My Reading Pile #38

I may have received a few books in the past week. One or two or twenty-two. I did have issues with the mailman and the unattended mailboxes again. But I don’t think I’m missing any and actually received a couple books I’ve been waiting anxiously for.

As I am sharing what I received in my mailbox this week, I’m giving credit to Kristi at The Story Siren who came up with the idea of sharing what’s in her mailbox each week.

I received Bloodrose temporarily thanks to Mindy of Magical Urban Fantasy Reads who offered to lend me her copy for a few weeks. I will have to re-skim Wolfsbane first and possibly write my review and then I’ll dive right into Bloodrose. I can’t wait. Thanks so much Mindy!

All the rest of the books in the pile above are thanks to a trade with one of my trading partners. They actually arrived in two shipments – which include the eleven books in the third picture that she sent just because she was cleaning off her shelves.

One of the shipments the post office did manage to tear apart a little, the other arrived intact. I can’t wait to get to a few of these books – especially Truth, Balthazar, and Immortal City. And a couple of them I’m lending out to one of my favorite bloggers, Jaime, as I know she’ll be able to read them before I do.

I also got back my two copies of If I Die by Rachel Vincent that I sent to the author who so generously agreed to sign them for me. As always, I don’t publicize personal inscriptions, because they’re, well, personal. But only one of those is mine. The second copy I got signed for Alba of Book Pics and I’ll be sending that on to her today.

Right below that is a finished copy of Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton that I received from the author for review. I will be participating in the book tour this month and actually plan on reading it this week.

At the bottom is Destined by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast that I received from the publisher for review. I hope to get to it in the next few weeks because I am curious about this new character who’s apparently a yummy cowboy.

And, finally, completely unexpected, was this stack of books I received in my box of trades. I hadn’t requested them, but my trading partner just sent them in case I might want them, along with some swag. I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping any of them, but I do think the new covers for the classics are really pretty.

Other than After Obsession, I don’t think I’ve heard of any of the other books. So maybe I’ll pass these along in a Clearing the Pile giveaway, though I wanted to avoid the post office at all costs after today.

Anyway, yeah, my apartment is piled high with books. They do not fit on my book tower, which is now over-full. But maybe if I get reading, I can start to pass more of these along. So….

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(December 4-December 10, 2011)


First up is Pretty in Black by Rae Hachton. I received a finished copy of this book from the author for review. In print, this cover is absolutely beautiful.

I heard about this book earlier this spring on Twitter and I headed over to the author’s blog to check it out. This book sounded so dark and the title immediately grabbed me so I decided to sign up to receive an ARC and I kept my fingers crossed.

The author asked if I’d be interested in being part of her blog tour and I jumped at the chance. And since my stop is on December 19th, I thought I’d add Pretty in Black to the pile this week even though I just received it a few days ago.

I’m excited to meet Ellie Piper and Marcus Marble. And I can’t wait to find out just what happens for this “troubled, suicidal teen” and this boy that she meets in the cemetery who returned from the dead for her. I always love stories where the characters are fated to be together, even those where that’s not necessarily a good thing.

As the holidays draw near I do seem to be in a mood to read darker books, and I am thrilled to be adding Pretty in Black to the pile this week.

Next up on the pile is Cold Blood by Heather Hildenbrand. I am just now reading Dirty Blood, but I should be done by the time I start on this new pile on Sunday. I received an eARC for review for the tour that will be stopping here on December 20th.

While a review is not required, I did want to read both books and hopefully I’ll have finished the series in time to have a review posted of Cold Blood for my stop.

The description for this sequel on Goodreads is linked in the cover image, but I have not looked at it as I don’t want any spoilers for the first book in the series and Goodreads has a way of doing just that.

But this series about werewolves is a dark and gritty one and I am excited to be able to devour both books this week.

Wishful Thinking reads:

I would love to read Death Sentence by Alexander Gordon Smith. I may have already mentioned this once or twice on my wishful thinking reads. But I still wish I could be reading it now.

I just found Fugitives – the next book in the series – on NetGalley and haven’t yet heard back from the publisher. But I’m really, really hopeful I’ll be approved because I totally would read it well in advance of release because this series is so flipping fantastic, you have no idea how much I love it.

Okay, maybe those of you who have stopped by the blog know. Because I can’t stop talking about it.

Those left behind:

I ended up reading a book that was on the pile from an earlier week before I started last week’s reads, but I did finish and review Clockwork Prince. And as I am reading Dirty Blood right now and will finish it before Sunday, I’m not really behind with last week’s reads.

But I do have to review that other book, Hushed, which I hope to do today. And boy is that one going to be tough. What a dark and amazing book it was. It really left me with that hollowed out feeling that I love. But that type of book does require recovery time and sadly I just don’t have much time to recover.

And I have to review Everneath this weekend. I just have to. Every time I think about Cole and Nikki I still get that twisty feeling when I remember the two of them all wrapped up together and it makes me sigh. I need to hang on to that feeling and am so afraid I’ll lose it if I read too many more books before I write my review.


I utterly failed in my request-free week. I did end up requesting a couple titles from NetGalley.

One is Fugitives, which I’m dying to read and panicking because I have not heard word one from the publisher. And the other is Wanderlove by Kirsten Hubbard. It just sounds so wonderful and isn’t out until March which means it could be one of my “me” reads for February.


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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