Character Interview: Emma Marshall

I cannot believe this early round match is so close to 1,500 votes, but apparently it is! Even though we didn’t reach that milestone – yet – we couldn’t deprive you of Emma’s interview!

Thank you all so much for voting and showing your support for Kaylee and our favorite reaper Tod. It means the world to Rachel, me and to them!

There’s less than an hour left in the match, and not much time left to vote, so if you haven’t, be sure to head over and VOTE KAYLEE! Her lead is shrinking so every vote counts!

[The following paragraph is UPDATED with new details as Kaylee won!]

Since Kaylee won this first-round match, NASH and TOD will be questioned… I mean interviewed… and they’ll be forced to answer a few of your questions! Head over to Rachel Vincent’s blog to leave your questions for both boys in the forms linked in THIS POST.

[End of update]

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And now let’s hear what EMMA has to say. As my favorite human character in the series, I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about being sucked into this crazy world of bean sidhes, reapers, hellions and maras!

Welcome to the blog Emma! I am so happy that you stopped by. The fans – and I – have a few questions for you that we’ve been dying to ask. I hope you don’t mind answering them. Though I’m sure, as Kaylee’s best friend, you’d do just about anything for her!

It’s been quite a day for Kaylee, but as you can see, our girl got nearly 1,500 votes. And I hope it’s enough to get her the win, because she is definitely a worthy heroine!

Of all the characters, you seem to get put through ordeal after ordeal and yet you still manage to stand by Kaylee’s side. And for that, you too, are a heroine to me.


Q: Being Kaylee’s BFF, you get to see the side of her that no ones else does…Not Nash or even Tod. What do you think is her best quality of being a heroine and why? (Well besides the obvious ones Fiktshun’s pointed out)

A: Kaylee is SO. DAMN. BRAVE. I would have been quaking in my shoes if I’d seen half of what she’s seen, but she has this spine of steel, and even when she’s scared—and that does happen—you won’t see it. I don’t know how she does it.

[Fiktshun: I completely agree with you Emma! And I don’t know how she does it either!]

Q: Emma, Do you think the changes to Kaylee at the end of If I Die will affect your friendship?

A: That’s my biggest fear in the world, right now. I don’t know how she’s going to adjust. I don’t know how I’m going to adjust. But we WILL adjust. We’ve been together through everything, and nothing’s going to tear us apart now.

[Fiktshun: It’s mine, too. But Kaylee would be lost without you! She needs you. You need her. I hope you make it work out! I’m confident you will!]

Q: Emma, obviously you are Kaylee’s BFF and love her no matter what, but do you find it really hard at times, with all the trouble that always seems to find her, that you wish she wasn’t what she is.

A: Yeah, I wish that all the time. But not for me. For her. I wish life was easier for her. I wish there was more I could do to help her. I wish I wasn’t the one always holding her back. I wish she didn’t feel like she needs to protect me. But if wishes were dimes… Well, I’m not gonna actually do the math, but I’d be rich.

[Fiktshun: You are one of the most amazing, selfless people ever. Seriously! And you don’t hold her back!]

Q: Emma, I’ve asked this of Tod, now it’s your turn. Did you ever think something might happen between the two of you? Or is Tod not your type? And if not, then exactly what is your type?

A: Me and Tod? I thought maybe, for a while. But it was SO obvious that his thoughts were elsewhere. As were his eyes. And his heart. I never stood a chance in that race. As for my type? My type seems to be unlucky. Seriously, it’s dangerous to date me. Just ask Doug.

Oh wait. You can’t…

[Fiktshun: Yeah, those eyes of his are definitely focused elsewhere. And that heart of his. *Sigh.* And Doug. Poor Doug! But maybe this new boy Luca…. Hmmm, now that would be interesting, wouldn’t it? Sorry, Sophie!]

Q: Emma, are you a little afraid of being in the company of reapers, maras and bean sidhes? You don’t have the ability to protect yourself in quite the same way they do, so have you thought of taking combat lessons?

A: I’m afraid every day. But what am I gonna do, hide in my room all day? What good would that do? Anything worth fearing can get into my room anytime it wants, as evil seems determined to prove over, and over, and over. So I figure sticking with the creatures who are on my side is my best chance to survive.

Also, they happen to be my friends, which is definitely a perk. 😉

[Fiktshun: Exactly! Hiding in your room doesn’t help… what with the whole Avari situation. And yes, those bean sidhe boys are some lovely creatures.]



Oh Emma! You are always just so awesome! No wonder Kaylee loves you. For a while there, I thought that you and Tod might have a thing going, which made me a little nervous, because I never wanted not to love you! So glad you knew right away it was a non-starter.

So thank you again for answering our questions and for supporting your friend Kaylee in her attempt to win this round of the Heroine Tourney.

And, one final plea – at least here on the blog – if you’d like to support Kaylee in her match tonight, just click below to head over to the YA Sisterhood’s blog and…


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