The Crush List #6

Here are five books that I’m crushing on big time

Everneath by Brodi Ashton is a new crush, but one that I feel like I’ve had forever. What was first just a cover crush developed into a steal-your-heart-and-hold-it-hostage kind of crush.

I read this book nearly a month ago and even with all the amazing reads since then, it has refused to let go. And I’m certainly not ready to let it go.

Why I’m crushing: A ticking clock. A seemingly inescapable fate. A love that knows no bounds. A tragic end from the very beginning. Loss. Heartbreak. Devastation. Despair. A moment that changed everything. And one deliciously, incredibly sexy immortal.

A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford is a new crush on a series and characters I’ve been crushing on for over a year. It’s a painful crush that rides that fine line between crush and heartbreak.

I knew I would crush hard. I knew I would be tormented. I knew that things would not end well. And yet I still gave my heart to this book knowing it would be crushed, destroyed, smashed to smithereens.

Why I’m crushing: It’s dark. It’s devious. It’s incredibly, dangerously and wickedly sexy. It’s heartbreaking. It’s cruel. And yet I still beg for more. It’s twisty. It’s turny. It’s gritty. It’s edgy. And oh how edge-of-your-seat nerve-wracking it is. All hope may be lost. The outlook is grim. And it’s likely to end happily never after.

Obsidian by Jennifer Armentrout is a brand spanking new crush and one that has earned a permanent place on my crush list. It was a total surprise and one that completely blindsided me. Knocked me flat on my face, it did.

When you think of hot and sexy books to read, you do not think aliens. At least I didn’t… until now. I am anchored to this series for as long as those books just keep on coming.

Why I’m crushing: Tantalizing. Electrifying. Chemistry so H.O.T. it sizzles. Forbidden attraction. Tension, tension and more tension. And one super sexy, smokin’ hot, shirtless bad boy, Daemon Black. Dangerous secrets. Deadly rivals. And an ending that will leave you begging, pleading, groveling for more.

Where You Are by Tammara Webber is a completely new and different crush to the one I have for the first book in this series. I assumed my crush on this book would just be an extension of my existing crush, but  an all new crush formed instead.

I was briefly worried my new crush would fade, as is often the case where the first book in a series ends so perfectly. But I worried for nothing and now I have two huge crushes on this series.

Why I’m crushing: Plotting and scheming. Lies and betrayals. Deception. Rejection. Heartbreak. Heartache. Redemption. Deliciously torturous drama. A love story that will make you smile one minute and cry the next. And a nail-biter from start to finish.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare is an existing crush that grew to epic proportions after this read. Crushing on a steampunk story is always a surprise to me, but crushing on any story set in Victorian Era London is a total shocker.

I did not expect to fall quite so hard for this book. My clear favorite has always been The Mortal Instruments series. But that clarity has definitely gone opaque after I finished this book.

Why I’m crushing: Secrets revealed. A devastating betrayal. Everything on the verge of collapse. A choice must be made. Loyalty and friendship are put to the test. Suspense hangs over every action, every word, everything. Stolen kisses. Love is in the air. A night of romance, magic and danger. All leading up to an ending that will make you want to scream.


I have another book I’ve read and am crushing on, but I decided to save it for next month’s post. Five crushes seemed like the perfect number to list, and I like having one in the queue just in case I don’t develop any new crushes in the next month.

Besides, once again I had so many new crushes that I didn’t even get to list one of my old favorites. But I’m glad my crushes this month are diverse, even though I don’t have a vampire crush among them.

After all, what’s not to love about immortals, the fallen, siders, hot aliens, actors and actresses and Shadow Hunters?

Do you crush on books?

What makes a book crushworthy for you?

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