My Reading Pile #40

It’s been another slow mail week, though I’ve been expecting a few books. I know it’s due to the rapidly approaching holiday weekend as my postman hasn’t arrived to deliver mail before 6 p.m. and when he does arrive, he looks absolutely panicked.

I have not received any of the books I’ve traded for or any of the review books I’m expecting, but I did buy a couple books that arrived this week so I thought I’d share them instead of posting the picture of the empty mailbox again.

I also got accepted for a review book from NetGalley which I can’t wait to read as it’s on my 2012 Debut Author Challenge list.

And I got the most amazing signed postcard in the mail on Saturday that I have not been able to stop staring at.

As I am sharing what I received in my mailbox this week, I’m giving credit to Kristi at The Story Siren who came up with the idea of sharing what’s in her mailbox each week.

I received two of the copies of Clockwork Prince that I ordered. One of which is the Barnes & Noble special edition and one is just the first edition collectors edition. If the copies that I get from Books of Wonder arrive next week, then I’ll be giving away at least one of these.

I also purchased a copy of the first printing of Obsidian even though I have the eBook. I’ve heard that there is a special scene in this – though I’m now curious as to whether the eBook version contains that scene, too.

And the eBook I received this week for review from NetGalley is Slide by Jill Hathaway. While I traded for an ARC, I actually loaned it to a blogger friend, but when I saw it on NetGalley I figured I’d request it for review and let her keep the printed ARC.

And here is the pretty, pretty postcard I received in the mail on Saturday from Abbi Glines, author of Existence. It arrived super quick!

On release date, I saw that the author was offering a copy of this amazing postcard – with a lovely passage on the back – signed. And I couldn’t help myself. And, yes, it’s way more gorgeous in person. If you think a jpeg of those eyes is something, it’s nothing compared to the real thing.

Anyway, I’m sure a few of those review books will turn up this week, or after the holiday, which is just fine as I’m swamped. But I am trying to squeeze in a few more books before the year ends and here are just two of them….

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(December 18-December 24, 2011)


First up is Divergent by Veronica Roth. Yes, I know, I’m the only person who hasn’t yet read this amazing book. I’ve had the eBook on my Kindle since it downloaded on release day.

This is the only book from my original 2011 Debut Author Challenge list that I haven’t yet read. And I know this book is amazing. I know that everyone is in love with Four and yet I never got the opportunity to read it… until now.

I wanted to read it when it was first released, but I just didn’t have the time. And because I saw the print edition – and even bought a couple for giveaway – I knew that it wasn’t a short book and so it just kept getting moved further down in the pile.

I am really excited to find out what the chatter is all about – I’ve been pretty good at avoiding most of it and haven’t even looked at the book’s description since I originally chose it for the DAC. I haven’t even read either Four’s or Tris’s advocacy posts in the Crush Tourney and the Heroines Tourney for fear of spoilers.

I can’t wait to find out which faction Tris chooses, what her secret is and just how her love life fits in.

I may have been staring at the first page of the book on many of my multiple eReaders fighting the urge to keep reading for the past several weeks. So, I’m super glad that it’s the first book on the pile this week, though I may not get to start reading it until Wednesday.

Next up on the pile is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I received the audiobook download from the publisher, Macmillan Audio, for review and as it will be releasing on January 3, I thought I’d add it to the pile this week so that I could start listening.

I am going outside my comfort zone on this as I am not typically a fan of science fiction. But I’d heard great things about this book and having listened to the narrator for the audiobook for a few minutes, I think this will be a book I will really enjoy.

Even though there are those elements of science fiction that I don’t immediately connect with – the main character is a cyborg and there is an “intergalactic struggle” – there are those elements that I do – forbidden love, a girl with secrets that must be uncovered, and one who has the fate of the world depending on her.

I love this cover, it’s slightly creepy, and find myself drawn to it again and again.

I hope to get to start listening to Cinder later this week, but if not it will be at the very top of the pile next week.

Wishful Thinking reads:

Tammara Webber’s Good For You is definitely on the top of my wishful thinking reads list. If I somehow manage to plow through all my past due books and reviews, I will try to squeeze this one in. Because I’m dying to read it and find out just what happens to Reid Alexander.

And of course, yet again, I’d love to be able to add Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith to the pile this week. Yes. Again. Nothing says holiday fun like the Escape from Furnace series. Nothing.

Those left behind:

I did not get a chance to read Bloodrose last week. I also didn’t get a chance to re-read Wolfsbane like I’d wanted to. I won’t be able to read either book this week, but I hope to be able to add them back to the pile next week so that I can have my review of Bloodrose posted by the book’s release date.

I am also seriously behind on my reviews for books I’ve read, which I hope to catch up on this week or next. But with the upcoming tournament match, and the week of Top Ten posts, I’m not sure just how many of these past-due reviews I will be able to write.


I still haven’t heard back about my request for Fugitives on NetGalley, but I did hear back about another book I’d requested and the answer was NO. So, I will not be reading Wanderlove for review before its release.

I did end up caving and requesting Slide this week for review from HarperTeen on NetGalley. I was thrilled to no end that I got approved for that book. And since the release date isn’t for quite some time I’m not concerned about being able to read and review it before release.

I can’t believe the year is almost over and that I’ll only have one more reading pile post before next year. I am still hopeful of reading at least five books over the next two weeks, but I’d be happy if I managed to read three.


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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