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Today’s topic for Book Blogger Appreciation Week is “Community.”

There are so many amazing bloggers that I have met since I started up my blog last year that make me truly feel a part of this community. If I had to list them all, this post would be quite long, and so I decided to choose just five very different blogs to spotlight today. (But because I just couldn’t quite narrow the list down to five and still have room to include a new blog that has had an impact on me, I added them as my plus one.)

While they may not have been one of the very first blogs I discovered – I believe The Story Siren was the first – they are the blogs that either inspire me, entertain me, or really make me feel that I am a part of this community.

The Blog That Inspires Me


Britney and Farrah of I Eat Words are two truly inspirational bloggers. I discovered their blog shortly after I started blogging in early 2011 and have been an avid follower ever since.

Both bloggers have such a passion for the books they read, make some of the best vlogs I watch, but they also give back. Last spring they asked for charitable donations for Books for Kids and they were able to raise money and give the gift of reading to sick children at two local children’s hospitals.

Why they inspire me? Their blog is beautiful. Their reviews are insightful. Their vlogs are entertaining. They are two super nice bloggers.

The Blog That Gives Back

Isalys and Vanessa of Book Soulmates are two amazing bloggers that give back to the blogging community. I feel like I’ve known about their blog forever and find myself silently stalking their posts regularly.

This past spring, I believe it was, they came up with this wonderful idea called “Random Acts of Kindness,” in which bloggers could sign up for this monthly feature and randomly give books to other bloggers. Just because.

They also have another great feature entitled Grammar 101, which is both funny and helpful and I can’t help getting paranoid each and every time I read it as to just how poor my grammar truly is.

Why they inspire me? They think about the blogging community and not just their own blog. Their blog is informative. Their reviews are from the heart. They are also super nice.

The Friendliest Bloggers

Jaime and Patricia of Two Chicks on Books are yet another pair of extremely nice bloggers who have made me feel a part of the community. In fact, Jaime was the very first blogger I developed a friendship with in the community.

Both Jaime and Patricia – perhaps Jaime just a bit more – can be found on Twitter sharing bookish news, talking to authors and other bloggers, helping to spread the word to their followers about other blogger’s posts and information. Jaime is my RT heroine on Twitter!

But their being super nice isn’t the only reason I stalk their blog each day. It’s for their reviews. Which are not only non-spoiler-y, but are incredible teases. And I typically finding myself either buying the books if I don’t already own them, or moving those books up higher in my TBR pile if I do.

Why they inspire me? They are what makes blogging feel like a community. Their reviews are genuine, in their own voice, and always make me smile. They are the two nicest, most helpful bloggers I have ever met.

The Blogger I Aspire To Be

Avery of Avery’s Book (and Other Fun Stuff) Nook is a truly inspirational blogger. The amount of books she reads and reviews on her blog puts me to shame. Her blog is really what book blogging is all about – sharing her thoughts on books. And she has plenty to share.

She is incredibly nice and isn’t just a silent stalker. She will actually leave comments to let it be known that she was there and has actually read the post she comments on. How she has time to do this seeing the amount of books she reads and reviews? I haven’t a clue.

Why she inspires me? She is the avid reader I long to be. She’ll easily reach the goal of books read this year that I set for myself and have no chance of reaching. Her reviews always give me a different perspective on the books I’ve read, and are incredibly informative about the books I haven’t.

The Blog and Blogger of Awesome

Pam of is to me what this community is all about. She is the blogger in the know. The one with her finger on the pulse of this community. She shares what she knows and keeps my Twitter timeline chock full of great information, links to items of interest that I might never have otherwise come across, and is a great source for just what is happening in this community. And she is never afraid to speak her mind.

She isn’t just a part of this community, she adds to it. And is one of the bloggers who I believe has helped shape the community into what it is today.

But she isn’t just a driving force in the community. She is also a reviewer. And her reviews are spectacular. Incredibly informative and the ones I rely on the most when I’m on the fence about a book. I trust her opinion to be honest and fair and show both positives and negatives about the books she reviews.

Why she inspires me? Because she is awesome. She is the blogger that does everything. She is a reader, a writer, a blogger, a reviewer, a supporter of independent bookstores, an opinion leader, a leader of this community and a wife and mother. And she has a great sense of humor. And, while I don’t know her very well, because she does so completely intimidate me, she seems very nice.


And so here is my plus one…

I couldn’t quite end my list at just five blogs. Because there was one blog I discovered early this summer that really made me feel part of the blogging community, and that is the YA Sisterhood‘s blog.

They were a fairly new blog when I heard on Twitter of an event they were putting together called the YA Crush Tourney. It was something I don’t think I ever would have thought of participating in but for the fact that it was after one a.m. and I probably wasn’t quite thinking about all it might entail.

But it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

This event pulled together authors and bloggers alike and really let me see just how much of a community YA is. Everyone was just so incredibly nice and there was hardly any name calling. I met a ton of new bloggers during the event, discovered a few new books to read, and had a chance to interact with some of my favorite authors in a way that I never otherwise would have.

They are planning on making the event annual, and also having a few other tournaments throughout the year. I can’t imagine all the work they had to put into this event, but it paid off. And while I’m still recovering over a month later, this is an annual event that I will not miss.

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