Author Interview + Giveaway: Angeline Kace

Today as part of the Descended by Blood tour, Angeline Kace, author of the newly released Descended by Blood, has stopped by to answer a few…or more…questions. And as I am a huge fan of all things vampire, it was great to come up with just a few fun vampire-related questions to ask the author that she could really sink her teeth into. (Pun definitely intended.)

For today’s tour stop, there is also a giveaway, which is way, way, down there, below the interview. But you won’t want to miss what this author has to say.

Q. According to your bio you work full-time and go to school. How do you manage to find the time to sit down to write one book let alone a planned trilogy?

It has been very difficult for me. I go to work, go to school, come home, and either have homework to do or try to get in a bit of writing before bed. Sometimes, the homework gets pushed aside for the writing, and then I have to get up at three in the morning to get it done. I have become a pro at doing the most minimal work possible to still get an A. And my weekends pretty much consist of writing marathons. But I love to write, and it’s something I’m passionate about, so I’ll always find time to do it.

Q. It also mentioned that a certain series about Sparkly Vamps got you to start reading. I have to admit that was the series that got me into young adult. What was it about that series that got you excited about reading? And did you choose a “Team”?

My idea of reading before I read Twilight was to read enough of a book to sort of know what I was talking about on book reports. Terrible. I know. But when I read Twilight, my mind opened up, and I craved the next chapter, the next page, the next line. I couldn’t get enough. When I read Eclipse, I stayed up all night reading it, hopped in the shower, went to work then school, and came home to read more.

So, when I finished Breaking Dawn, I NEEDED more. More vampires. More words. I read over 100 books that first year. I have a problem with balancing things in moderation, and reading became a HUGE addiction to me! It was nuts. When I wasn’t at work, school, or sleeping, I was reading. It was a drug for me.

Of course I chose a team. Team Edward all the way. New Moon was very hard for me because I couldn’t wait for him to come back. I guess you could say I was very emotionally invested in those books. lol

Q. Was reading this series the reason you wanted to become a writer or had you always wanted to write? Did this series just give you the push to start? Did it influence your decision to write paranormal young adult books?

It’s weird because I have always had this idea in the back of my mind that I would someday write a book. I never really thought about it, though, and just figured it would be a book about my life that would be written someday, but I never really did any writing. I used to write poetry in junior high. I thought it was pretty good, too. I was all emo and emotional, and that was when I had my first love, so it was prime for poetry, I guess.

But what really got me writing was a comment that Stephanie Meyer made on her blog. She said that she writes because she gets that same high you get when you read a good book. What!? You tell an addict that there’s a new brand in town and they jump all over it! So, I did. And I started to write a story from a dream that I had one night. I also started to research how I would get the book published so others could read it. When I read how incredibly difficult it was to get an agent, let alone a deal with a publisher, I put the book aside, thinking it was a dream I’d never achieve.

I’ve read a lot more adult paranormal than I have young adult, but I chose this genre because I was new at this and really didn’t feel comfortable writing those steamy scenes most adult readers have come to expect with the genre. Plus, I wanted to appeal to more readers, and hopefully help young adults catch the reading bug a bit earlier in life. Books are magical, and I wish I’d found that magic earlier in life.

Q. In your book, Descended by Blood, which I can’t wait to read, there are two very yummy boys – Jaren and Mirko. For those of us who haven’t yet met them, can you tell us a little bit more about them? And as their creator, did you choose a “Team”? (You don’t have to answer who, just whether or not you did.) [Note: I’ve since met both boys and read Descended by Blood]

Jaren is your All-American sweetheart. He’s the star lacrosse player and has the physique to prove it. He’s more subtle in his advances, but when he really cares for a girl, he’s willing to go all out on the romantic stuff.

Mirko is a troublemaker. All the way. He likes to make other people squirm. And he’s cocky as any hot, 300 year old vampire could be. He’s definitely cruder than Jaren is. He has dark hair and dark eyes with sharp features.

Jaren is more of a hand holding type guy, and Mirko is the type who will show his appreciation by telling you that you have a nice butt.

Ugh! It’s hard for me to say whose team I’m on. When I’m in one guy’s head, I’m so team him. But then when I’m in the other guy’s head, I’m all team him. They’re so different from each other that Jaren meets that part of me that wants roses and love notes, while Mirko’s the boy you can’t help but want to tame.

Q. Do you see yourself continuing to write in this genre beyond the trilogy or would you consider writing contemporary young adult fiction or other genre? Or is there just something about the world’s you can create in a paranormal story that appeals to you?

I’m pretty much a paranormal gal through and through. I love it! There’s just something that excites me about throwing in a touch of vamp or wolf that I can’t get away from.

Q. Many authors, especially those who write in the paranormal genre, in addition to writing books for young adults also write books aimed at an adult audience. I know it’s still early in your writing career, but is this something you’d consider doing or are you strictly YA?

I have another series planned for young adults after The Vampire Born Trilogy. I already have the cover for the first book in that series (I did mention I have a problem with moderation, right? Well, book covers is one of those areas I go a little crazy on).

I also have an idea for a young adult series that is post-apocalyptic or dystopian. I don’t have it fully fleshed out yet, so I’m not sure where it lies, but I know it will be a blast to write. I’m also going to add here that I have a pet peeve about people calling post-apocalyptic stories dystopian. There is a difference. Post-apocalyptic is when the world as civilization has known it ends, and they’re scrambling to put it back together. Dystopian is when the society is ALREADY established. *end rant*

But back to your question, I will end up writing adult eventually. I’m just having too much fun with YA right now. 😉

Q. You also mentioned a love for vampires, werewolves and zombies. Well, vampires can have that whole gorgeous undead, immortal thing going for them. Werewolves are often portrayed as fiery tempered, passionate and unpredictable. But what, might I ask, do you find appealing about the zombie? Is it the eau du decay? The thirst for brains?

I like my vampires and werewolves to be swoon-worthy. So, when I want something a bit more on the scary side of paranormal, zombies fill that hole. Zombies don’t really appeal to me as love interests, but as an interesting prop to creating an intense world and villain in a story.

Q. Have you thought beyond the trilogy to what you might want to write about next? Are zombies on the menu?

Hahah! No, zombies are not on the menu. I did mention the series I already have the cover for, and that’s the one that’s next. I can’t really say much about it because it is something that is original in the genre (which is freaking HARD to do), and I’d like to keep it that way 😉 But I will say, it pretty much rocks!

Q. As a new author, what would you say is your favorite way of communicating with other authors, bloggers and readers? Facebook? Twitter? On your blog? How important do you find it to be connected with contemporaries, reviewers, readers and fans?

Hmm, each media platform has its purpose. But I would have to say that Twitter is my favorite! The reach you have to connect with people is simply incredible. And without it, I would have a difficult time finding an audience.

Q. How much time each day do you spend writing? How much time would you like to spend?

My time each day spent on writing really varies. On days when I have work and school, I may not get any writing done. On the weekends, I could go through a 12 hour marathon of writing.

I really would like to be able to write every day, all day.

Q. I know that writing can become all-consuming. Do you find that your characters and your story invade your non-writing time?

Yes! My characters are with me aaaallll the time! I keep an app on my phone to record ideas and conversations when they strike. Some of the best lines and scenes have come to me when I’m driving. Something about my mind going into that state between conscious and unconscious (because really, sometimes you get from point A to point B without thinking about it!) causes my characters and stories to come alive in a way that’s harder to reach at other times. I have recordings saved for scenes in book 2 and book 3.

There are also times at work when a conversation will happen in my head and I have to quickly write it in a doc so I don’t lose it. Then, there are times when I’m in the shower and a twist to a story will come to me, as well as the characters’ reactions, so I have to hurry and wash the conditioner out of my hair and run to the phone recorder!

The Fun Stuff

Q. Which do you prefer – vampires as monsters or vampires as swoon-worthy love interests?

Totally vampires as swoon-worthy love interests. I don’t want a vampire that I fear to be around, I want one that makes me wish I was a part of that world!

Q. What do you believe – werewolves can be tamed or a werewolf’s nature is just too unpredictable to make them the ideal love interest?

If the werewolves are too beastly to be tamed, that would take all the fun out if it, right? I mean, every gal wants to tame her fellow; beast, or high school crush 😉

Q. Which are your favorites – vampires as daywalkers or vampires confined to the night?

Hmm, this one is a tough one for me. I’ve read many books where I have liked both, and then many books that I thought it was done poorly. I guess I’d have to say daywalkers, since that’s the setup in Descended by Blood (Hey, I’m writing about my ideal world, right?). 😉

Q. Your vampire beverage of choice – synthetic, blood-bank, animal, or straight from the vein?

Hahaha! Awesome! I would have to say straight from the vein. I like my meat to be pretty raw, and feel that if you make a steak right, you don’t need any steak sauce. So, I guess I’m already a little partial to the bloody juices (that sounds kinda gross now that I think about it).

Q. How many is too many – Vampires in a coven? Wolves in a pack? Zombies in an apocalypse?

Definitely zombies in an apocalypse. The scariest zombie movie I have seen is Quarantine. That’s what I imagine it would be like, and I would soo never want to have to deal with that in real life.

If it did really happen, I would be very dependent on my hubs to get me through it. He is the closest thing to a real-life vampire that I have even known. His hearing and eye sight are above normal. He heals like a superhero, his bones are harder than normal, and his instincts are beyond what any normal human being should be born with. You know those people in those zombie movies that are just so hard core, you know they are going to get the group of idiots to safety? Well, hubs is THAT dude. But hotter! 😉

Thank you so much for hosting me, Rachel! This interview has been too much fun. And that along with my problem of lack of moderation have probably created a beast of an interview you will be pulling your hair out to modify (Sorry. I love you. Please ask me back.).


You are always welcome back – or if you’d like to send Mirko over for an interview, I’m sure I could think up a few questions to ask him.

And thank you so much for including me as one of the stops on your tour. It was just so much fun coming up with all those questions to ask. I am excited to see what’s up next on tour and plan on visiting each of the participating blogs.

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