brushes a strand of hair away from my collarbone. Without even realizing what I am doing, I lean toward him.

His hand moves up to cup my face. Slowly he draws me closer, lowering his head to meet mine. His touch is careful, as if I am fragile and precious. And then his lips are on mine, firm and warm and impossibly soft.

This was my most challenging teasers post yet. All of the eight books I chose to tease from had writing that was just so amazingly awesome that almost every word was a tease. So selecting just a few favorites was impossible.

Add to that the fact that I wanted to tease and not spoil made creating this post almost cruel.

For me that is. I hope the passages I chose aren’t too torturous for you.

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