Soul Screamers Reading Challenge Month Four

Month four of the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge has officially begun! Which means that there’s only one month after this one remaining in the challenge and just over a month until the release of Before I Wake!

And yes, you can still sign up. It’s not too late! Even if you only decide to read one Soul Screamers book for the challenge you are eligible to participate. All you have to do is click the link to the sign up post in the button above to get started.

And if you want to create a participation post, you can add your link HERE for a chance to win a giftcard at the end of the challenge.

If you’ve already signed up, then you’re all set to START OR CONTINUE READING… or RE-READING! But don’t forget to come back during the month to leave your links for any books read and reviewed or posted about during this month of the challenge.

Even if you’ve been participating in the monthly challenges, don’t forget to sign up in the linky on the sign up post to be entered for the end of the challenge giveaway.

If you’ve missed the chance to include your reviews for My Soul to TakeMy Soul to Save or My Soul to Keep in the Month One, Month Two or Month Three linky lists, not to worry. You can enter them this month or next month. As long as your reviews are posted from January 15 through June 14, 2012 you can link them up in any month’s linky during the challenge.

Month One and Month Two Winners

There are still a few unclaimed prizes for the winners of the Month One and Month Two challenges. I am extending the offer for one more month for a last chance for the prizes to be claimed or they will be added into final month’s giveaway. If you haven’t checked to see if you had won, CLICK HERE for Month One winners. CLICK HERE for Month Two winners.


Month Four

April 15 – May 14, 2012


The goal for this fourth month of the challenge will be to read My Soul to Steal.

Goodreads description:

Trying to work things out with Nash—her maybe boyfriend—is hard enough for Kaylee Cavanaugh. She can’t just pretend nothing happened. But “complicated” doesn’t even begin to describe their relationship when his ex-girlfriend transfers to their school, determined to take Nash back.

See, Sabine isn’t just an ordinary girl. She’s a mara, the living personification of a nightmare. She can read people’s fears—and craft them into nightmares while her victims sleep. Feeding from human fear is how she survives.

And Sabine isn’t above scaring Kaylee and the entire school to death to get whatever—and whoever—she wants.


If you didn’t make the month three deadline, there’s no reason to give up! If you’re doing a re-read, you can always skip a book and join in with this month’s read. Or if it is a first read, then just grab the next book and start reading. You do not have to catch up on all the books to be a challenge winner!

Just remember, if you continue on with the challenge you will have more chances to win some of the signed books or the pre-order for Before I Wake at the end of the challenge. And next month’s giveaway is going to be the biggie!

And if you are a winner who is located internationally and Before I Wake or any of the other “book of your choice” books are not available to ship from The Book Depository to your country, I will send the book by postal mail.

What do you need to do this month?

1. Start reading or keep reading!

If you already started the challenge, then all you need to do is keep reading. Even if you read ahead in the previous months, hopefully you held off posting your reviews so you could post them this month for an extra entry into the Before I Wake giveaway at the end of the challenge.

If you just joined in, or you are behind, not to worry. You can read and post your reviews for My Soul to TakeMy Soul to Save and/or My Soul to Keep this month or at any month during the challenge.

And if it is a re-read for you and you want to skip last month’s read and start with either of the novellas – My Soul to Lose or Reaper – or with this month’s read – My Soul to Steal – then that’s okay too!

You have all month to read and review this fourth book in the series to get that extra entry into the end-of-challenge giveaway.

2. Post your review or thoughts!

Whether you’ve decided to post a review, or just create a post with your thoughts about the book, you have until May 14th to do so to be entered into any of this month’s giveaways and to earn an entry into the end-of-challenge Before I Wake giveaway.

3. Leave your link!

Be sure to come back here and leave a link to your post – wherever that may be – Blog, Facebook, Goodreads, Tumblr, etc. If you don’t leave the link, you won’t be entered into the giveaway. LINK MUST BE LEFT IN THE LINKY LIST NOT THE COMMENTS.

If you don’t have anywhere to post your thoughts or review, please leave a comment with a way to get in touch and if your review (or thoughts) are positive, I’ll post them as a guest post on my blog, Soul Screamers Reading Challenge.

Reviews or thoughts posts must be from January 15 through May 14, 2012 ONLY.

What are this month’s incentives?

Two winners will receive either a Shadow Bound pre-order or a Rachel Vincent book of their choice ordered from Amazon or The Book Depository

Two winners will receive a T-Shirt or Tank from Rachel Vincent’s Cafe Press store, Urban Quill

One winner will receive a signed copy of My Soul to Steal

One winner will receive a signed copy of If I Die


In case you wanted to know….

Extra Credit Reads

You can post your reviews for any of the extra credit reads at any time during the challenge. Each extra credit read will give you an additional entry into the Before I Wake giveaway at the end of the challenge AND will give you an extra entry into that month’s giveaway.

SO, if you want extra chances to win a specific prize, be sure to hold off on posting your reviews for the extra credit reads until the month of that giveaway prize!

What if I don’t finish the book this month?

That’s OKAY. You can post your review or thoughts next month. And you can leave more than one link during each month of the challenge.

What if I’ve signed up, but never read any books during the months of this challenge?

That’s OKAY. We all have things in life that sometimes take priority. You won’t be eligible for any of the giveaways without at least one review or thoughts post, but no one will judge you for signing up and not doing anything beyond that!

The fact that you want to read the author’s amazing books is awesome! And whether you read them now, or in the future, you’ll be discovering a series that I think it is pretty amazing.

What if I’ve already reviewed the book?

If this is a re-read for you, you can simply create a post about this book talking about what you found different the second (or third, or fourth or…) time around. If you are a blogger, you can always link to your original review in that discussion post so that people can check out what you thought on first read.

BUT, you cannot simply repost your original review to be eligible for the giveaway. AND you cannot leave a link to an old post. All posts must be created during the challenge.

The first book I plan on reading for the challenge isn’t My Soul to Steal, is that okay?

Absolutely! If you are starting this month’s challenge by reading any book other than My Soul to Steal, you can still post your reviews for that book – or any of the other Soul Screamers books – during this month’s challenge. It will give you an entry – or more depending upon how many reviews you post – into this month’s giveaway and will count as an entry toward the end-of-challenge Before I Wake pre-order giveaway.

But, you only get an extra entry for posting your review for My Soul to Steal during this month of the challenge.

How are this month’s giveaway prizes going to be decided?

The giveaway winners’ names will be drawn on May 18th.

For this month’s giveaway prizes, Random will be drawing numbers based on the linky number associated with your post.

Each giveaway will be drawn separately.

If you’ve won and you do not wish to receive that prize, the next number on the list that Random drew will be the winner.

And guess what….

Author Rachel Vincent will be conducting spoiler chats after each month’s read for that book only. So, at some point in the second half of May, there will be a My Soul to Steal spoiler chat! Check out her blog post HERE to learn more.

If that weren’t enough, she mentions that after the release of Before I Wake, which comes out on June 26, 2012 in the U.S., there will be a discussion and spoiler chat for that book too! How AWESOME is that!?!


Leave your links below for posts created from April 15 through May 14, 2012. This month the linky list will close ON May 14th to avoid confusion. So be sure to get your posts in on time to count for this month’s giveaway and for those extra entries.


Let’s see those posts!

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