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A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford will be released in the U.S. on February 28, 2012 in hardcover and eBook formats. It is currently available to pre-order online in both formats at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Published by Greenwillow Books, a division of HarperCollins, the print edition is 336 pages.

A Touch Morbid is the sequel to A Touch Mortal by author Leah Clifford.


Goodreads description:

Eden won the battle-she saved her true love from the darkest evil. But the war has only just begun.

With secrets swirling around her, powerful allies unraveling, and life-and death-as she knows it eroding, Eden and those she loves tread dangerous ground. Can she trust anyone? Will her unearthly powers be her salvation or her downfall?

A sweeping, dark, and sexy paranormal romance that will haunt readers with an inventive mythology and a cinematic New York City filled with shadows and longing.


Everything is in chaos. Everything is falling apart. And everyone is in even more danger than they were before the events that got them to this point.

Luke wants revenge and those who acted against him will have to pay for what they did.

Kristen is coming apart at the seams. With no one she feels she can trust, turning to Luke for help seems like her only option.

Eden is suffering in silence, keeping secrets from Az that could be devastating to them both.

Az and Gabe are battling their own demons. Fighting to keep it together when they could so easily come undone.

And with the Bound beginning to take an interest in the Siders, hiding and trusting no one seems like the best option.

But in order to find the answers they need and to stop Luke from exacting his revenge, they will have to put their trust in the most unlikely source. Madeline.

And if she can’t be trusted, the end result could be catastrophic and all could be lost.


A Touch Morbid is a twisty-turny sequel that will leave readers guessing right up to the end about how all the pieces fit together and just who can be trusted. The pace is blazing fast and readers will be immediately ensnared by this deliciously dark, torturous and heartbreaking story.

Each and every one of the characters is still reeling from the events that took place at the end of the first book in the series. And while some of them are still in the dark about just what happened, others are trying to fix what went wrong.

With everyone keeping secrets, it’s impossible to know who’s trustworthy and whose  side they’re on. But new alliances must be forged in order to find the answers needed to save those already lost and to prevent anyone else from meeting a similar fate…or worse.

Once again author Leah Clifford has written a tension-filled and incredibly exciting story that is full of surprises and that will leave readers on edge as each new question arises about where things are headed and who will survive this deadly battle between the Bound, the Fallen and the Siders.

This is no warm and fuzzy story. The characters may be charming but could never be called sweet. They are edgy and dangerous and sexy and wicked and each one of them contains a touch of darkness within. And while some seek to do what’s right, others simply seek revenge.

While some questions will be answered, readers will be left with many more at the story’s end. And just as with the first book in the series, the sense of dread will continue to grow about the likelihood of a happy ending for any of these characters.

A Touch Morbid is a must read for fans of something a bit darker, edgier and sexier and who aren’t afraid of an unhappily-ever-after ending. This sequel once again will leave readers on the edge of a cliff, puzzling over just what awaits these characters in the next book in the series.

Reviewer gives this book…

 Like In-N-Out Burger‘s infamous secret menu this one deserves my off-the-menu 6 star rating.

On a personal note:

What an unbelievably awesome and insane follow-up to A Touch Mortal this was. I expected to love this book, but I didn’t think I could love it as much as I did the first book in the series which had the thrill factor of something brand new. But this sequel had so much going for it that it felt just as exciting and tormenting and deliciously wicked as book one.

I was instantly transported back into this world of the Siders. The story picked up shortly after that jaw-droppingly shocking ending that left me tormented these past nine months until I got my hands on an early copy of A Touch Morbid.

I totally devoured every word and plan to do so again and again before this book is released. And I know in my haste to find out where the author would leave things on page 299 I must have missed a few subtle and not-so-subtle clues as to how things managed to end up as they did.

I have definitely been cryptic with my review, but much of this story is based upon just what happened at the end of book one, and I don’t do spoilers. So while I won’t talk about the plot because it is one giant spoiler, I will say that I loved the multiple points-of-view in this book and I was so incredibly thrilled at just how much Luke there was in this sequel.

I love Az and Eden and Gabe and Kristen, but Luke has always been and always will be my absolute favorite. He is definitely evil, but he is also incredibly smart, clever, powerful, sexy and oh so unbelievably dangerous. And he just had the best lines. Whether sarcastic or sexy or downright cruel, Luke knows how to make every line work to his advantage. And make me absolutely adore the evil that is him.

Leah Clifford is also incredibly fiendish. I knew I could expect to be tortured by the ending in this book, but I didn’t really know just how tortured I would be. She is the evil mastermind controlling the fates of all her characters and it doesn’t seem as if any of them will come out of this unscathed. If they manage to come out of this at all.

And oh how I absolutely loved how interconnected all the characters’ seemingly unrelated stories actually were. And just how everything came together at the very end…much to my dismay.

I had a growing sense of dread as the story progressed and more and more was revealed about just how wrong things really were. It was this sense of wrongness that kept me tense and worried for the characters and made me want to scream at them so that they’d discover some of the things that I already knew to be true.

Where the first book left me feeling like I was hanging off the edge of a roof, this entire book made me feel that way, right up to that cliffhanger ending.

And holy hell what a freaking awesome and terrible ending, especially after being tormented throughout. To have things end the way they did. Again. Is so unbelievably cruel.

I have spent hours – longer than it took me to read the book – trying to find any possible scenario that would lead to something remotely considered a happy ending to the series and I just can’t.

Every single possibility leads to heartbreak. Devastation. Despair.

And I couldn’t be happier. Okay, maybe I could. Just a little bit. If the story kept going or the next book in the series were to find its way into my hands right now. Then I’d be happy… or even more tormented. I guess that’s TBD.


I had so many passages in this story that I call favorites. Some are just too spoiler-y to list here, one I just can’t reveal out of context, and a couple that are just too amazingly good to tease you with right now. So, I thought I’d give a peek at a tiny part of a scene that makes me smile.

“Is that Lucky Charms?” Kristen didn’t hide her amusement.

He rolled his eyes, “My one weakness, aside from you.”

“Laying it on a bit thick, no?” She grabbed one bowl and poured in milk while shaking her head. “Big, bad Lucifer eating marshmallow cereal. That just makes my morning.”

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