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Today at Fiktshun, I’m lucky to have Haniel, of The Saving Angels trilogy by author Tiffany King, stop by to introduce himself to those of you who may not already know him and to answer a few burning questions for those that do.

For those that don’t, here’s his bio:

Archangel Haniel has resided in the heavenly realm since the days Noah walked the earth. He stands at an imposing 7’1” tall with a body even Adonis would envy. His golden hair and ocean blue eyes have made him a heartthrob for every female that has been blessed with the opportunity to catch a glimpse of him.

He posses the knowledge and wisdom fitting his centuries in existence, but still lacks an understanding of the human sense of humor. In his many lifetimes among human beings, he has loved only one woman. He can often be found meditating, enjoying the wondrous beauty of the heavenly realm.


And so, without further ado…

Hi, Haniel! Thank you so much for stopping by for this interview. I am so thrilled you agreed to take time away from keeping an eye on Krista and all of your other duties to answer a few questions for me.

HANIEL: It’s my pleasure.

I’ve had a chance to read your answers to a couple previous interviews conducted by Mindy over at Magical Urban Fantasy Reads – so I will try to leave off all questions about disrobing – and Jaime and Patricia of Two Chicks On Books, who seemed to be okay with you being fully clothed during their interview.

For purposes of this interview, I am completely fine with you remaining dressed. I think it would be very difficult to ask my questions if you were to begin removing items of clothing. Wouldn’t you agree?

HANIEL: Absolutely.

Q. For those who don’t already know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what it is you do.

HANIEL: I am one of The Light’s most valued Archangels. I was given the honor to watch over The Light’s most treasured individuals that walk amongst humans.

Q. What do you like most about being an Archangel?

HANIEL: Being able to serve and protect.

Q. What is it that you like most about Krista?

HANIEL: There are several attributes about Krista that I appreciate. Her kind soul and the light that shines within her make her an appealing soul to all.

Q. You’ve taken more of an active role in looking out for Krista. Would you say things have gotten easier or more challenging since you’ve gotten involved in Krista’s life? And why?

HANIEL: In many aspects they have gotten better. Krista has taught me many things about the Earthly Realm and an appreciation for humans I’ve never had.

[Fiktshun: I always knew Krista was a good influence!]

Q. In all your years, what is the strangest thing you’ve witnessed here on earth?

HANIEL: I think you humans call it Reality TV. This seems very unusual since the situations are not reality. Very odd indeed.

[Fiktshun: I wish the programmers for those shows would take note of your answer. Reality they are not!]

Q. What has surprised you most about humans or human behavior?

HANIEL: Their constant desire for conflict.

[Fiktshun: Well, we humans do seem to love to create drama where there is none, don’t we.]

Q. Being an Archangel, and not typically subject to the spectrum of human emotion, do you find that spending as much time as you have with humans has made you feel? You mentioned being in love once….

HANIEL: Krista and her young friends have made me feel a strange awakening of emotions unheard of for someone with my title in the Heavenly Realm.

[Fiktshun: I am definitely curious to see where this will lead in the next book…]

And now for something a little more personal….

I’m sorry if the next few questions make you slightly uncomfortable, but your human fans would like to know just a few more intimate details about you. I’ll try to keep them fairly wholesome, given that you are a heavenly being…. But by choosing to appear as a 7’1” blonde, blue-eyed, male specimen with a beautifully sculpted form you kind of have to expect that the girls will swoon and that you will be asked these kinds of questions.

Q. You mentioned in another interview that you can take on any form, but what about style of dress. What are you most comfortable wearing? Are you a jeans and T-shirt kind of guy or do you prefer something a little more formal?

HANIEL: Jeans were confining and ill-fitting at first but I have come to appreciate the used variety that fit my form more comfortably.

Q. The human form you chose is one that could be described as incredibly pleasing to the eye – masculine, sexy, delectable. Do you prefer to wear your clothes form-fitting to highlight your attributes or loose-fitting for the sake of modesty?

HANIEL: I prefer my lower garments to be looser but prefer my upper garments to fit snugly against my form.

[Fiktshun: Well, those will certainly highlight your physique no doubt. And I can understand the looser fitting pants given your answer to my next two questions below.]

Q. And of course I have to follow these questions up with one that is the most logical from a human standpoint – boxers, briefs, bikinis, or, dare I say it…nothing? I don’t think I need to remind you about honesty. You are an Archangel after all.

HANIEL: Archangels have no use for the undergarments humans are so fond of.

[Fiktshun: The heavenly realm sounds just so… HEAVENLY!]

And because I have to ask just one more along these lines…

Q. When you aren’t here on earth, and you are wearing your heavenly garb, do you wear undergarments or is it more similar to the Scots who choose to go “commando” when wearing their kilts?

HANIEL: I know of these Scottish you speak of but I am unsure of “commando.” To answer what I think you are asking my outer garments do not match those of Scottish heritage but my choice of undergarments does.

[Fiktshun: I knew it! I knew it!]

Q. You mentioned you like to meditate. But I find reading can be quite as good as meditation to help relax me and clear my mind. Do you like to read? And if so, what’s your favorite book – aside from the Bible?

HANIEL: I have no need for written words. Any story, I wish to hear can be found in the human souls I encounter.

Q. Have you danced? Do you like to dance? Are you a good dancer? How do you move? You are over seven feet tall, that’s a whole lot of body to have to move.

HANIEL: I have never danced but I have imagined it many times during my time in the Heavenly Realm.

[Fiktshun: I’m sure there are quite a few human girls that would love to dance with you. And I’m also sure there are quite a few who have imagined you moving that body of yours.]

Q. You must listen to music. Is it all harps or classical for you? Or do you like something a bit more contemporary? What do you listen to? What makes your heart sing?

HANIEL: My heart sings for the sound of the crashing waves, wind blowing through leaves and water as it trickles its way down a mountain stream.

[Fiktshun: I’m sure it wasn’t intentional, you heavenly being after all, but boy does that sound sexy!]

I feel I’ve kept you away from your responsibilities for long enough. I do not want the Dark to defeat the Light because of my silly questions, so just one final question before you go….

Q. One of the most exciting things about falling in love is having that first kiss. Have you been kissed Haniel? If so, was it as magical for you as it would be for a human? Or was it even more so? Tell us, in detail, about that first kiss. And do not say that you don’t kiss and tell.

HANIEL: You will have to finish Krista’s journey to find the answer you desire.

[Fiktshun: Woo hoo! So there will be kissing involving Haniel in this last book!]


Thanks so much for stopping by Haniel! I absolutely loved your responses and will definitely be reading the final book in the trilogy to find out the answer to my last question.


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