The Crush List #7

Here are five books that I’m crushing on big time

Shadow Bound by Rachel Vincent is a brand new crush and one that I never imagined having. I’m not one who easily gets attached to new characters in a series as I typically give my heart only to the first characters I meet. But Kori and Ian changed everything.

And while I may have read this book a month ago, I can’t stop thinking about it, it is still holding me captive and my crush is worse than ever.

Why I’m crushing: It’s dark, it’s seductive, it’s dangerous, it’s heartbreaking. It’s sarcastic, it’s funny, it’s beautiful, it’s devastating. There’s unbelievable chemistry. There’s incredible strength. There are moments that are breathtakingly poetic.

And oh that tension. It will make you sigh. It will make you grin. It will make you sigh some more. Your heart will take up permanent residence in your throat. It will leave you breathless… And that’s all before you even get near that ending.

Divergent by Veronica Roth is a new crush that should have been an old one. The guilt of not having been crushing on this book for as long as I should have been is just eating me away.

I didn’t think I’d be crushed by this book. I didn’t really believe the hype. Well, my hesitation cost me big time and now I’m suffering a brand new crush where my crush should have been an older, less painful one by now.

Why I’m crushing: The unknown. The danger. The world. The possibilities. And the tantalizing thrill of it all. The characters – intriguing, inspiring, heartbreaking. The action – riveting and exciting. And a lead up to an unforgettable ending that will leave you wanting more, more, more. And definitely some more after that.

But it’s Tris, the amazingly brave heroine, and Four, the undeniably swoon-worthy hero, that will make this crush nearly impossible to recover from.

Cinder by Marissa Meyer is another totally unexpected new crush. I do not crush on fairytales. I rarely crush on science fiction. I certainly do not develop crushes on stories that have both…. until now.

But there is just something so endearing about Cinder and something so magical about Kai that made this not quite so happily ever after fairytale one that has crushed me big time.

Why I’m crushing: It’s incredibly sweet. It’s equally chilling. The world is dark, deadly and disturbing. The lovable characters will make you laugh, they’ll make you smile and they will make you cry. And those that aren’t quite so easy to love will make you nervous, make you angry and keep you guessing.

There is a mystery. The story has twists and turns. And this is one fairytale that does not end quite like the original.

Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith is a completely anticipated and much welcomed crush on a series I’ve been crushing on for ages… okay, months. This crush just feels like a crush I’ve had forever.

And while it may not be such an old crush, it will be one day, because this book and series are already counted among my forever crushes. Even if I wanted to, I will never in this lifetime be able to rid my memories of the horrors implanted there courtesy of Alfred Furnace and Warden Cross.

Why I’m crushing: Devastation. Unbelievable heartbreak. Despair. Anguish. Horror…. Bone-chilling horror. And that’s only in the first few pages. It’s darker. It’s scarier. It’s way more gruesome. It’s downright evil. And it’s not afraid to end badly. Very, very badly.

It may make you panic. It may make you cry. But it is certain to leave you shivering and looking over your shoulder to make sure a berserker isn’t coming after you.

Hallowed by Cynthia Hand is a new crush on an existing series crush that I’ve had ever since I read Unearthly. I thought I’d been crushing on this series pretty badly. But that was before I read Hallowed.

Now my crush has grown by leaps and bounds and has turned into one of those crushes that knocks the wind out of me every single time I think about it. And due to the fact that not only did this book make me cry, it made me sob, Hallowed may be moving to Heartbreak Row very, very soon.

Why I’m crushing: Breathtaking and beautiful and incredibly sad. Surprising and suspenseful and wonderfully twisty-turny. Christian… definitely Christian. And Tucker, too.

But of the many things to crush on in Hallowed, it’s the loss, the heartbreak and the inability to do anything to change what’s meant to be that makes this a crush that will be felt for years to come.


Because I missed this post in January, I’m catching up on some of my older crushes before I get to my latest crushes. And yes, I’m still crushing on all of these books – I’m no short-term crush kind of girl!

I already have my next five crushes picked out from the books I’ve read so far in 2012, some of whom were clamoring to be included in this post. But they’ll just have to wait their turn.

As I stare at my latest pile of “to be read” books, I just know already that there are quite a few that will be crushworthy and I’m just dying to start crushing on them now. I absolutely love developing new crushes.

But not to worry. It doesn’t matter how many crushes I have on the books I love, because there will always be room for more. Always.

Do you crush on books?

What makes a book crushworthy for you?

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