Lie or Die Flash Fiction Showdown: The Winning Idea!

The judges have met, deliberated, and after much debate, decided. It wasn’t easy. There were some really amazing ideas. And we would have loved to see all of them written by all five authors. But that wouldn’t be very fair. Not really, anyway.

So, after a few punches, kicks, screams and much pulling of hair, we quietly sat down and the majority agreed that the winner is….

Congratulations Aeicha! Your idea was absolutely awesome. One that we think will result in some very different story ideas by the authors, one that can pose a bit of a challenge for them, and ultimately one we could all agree upon!

So, here’s the idea that is being revealed live, at this very moment, to the authors. They’ve had no previous knowledge or peek at the winning idea, so they’re all getting it at the same time. No unfair advantage here. For the authors who don’t stalk our blogs early, well, they get that much less time to toy with this.


Ryder – female, human, teenager, short in height, long brown hair with blue streaks, bright green eyes, smart, sassy, tough.

Ax (short for Aximander) – male, demon (but was once human before being sent to hell). As a demon he has no permanent form, thus he possesses humans. He’s cunning, vindictive, but incredibly charismatic.


Ryder is a supernatural hunter (she hunts demons, monsters, evil baddies), but she has been possessed by the demon Ax, who has essentially bound himself to her…meaning no simple exorcism will release him. Ryder must find a way to break free of Ax while fighting for control of her own mind, body, and actions.


Ryder– as a hunter she is skilled in weapons, fighting, and supernatural knowledge/lore, but does not have “supernatural or magical” abilities of her own.

Ax– can shift/shimmer (teleport anywhere, including hell) and has enhanced/heightened abilities (strength, speed, hearing)…when possessing someone these abilities are transferred into them while Ax resides within them.


Awesome, right? We are all super excited to see what these five incredibly talented authors come up with!

The authors will have until October 18th to write their 800 word flash fiction story. And on October 19th, all five stories will be revealed on all five of the participating blogs.

And on October 19th you will have a chance to vote for your favorite idea and enter to win the grand prize.

For more details in the meantime, while you wait for the stories to be written, be sure to check out the Lie Or Die contest page, HERE.


Don’t forget to stop back on October 19th. Author Tiffany King will be posting her short story based on the winning idea here! And you’ll have a chance to vote for her, or any other of the participating author’s stories!


Author Tiffany King

Hi, my name is Tiffany King, the author of the Paranormal/Romance YA novels “Meant to Be” and “Forgotten Souls” and I’m practically a native Floridian. My family and I have been here for the last fourteen years and have gotten quite used to the mild winters and scorching summers.

I went back to school when I turned 31 and will finish up this spring. I wrote my book “Meant to Be” two years into my degree program and put it on hold while I finished school. Of course my degree has nothing to do with writing *drat* but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to keep writing.

During this process with “Meant to Be” I discovered just how much I love to write and I have many story ideas tucked away.

Places to stalk

Tiffany King on Twitter

Tiffany King on Facebook

Tiffany King’s blog


Congratulations again to Aeicha! I can’t wait to see what the author’s do with your idea and characters.

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