LIE OR DIE: The Flash Fiction Reveal is Finally Here

The day has finally come! We held a contest for the best flash fiction idea, we chose a winner, and we sent five authors out to spin the fabulous idea in their own direction.

What was the winning idea? An awesome one from Aeicha Matteson.

Ryder – female, human, teenager, short in height, long brown hair with blue streaks, bright green eyes, smart, sassy, tough.

Ax – (short for Aximander) – male, demon (but was once human before being sent to hell). As a demon he has no permanent form, thus he possesses humans. He’s cunning, vindictive, but incredibly charismatic.

Ryder is a supernatural hunter (she hunts demons, monsters, evil baddies), but she has been possessed by the demon Ax, who has essentially bound himself to her…meaning no simple exorcism will release him. Ryder must find a way to break free of Ax while fighting for control of her own mind, body, and actions.

Ryder – as a hunter she is skilled in weapons, fighting, and supernatural knowledge/lore but does not have “supernatural or magical” abilities of her own.

Ax – can shift/shimmer (teleport anywhere, including hell) and has enhanced/heightened abilities (strength, speed, hearing)…when possessing someone these abilities are transferred into them while Ax resides within them.

“What’s up Midge?” Drake, my lifetime friend and fellow Paraminator, (as in Terminators of paranormal freaks) greeted me as we walked into homeroom.

“Don’t call me that,” I griped annoyed. Being Four foot nothing sucked sometimes. I would never be the tall, willowy Para-Trapper that my mom was.

I felt someone shove me from behind. “Oops sorry Ryder, but you know there’s a height requirement for this class,” Mandy, our resident “cheerloser” said snidely, sailing into the room.

“Obviously there’s a bitch quota too,” I sniped back.

“Better that than a miniature ghostbuster,” she said sliding into her seat.

Drake pivoted in his seat to face me, making a stabbing gesture at her backside as if he held one of our blades.

I started to smile at him when I saw a dark shape enter the room.

I focused my eyes on it, honing in on skills I had spent years perfecting. The interior of the room faded away leaving only empty space. I could see the Demon clearly as he sauntered around the room looking for his next “vehicle.” Demons are the nastiest of creatures, feeding on the souls of the “vehicles” they inhabit.

The Demon-trash moved from my line of vision, making me twist around in my seat to see which poor sap would be his next victim.

Before I could react, I felt him crash into me, knocking the air from my lungs.

“Holy Satan’s ass, are you frickin kidding me?” I asked stunned.

“What?” Drake asked confused.

I was too shocked to answer him. Hell no did that Demon-scum jump into my body. I’m a flippin Para-Trapper for God’s sake.

Could you please refrain from using his name in my presence? A sexy voice whispered through me. And who are you calling Demon-scum? 

“Uh, you,” I said sarcastically, not realizing until Drake looked at me that I had spoken aloud.

Ignoring his look, I jumped to my feet and raced from the room.

This was so not good.

The last Para-Trapper that became Demon possessed had gone crazy, taking out several other Trappers in the process. The Para-Society now had strict no-tolerance laws for possession of their Trappers. I would either be killed while they tried to exorcise him or stuck in confinement until the Demon got sick of me as a “vehicle.”

“Oh darlin, you’re hurting my feelings. I could never get sick of your…,” he said, letting his voice trail off insinuatingly.

What the Hell do you want?

Just your soul sweetums, he drawled.

No kidding, all Demon-trash want that.

Aw, but your soul is special. Surely your mom has told you just how important yours is?

What are talking about Vermin? I asked confused.

Tsk tsk, so quick with the names sugar. My name is Aximander or Ax to you, his drawl whispered through me intimately, like we were connected. 

I do believe you are truly unaware of whom you are, or should I say, what you are. Aren’t you curious why your skills exceed those around you or about the father you never met?

My stomach dropped. Of course I yearned to know who my father was.

What are you saying?

Ryder Sweetheart, your father is my maker.

You’re insane.

No darlin, if you look deep into your soul, you would see I speak the truth.

Ignoring him, I picked up my pace as I neared my destination.

Ryder honey, you’re not thinking of going in there. That’s a suicide mission. 

Not if you leave me now, I said, racing up the stairs and down the aisle.

Ryder stop! I mean it!

It’s too late, I said, looking at the baptism vat filled with Holy Water in front of me.

Ryder, please don’t! he pleaded.

Ignoring him, I plunged into the cold water letting it engulf my entire body. I knew I needed to stay under long enough for the Holy Water to pull him from me, which was why exorcisms were dangerous. It all boiled down to who could hold out the longest.

Ax continued to plead with me. I shut his voice out, trying to focus on staying beneath the surface, though my lungs begged for release. My vision began to darken and I knew the end was near. Ax’s voice began to fade until it completely left me. I broke through the surface of the water, gasping for breath.


Hours later I was tucked under my blankets, still chilled from my Holy Water bath. I felt oddly empty, like I was missing something important, which was ludicrous.

No way did I miss that Demon-trash.

Whatever helps you sleep at night sweetums, a familiar voice whispered throughout my head. I will never let you go, we are now tied together.

The authors have plotted and toiled for many hours to create their unique flash fiction version of Ryder and Ax’s tale.  Now you’ll all get to read them! Each author is hosted on one of the below blogger sites:

Fiktshun – hosting Tiffany King
Two Chicks on Books – hosting G.P. Ching
A Life Bound By Books – hosting K.A.Tucker
Magical Urban Fantasy Reads – hosting Megan Duncan
Taking It One Book At A Time – hosting S.M.Reine

So, go visit each site above and VOTE for your favorite!

Why vote? Because on October 24th, a Grand Prize winner will be drawn.

What could you win? A pile of signed print copies of the authors’ books and some swag. Check out the official page HERE for a list. (Grand prize winner contest open to U.S. residents only but anyone can vote; one vote per person and you can vote on any of the blogs.)

Want to earn an extra entry into the grand prize? Tweet the following and paste the link into the form with your vote!:

“I voted in the #LieOrDie Flash Fiction Showdown. Why don’t you?

So… GO check out the 5 fabulous versions of 1 amazing idea and GO VOTE for your favorite one!

Voting is now closed. The winning idea and the giveaway winner will be announced in a separate post on October 24th. Good luck authors and voters!

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