The Extras: Teasers #11

There are so many amazing books out there – released or soon-to-be-released – that have certain passages that just captivate.

Here are just a few of those that caught my attention in the past few months.


I had quite a few favorite passages that I bookmarked in Forgiven. Many of them were sarcastic, because I always love the sarcastic quotes, but some were of the breathtaking, heart-stopping variety.

I shared one of my favorite passages in my review, but this passage is such a tease I couldn’t resist….

Riley and….

Riley could feel his breath in her hair now, smell his aftershave. She inhaled deeply, memorizing his scent. The faint touch of his lips came a second before the sharp blast of an air horn.

Sweet Evil is one of my absolute favorite reads of 2012. There was so much sweetness and a whole heck of a lot of evil. Wickedly delicious this book was. Oh, yes.

While I refrained from revealing anything too torturous in my review, I couldn’t help but post one of the more delectable passages in this edition of The Extras.

Anna and….

He was kissing me. On my neck. I should stop him, I thought, but the softness of his mouth was so . . . Oh. I could feel the beauty of each crease on his lips as they rested against the pores of my skin. The only sounds in the room were our beating hearts and breath.

As the series ending book, Destined had so many amazingly tease-worthy passages. I chose a much less teaser-y passage for my review, but thought I could get away with being just a little bit more revealing here.

Besides, Destined is on shelves now, so it’s not like anyone couldn’t just grab a copy and devour all the amazing passages.

Laurel and….

And then his hand was on her wrist, and he was pulling her to him. His eyes were hard and his grip on her arm was tight as he placed one hand on the side of her neck, the way he used to do. She could feel his heart racing in his chest as she brought her face close, then pressed her mouth to his.

A Temptation of Angels was absolutely gorgeous. The writing was gorgeous. The story was gorgeous. Which meant that there were so many passages to choose from.

In my review I chose one that was just hot enough to get your pule racing. Well this is the passage right before that one. And with all that it implies, it is rather full of promise. Oh yes, totally tantalizing. But that’s okay, because this is the teaser post after all….

Helen and….

“Helen.” She felt his hand close over hers, pulling her back toward him. His eyes dropped the length of her body, and she realized she was still in the thin nightdress. And standing right in front of the fire. When he spoke again, his voice was low. “You’re not disturbing me.”

There were just so many awesome, horrific, chilling, amazing passages in Fugitives. Which didn’t make choosing a passage easy. Not by a long shot.

But I happened to have two favorite non-spoiler-y ones. One I included with my review. And the other I’m keeping all to myself. Because I just couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by to include one of the more chilling passages instead.

Their mouths were twisted up into grins, teeth bared, and fat, black-veined tongues slopping away at the mess that dribbled down their chins. And in the soulless depths of those inkwell eyes I saw nothing but glee.

The writing in Masque of the Red Death was beautiful and haunting. I could eat it up with a spoon it was so yummy. The words just melted, dissolved and became air that just drifted away.

I did include a favorite passage of mine with my review, but it wasn’t the only amazing passage in this book. There were still so many breathtaking passages to choose from that picking just one wasn’t easy. And I almost chose one that was a bit more revealing, but to keep the air of mystery I ultimately chose this one….

Araby and….

He looks at me like he does in the darkness of the club. His eyes are half closed, and there’s something almost languid in his movements. He raises my chin and gazes into my eyes for a long time. He slides his hands under the coat until they rest on my bare shoulders….

Oh, if I could quote ninety percent of this book I would. There were just so many seriously awesome passages to choose from in Insurgent. I had a hard enough time narrowing down my favorites for my review post, so I chose two. But that by no means implies that they were the only passages I loved.

And as I had just as difficult a time choosing one for this post, I caved and chose two more. What can I say? I love this book.

Besides, they’re both short. It’s not like I chose the passage that starts, “His mouth moves against mine….” Now, that would have been a longer, way more intense teaser.

Tris and….

He kisses me again, more insistent this time, his hands squeezing my waist. His breaths, my breaths, his body, my body, we are so close there is no difference.



I turn my face into the pillow and release, instead of his name, a sob that throws my body against the mattress. I feel the monster of grief again, writing in the empty space where my heart and stomach used to be.

My most recent read is Darkness Before Dawn and so I haven’t chosen a favorite passage for my review just yet. Which means that I get to tease a passage here first, revealing one a little more tantalizing than I might otherwise include in my review.

Dawn and Michael….

“Yeah, we definitely have moments.”

And then he kisses me again. I want this moment to go on forever, just Michael and me, lost in a world where nothing exists except for each other. Where passion consumes us. The kiss becomes more, becomes everything, feeding our desire for each other. I never want to leave him.

And I just couldn’t resist teasing a little bit more from this same scene, just moments later….

Dawn and Michael….

Michael’s hold on me tightens, as though he can stop the passage of time, the clocks from counting off the seconds, the world from revolving.

But beyond the wall, Valentine waits. Nothing Michael does can change that. All I can do is hope that this won’t be the last time we’re together.


Well, I suppose that’s all. Eight teased books are more than enough for just one post. Though I am so tempted to tease a couple passages from Embers & Echoes and Shadow Bound.

But as neither of these two books have been released, I figure the teasing can wait. Though it is so very, very tempting.

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