My Reading Pile #62

It was another fairly quiet week at the mailbox although there may be something waiting for me. I ran out without checking the mail today and when I got home there was a note saying that the office is holding something too big to fit in the box. Though I’m not expecting anything until next week. So, who knows….

I did, however, get a package of awesome.

Credit for mailbox sharing goes to TSS.

The amazing M.R. Merrick sent me copies of the two books in his The Protector series. And yes, they are signed with two awesome personal inscriptions which I am not sharing.

I have already read and reviewed both books, so they won’t go back on the pile until closer to release date for the third book in the series, but they have already found a home on my book tower dedicated only to personally inscribed books. And yes, those covers are even more gorgeous in real life.

And while I didn’t get any brand new reads in the mail, I do have a couple reads planned.

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(May 20 – May 26, 2012)


First up on the pile is Demon Eyes by Scott Tracey. Thanks to Flux and NetGalley, I get the chance to read this awesome book this week. Even though I won’t be able to post a review for a couple months, I just had to add this book to the pile.

I can’t wait to go back to Belle Dam. I miss Braden, Trey and Drew. I even miss Jason and Catherine. I want to get lost in this dark world author Scott Tracey has created. And I don’t want to have to wait until closer to release date to do so.

According to the description, in this installment girls are taken and demons seem to be responsible, Braden is still struggling with his witch eyes and more of Belle Dam’s dark history is revealed. And with the feud still very much alive and well, Belle Dam is not the safest place to be.

I am so excited to have been approved for the eGalley. Demon Eyes is one of my most anticipated sequels and I am dying to read it. And as soon as I finish the books from last week’s pile I plan on devouring this book.

Next up on the pile is Onyx by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I received an eARC for review from the publisher, Entangled Publishing through NetGalley, for being part of the 30 Days of Daemon Tour. While this is another book that I won’t be able to post a review for immediately, it’s also one I just can’t wait any longer to read.

Obsidian wasn’t at all what I expected. I’m not typically drawn toward science fiction stories. But Daemon Black isn’t your typical alien. And from the moment I put Obsidian down, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Onyx.

While it didn’t technically have a cliffhanger ending, I was very much on edge waiting for this sequel. I can’t wait to find out the status of Daemon and Katy’s relationship. The description promises that “he’s running more hot than cold” which is a very, very good thing. And I’m super curious to find out if Katy thinks so too.

But, aside from Daemon and Katy – as if that’s actually possible – there seems to be a bit of a mystery involving a new boy at school, the appearance of someone who isn’t supposed to be alive and an ending in which not everyone will survive. It sounds so freaking epic and there’s no way I’ll be missing the chance to read it this week.

Wishful Thinking reads:

Defiance by C.J. Redwine is one of my wishful thinking reads this week. I received an ARC through a trade and it’s been begging to be read. I’ve had to fight the urge to pick it up. It’s been tough.

Any book that has a Wasteland is one that captures my interest. And the fact that this book has assassins and heartbreak on top of that makes this a must read for me. As I am a bit behind I don’t know if I will be able to read it this week, but I really wish I could.

I would also love to read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I received a signed copy that I ordered from Books of Wonder and have been living in fangirl bliss all week. While I would never think of breaking that spine, I would love to read this story again. It’s been ages.

Those left behind:

I somewhat went off pile again last week. I ended up reading Grave Mercy, a book that had been left behind from an earlier pile. And I started reading Embers & Echoes, which I should be finishing today.

But I did start reading Bloodlines from last week’s pile and I should be finished with that today, too. So, it’s just the review I’m a bit behind on. And while I didn’t get a chance to read Starling, I will be reading it before I begin on this week’s pile, because I’m dying to find out what’s going on with Fenn and his amnesia.

Thankfully I have fallen back in love with reading and am finally over that snarky mood I’ve been in toward books. Getting lost in a book set in another century really helped. As did receiving a signed copy of a book by an author I’ve idolized since my pre-teen days.

Now I just have to get back in the mood to write all those reviews I’m behind on.

NetGalley Pile Adds:

I caved this week. When I heard that Demon Eyes was on NetGalley, thanks to Ina of Smiling Ina’s Bookish Corner and a few other wonderful bloggers on Twitter, I had to request it. And boy, that was one long day to wait and hope. But I was over the moon when I got that email saying I could download the eGalley.

And while I did request the one book, I didn’t stick around long enough to check out any other titles that might be available. See? I can be good. But I couldn’t resist Demon Eyes. I just couldn’t.


All week long I’ve been fighting the urge to read If I Die. I just know I’ll be left in torment for the month and change until Before I Wake‘s release, so I’ve been resisting. Though I do have a few of the short eBook novellas to read for the SSRC and I could read Fearless, which I haven’t yet read. But I have the feeling that reading those books will just make me want to read If I Die all the more.

And where last week I just couldn’t find one single book that I felt like reading, now I have so many I can’t wait to dive into. Sometimes having too many to choose from is almost as bad as having no choices.

I really, really wish I could read faster and didn’t have those moments of terror before trying to sit down to write my reviews. And I really wish that there were more hours in a day, because time seems to be my biggest enemy these days.

Anyway…. I hope your reading week was successful and that you found at least one new book to love. Last week I found three and I hope to fall in love at least two more times this week.

As always, happy reading!


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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