Character Interview: Sophie Cavanaugh

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And now for what you’ve been waiting for…

Thank you so much for stopping by, Sophie. I’m so happy to have you here on the blog to answer a few questions from Rachel’s fans.

After reading about all what you went through in Never to Sleep, I really feel I got to know you better and I’m so thrilled to get to know you just a little bit more.

Q: I want to know if you regret finding out about the Netherworld. Would you have rather gone on without it? “ignorance is bliss” sort of thing?

A: Ignorance isn’t bliss, unless you define “bliss” as dying without even seeing what bit you in half and slurped out your soul. And anyway, the Netherworld doesn’t have a monopoly on scary. I’ve seen the entire dance team without a drop of makeup or a stitch of clothing–there isn’t much left that could scare me.

[Fiktshun: Okay, I’ll never get those pictures out of my mind. Ever. *Shudders.* Not sure which is worse, the soul-slurping or the dance team…]

Q: Sophie, if there was one thing about your life you could change, what would it be, and why? And don’t say getting rid of Kaylee.

A: I would get my mom back.

[Fiktshun: Oh that’s so nice. And real. And honest. Loving Sophie just a bit more…]

Q: Sophie, even before your Mom died you already hated Kaylee. What did Kaylee do that makes you hate her? And what else would she need to do for you to like her more?

A: Kaylee’s an attention hog. Everything always has to be about her and if something looks like it’s not going to be about her, she starts screaming until no one could possibly be thinking about anyone else. It’s the most obvious cry for attention I’ve ever seen. Literally.

[Fiktshun: Ha! She just couldn’t refuse the jab at our girl Kaylee! Still love Sophie though. Trust me, she’s worth it.]

Q: Sophie, apparently you’re getting your very own novella – what can you tell us about that?

A: A bright light can only be hidden for so long. My voice had to be heard eventually…

[Fiktshun: Read into that as you will. I will say no more.]

Q: Sophie, what can you tell us about this hot boy you recently met in the halls of Eastlake High when you had your very own adventure? (Those hallways get a lot of action in Eastlake!)

A: Adventure? Understatement of the millennium. Seriously, I almost DIED. And, my shoes were a total loss.

As for Luca? *Hands off.* He’s living proof that “different” doesn’t have to mean “freak.” Different can mean beautiful, and strong, and funny, and… Did I already say “hands off?”

[Fiktshun: Trust me again. No one will want to keep their hands off Luca. Total eye candy, but soooo much more. Yum! Of course that would mean taking down Sophie and that might not be as easy as you’d think… She does have some mad skillz.]


Well, Sophie, thank you again for stopping by for this brief interview. I hope that you would consider coming back again, if Kaylee were to win this match and make it to the second round.

I’m sure that Kaylee winning isn’t your top priority, or even one of them, but it will give you more of a chance to tell your side of things and maybe win over some more fans like me!


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