Random Thoughts: The Readers Have Spoken #3

Back with the third “The Readers have Spoken” post where I list a few of my favorite answers to the questions I’ve asked in my giveaways. This time around was even more difficult to choose favorites, so of course it took even longer to narrow them down.

I’ve actually had to leave some of my favorite answers off this list because otherwise it would have gone on and on and on. But I love each and every answer and they all make me smile and I’m sorry I can’t post all of them.

How it all started…

After my first few giveaways where I just asked questions to avoid spam, I decided to use the opportunity to create a post where I highlight some of the best, most creative or strangest answers I’ve received.

Some questions required a specific answer and some simply asked for the entrants opinion. Well, the readers have spoken. And here are a few of those results along with some of my favorite responses.


My Blood Bound Giveaway

Q. If you had the power to track someone by name, track by blood, see into the future, bind someone into an agreement or travel instantly between the shadows, which would you choose and why?

Most Popular Answer: By an overwhelming majority, travel instantly between the shadows is the ability of choice. Least favorite, as you might not be surprised, is tracking someone by blood.

Favorite Answer: “Bind someone into an agreement, of course! I’m a mom and teacher~ imagine how this could be used when you want children to finish homework and do chores!” (Yet another reason why binding someone can be a bad thing…or good thing depending on which side of the arrangement you’re on.)

Favorite Potential Powers Answer: “Traveling instantly between the shadows would cut down on A LOT of flying time :D” (Curious if they meant by plane of if they have a super-power.)

My Answer: Didn’t quite realize the potential the “track by name” answer had for labeling someone a stalker. So, I’d have to agree with the majority and go with instant travel just for the time-saving factor.

My Witch Eyes Giveaway

Q. What would you do if you were like Braden and had to wear sunglasses all the time?

Most Popular Answer: Singing “Sunglasses at Night” by Corey Hart or just channeling him. Seems Braden is bringing back the ’80s. The second most popular choice involved being Cyclops…though I don’t know who or what this Cyclops is.

Favorite Answer: “Check out hot guys without worry ;)” (Yes! We have a winner. And I’m sure Braden thinks that’s the only bonus, too!)

So Wrong Answer 1: “Play it like I’m blind and grope girls?” (Um…yikes!)

So Wrong Answer 2: “Pretend to be blind when I’m alone in crowded areas. Sounds really funny. :D” (So mean!)

Most Unusual Answer: “I think I would cut off my ears so that I couldn’t  wear them lmao” (Grimm’s Fairy Tale flashback!)

My Answer: I’d totally go insane. I can’t stand wearing sunglasses, or glasses of any kind, any more than I have to. And the idea of showering in shades would turn me into a total lunatic.

My Soul Thief Giveaway

Q. Who is your favorite fictional demon?

Most Popular Answer: The most popular answer is actually spoiler-y, but it’s a character from The Demon’s Lexicon trilogy by Sarah Rees Brennan. Lucas Cain got a close second.

Favorite Answer: “Harry Potter (woot woot)” (Did I totally misread this series? Changes everything!)

My Answer: Well, if the reader who said Harry Potter is correct, I’m going with Harry. If not, then I’d have to choose Avari from the Soul Screamers series. Thought I’d choose a hottie? Nope, decided to choose a demon’s demon and had to go with the one fixated on Kaylee.

My Bloodlines Signed Giveaway

Q. Which characters would you love to make a surprise appearance in this spinoff series?

Most Popular Answer: Dimitri and Rose. Are you really surprised? A close second is Christian. (Most people knew Adrian would be in the series so they didn’t choose him.)

Favorite Answer: “As if you even have to ask! Obviously Dimitri AKA sex-on-legs with super awesome ninja abilities (and long hair- *sigh* boys with long hair are the bestest)! ;)” (“sex-on-legs” LOVE IT!)

My Answer: Yeah, Dimitri and Rose. Not one or the other. I’d definitely want both to pop in and stay awhile.

My Descended by Blood Giveaway

Q. I asked the author, now it’s your turn: Which do you prefer – vampires as monsters or vampires as swoon-worthy love interests?

Most Popular Answer: Most everyone seems to want those sexy vamps. Though a few like a mix.

Favorite Answer: “Vampires as swoon-worthy love interests … Of course we girls would want a (possibly hot) vampire … Especially if he’s a [BLEEP] …” (Favorite answer. By far. Had to bleep out a word as it could be taken in the wrong way. And before you ask, I’m not telling. One interpretation could be PG, the other is definitely…not.)

My Answer: It depends. I think I’d go with mix. Lestat is by far one of my favorite vamps and he’s definitely a monster, but he’s totally swoon-worthy.

My Hades Giveaway

Q. If you had to be an angel, which type would you be – Avenging? Fallen? Guardian? Angel of Mercy? Or other? And why?

Most Popular Answer: Guardian Angel. (There are far better people out there than me. Good to know. Really good to know.)

Favorite Answer: “I would be the angel… Of death! *cough* Tod *cough* ;)” (Oh come on, you knew I had to pick this one.)

Runner Up: “Hmmm…well, since Angels are supposed to be all “angelic” I’d want to totally blast that stereotype away, so I would be an Avenging…but I wouldn’t do nobody’s bidding! *insert evil laugh here: muhahahhahahhahaha* Okay, I’m done laughing like a maniac now, and I’ll go back to chilling like a villain. ;P” (A free-agent avenging angel. Hmmm. I’m a little scared.)

Runner Up 2: “Guardian. Of course I need someone to guard my body … Among other things … *smirks*” (Sooo altruistic, LOL.)

My Answer: Tough decision. I love those avenging angels. Fearsome. Powerful. Righteous. But on the other hand, although I’m worried about some serious smiting, I love those who have fallen. Something about the hope for redemption and the tarnish on those wings is just so appealing.

My Signed Shade and Shift Giveaway

Q. Who do you think is the better boy for Aura? Why?

Most Popular Answer. Zach. This was a follow-up to the YA Crush Tourney Zach match after all. There were many “don’t knows,” but I’m hoping readers had a chance to meet both characters since then.

Favorite Answer: “I’m starting to think Zachary but Logan is worth it too. Can we mix them up? 😉 Like a drink hahaha” (Oh so tasty. This would be my beverage of choice.)

Runner Up: “ZACH! Because the kilt is totally sexy. 🙂 As they say “Keep calm and get in the potato bin.” (I don’t know who “they” are that are talking about this potato bin, but going anywhere with Zach sounds yummy.)

Favorite Series Mash-Up Answer: “JACE WAYLAND! Ha! Sorry, just had to rub it in a little bit… 😉 Obviously Zach, seeing as Logan is dead for 8590832405820386% of the time… ;” (Yes, Jace would be perfect for just about any fictional heroine.)

My Answer: Logan ATW. I mean, come on. He’s a musician. He sang that song. He broke my heart and repaired it. He broke Aura’s heart, but he fought to be with her. Zach may have the accent and the kilt, and the river scene, but he did do that one thing… And Aura and Logan had that hot and steamy scene while that river must have been pretty cold.

My Epic Fail Giveaway

Q. Have you ever had an epic fail moment?

Most Popular Answer. “Yes” and “too many to count.”

Favorite Answer: “hm.. I guess I’d have to say, I get many epic fails each time I go on book buying bans LOL like the one I’m currently on.. only 5 days and I’ve been dying to buy books.. I may make a book run tomorrow… LOL” (Yes, I know that feeling…had it during my giveaway free month.)

Runner Up: “Yes, Tiggy with Friend, Stacked skirt flew right up and I ended on the ground with my classmates laughing at me ( even the cute boys)…” (Oh noes! LOL!)

The Epic Answer: “I have had many ! One of them being when I didn’t realize the guy I liked was a twin. Let me mention I’ve known him since sixth grade and I’ve known his twin sister since eighth grade haha” (An epic fail of epic proportions!)

My Answer: Daily. Sometimes hourly. Ugh. This is my life.

My Little Women and Me Giveaway

Q. If you could get transported into the world of a favorite read, which book would it be?

Most Popular Answer. The answers were all over the place. It was awesomesaucetastic. But the world of Harry Potter and The Mortal Instruments seem to be the readers favorites. TMI mostly for the chance to meet Jace.

Favorite Answer: “I think my answer is obvious. Harry Potter! haha. I’m so boring sometimes. Although, the Sookie Stackhouse books might be interesting–I could lure Eric away from Sookie…” (Sookie sooo doesn’t deserve Eric! :P)

Favorite Sweet Answer: “The lord of the rings. I would like to be Hobbit.” (Aww, Frodo!)

My Answer: I’d have to say it would be Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series. Preferably the world in Wizard and Glass, but I’d go anywhere with Roland even if he were to sacrifice me or leave me for dead just so he could reach the tower. Yeah, meeting Roland would be a-mazing.

My All These Things I’ve Done Giveaway

Q. What would you do if coffee and chocolate were illegal?

This one was so hard to pick a favorite.Taking these two substances away from people makes them do and say crazy, crazy things.

Most Popular Answer: Some variation of dying or going crazy. Mostly dying. Someone even said they’d “shrivel up and die.” And most readers only cared about the chocolate.

Most Popular Solution: Become a smuggler.

Favorite Answer 1: “Curl into a fetal position and cry, cry, cry.” (Yep. That would be me.)

Favorite Answer 2: “I think that would make me a criminal, cause I can’t live without coffee and chocolate – I. NEED. ME. MY. CHOCO & Coffee 😀 ” (Yeah, I’d turn to a life of crime if there were no coffee. Or I’d just take lots of naps.)

My Answer: As much as I looove chocolate, I couldn’t live without coffee. How would I blog? You think I can get less than three hours sleep a night if it weren’t for coffee? No ways.

My If I Die Giveaway

Q. Would you take a job as a reaper if it meant you could be immortal?

Most Popular Answer: No.

Favorite Answer: “HECK YES! I hate when people always say that they would never be immortal because they would see all of their family and loved ones die. I mean yes, it would be sad and all but… YOU GET TO LIVE FOREVER! And Wendy from Peter Pan choosing not to stay with Peter in Neverland? Dumbest decision ever.” (IKR about Wendy. Seriously needed someone to shake some sense into her.)

Runner Up: “depends on the boss” (So true.)

Favorite Jaded Answer: “If it meant that I’d spend time with Tod, than yes! ;)” (My sentiments exactly!)

My Answer: If it could mean that I’d get to hang out with Tod, heck yeah. Levi creeps me out a little, but Tod is all sorts of awesome. I’m not big on immortality, but there are ways around that as a reaper, so I’d certainly do it for awhile. Though I think I’d get really bored with immortality. Forever is a loooong time. But, the idea of reaping doesn’t totally freak me out. There are a lot worse jobs, like exterminators, clowns, a children’s party entertainer.

My Dreamland Giveaway

Q. If you could visit any book character’s dreams, who would you choose?

Wow there were so many different answers! Rose, Ash, Ren, Katniss, Dumbledore, et al.

Most Popular Answer: Jace Wayland of TMI. Peeta was the runner up.

Favorite Answer: “Dimitri from Vampire Academy When he is changed!!!!” (Ah, but for the good or for the bad? And if we’re talking bad, ooooh.)

My Answer: Once again I have to say Roland from The Dark Tower series. When he dreams of wizards and Merlin and his own time before his search for the tower ever began, that would be such a wonderful dream to be a part of. Those dark dreams caused by letting down his friends and dreams for all those he lost along the way would be super scary, but way exciting to be a part of or just to watch.

I’d never pick Jace. I’d be too afraid to find out what he was really dreaming about half the time, like his time with Morgenstern… *shudders.* I’d hope he’d be dreaming about Clary, but if he wasn’t…Grrrr.

My Liesl & Po Giveaway

Q. If you’ve read Delirium, what do you think of that ending?

Most Popular Answer: Some iteration of “I cried my eyes out” and “cannot wait for Pandemonium” are the top two answers. (I agree wholeheartedly with both!)

Favorite Answer: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [BLEEP]! How could you rip our hearts out and stomp on them Lauren? Yep, that pretty much sums up my thoughts. ;)” (Had to bleep a little on this because of spoilers! Also the reason why I couldn’t post another answer as a runner up.

Runner Up: “It is absolutely heartbreaking. I honestly bawled my eyes out.” (Totally agree with this one too. After the screaming I was so there.)

My Answer: I screamed out loud when I read that ending. I knew it was coming, but I couldn’t help but be shocked and heartbroken and all sorts of tortured. It was probably one of my favorite torturous endings in a book, aside from…you guessed it…Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series ending put-me-on-the-rack, stick bamboo shoots under my nails, leave me hanging by a fingernail over a cliff kind of ending.But Delirium ranks right up there. At least we have a few more books…when will Pandemonium be available!? Arrrgh….

My Soul Screamers Quickie Giveaway

Q. Have you read any of the books in the series yet? If so, what’s your favorite so far?

NOTE: This question was asked prior to If I Die’s release. Also, it’s a good thing with the name changes, as many readers just recall the books by number in the series versus name, at least until MSTS.

Most Popular Answer: My Soul to Take. A close send was My Soul to Steal. However, several readers had only read the first couple of books, or hadn’t yet read the series at all.

Favorite Answer: “Um…. I love them all! Except for My Soul To Steal. Got so pissed at Nash. :P” (I hear that!)

Made Me Smile Answer: “My Favorite would be between My Soul to Keep it was more shocking and I loved when Tod punched Nash” (Yesssss! Go Tod!)

My Answer: Until I read If I Die, which I did before this giveaway, I would have said the first book, My Soul to Take. I fell in love with the new characters, especially Nash, and the new world. While I loved the roller coaster ride of each book since, and thought the story got better and better, first books always tend to be my first loves. That is until If I Die, which is my absolute favorite of the series.

My Signed Enthralled Giveaway

Q. Which author’s story are you most excited to read in Enthralled?

Most Popular Answer: Jeri Smith-Ready won by a vote. In second place is Rachel Vincent and third place is Rachel Caine. The fourth place vote came in for “all” of the stories.

Favorite Answer: “I can only pick 1?! Rachel Caine, Kelley Armstrong and Melissa Marr” (Ha! It’s too tough to choose just one, isn’t it!?)

My Answer: I have to say Rachel Vincent’s story. Can’t help it! Jeri Smith-Ready’s story is a very, very close second and… oh who am I kidding, I’m dying to read them all!

My Shatter Me Giveaway

Q. Have you ever traded for or bought more than one copy of a book you were dying to read? Which one?

Most Popular Answer: Seems to be the Twilight series. Harry Potter is another multi-buy.

Favorite Answer: “Yes! Most recently Wildefire by Karsten Knight…it happens…” (Yes it does! Happened to me. Oh that Karsten Knight and his kick-a** book!)

Another Favorite: “Oh yes. I have done that MANY times (A) Like with the Unbecoming of Mara Dyer. Pre-ordered 3 different copies, and have won 2 ARC’s (A) Have also pre-ordered three different copies of Clockwork Prince. Also have many copies of Hunger Games and Mortal Instruments series ….” (Another serial over-buyer! <3333)

Yet Another Favorite: “Hmmmm… Does 3 copies of the Girl in the Steep Corset count? :P” (Um, yeah it does! :D)

And Another Favorite: “I’ve bought multipule copies of the Twilight series (one to read, box set, movie cover editions, and special leather binded Twilight) and I guess i thought one looked so good I accidently bought it too separate times (sadly I still haven’t gotten to finish it)” (I’ve done that too!)

Just One More: “Divergent- I went crazy trying to get a copy of this book. Sadly, now that it sits on my bookshlef, I still havent had time to pick it up 🙁 *lowers head in shame*….. so many books, so little time!)” (I feel your pain and your shame!)

My Answer: I’ve done this many, many times. But Shatter Me – the book in this giveaway – is the book I’ve ended up with five copies of, mostly due to over-trades. So,yeah, I’m a serial over-acquirer.


Clearly I host too many giveaways. Must remedy that. Or at least stop asking questions so that I don’t feel so ashamed for having too many…. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do!

As always, thanks to all the readers and their amazing answers. Sorry I couldn’t post them all!

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