Desert Island Books

This week The YA Sisterhood blog has asked a few of us bloggers if we’d like to play Desert Island Books. And of course I couldn’t say no!

The rules of the game are simple – By some strange twist of fate you know in advance that you’re going to be trapped on a desert island. You’re allowed to take a bunch of stuff with you – in this instance books – and nothing else.

Thankfully the rulemakers of this game have allowed us to choose five adult and five young adult books or series to bring with us. (I’m so glad they said a series counts as one book or I think I would have fought my way off that island after about a week.)

So, here are my picks, in no particular order. And don’t judge me too harshly for not picking the classics – after all, there aren’t too many classics with books in a series.

And all my favorite debut YA authors please understand, I am going for quality AND quantity, so until that third book in your series is published I can’t take all of you with me.

My Five Adult Books/Series

The Dark Tower series by Stephen King

(my favorite series of all time)

The Long Walk by Richard Bachman a.k.a. Stephen King

(I’ve read this at least seven times and could read it a million times more)

Paint It Black by Janet Fitch

(a book that will remind me that things could be a lot worse than being stuck on an island)

The Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series by Charlaine Harris

(the longest series I know that I adore – why not grab as many books as possible)

Unbound series by Rachel Vincent

(currently my favorite new adult book and if I’m island-bound I’m hoping book 2 will be out )

…and yes, the Unbound series has officially knocked Ken Grimwood’s Replay off the list!

My Five Young Adult Books/Series

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

(do you really expect me to be stranded on and island without Clary and Jace?)

The Soul Screamers series by Rachel Vincent

(I wasn’t Tod’s advocate for no reason. But If I Die better be released or I’m so not going)

The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead

(Rose, Dimitri – hello?!? have you met me before? – “Love fades. Mine has.” Um, yeah…)

The Grace series by S.L. Naeole

(I can’t head to an island without having read Grace of Day – plus each book is super long with tons to read)

My Blood Approves series by Amanda Hocking

(so I can keep re-reading in the hopes that things turn out differently for Peter)

…so, how many people want to shoot me for not bringing the Harry Potter books? And I can’t know that I’d want to bring the Hunger Games trilogy since I haven’t actually read them yet.

In three years time, this list will look very different – by then I’ll have read all three books by Karsten Knight, Leah Clifford, Scott Tracey, Josephine Angelini, Jeri Smith-Ready, Amy Plum,  and goodness knows what else by Melissa Marr, Carrie Jones, Lisa McMann… Not liking this island game so much anymore.

But if you want to check out who else is playing this week, be sure to stop by…

…to see just what books make it to the island.

(All images link to the books on Goodreads if you want to add any to your TBR lists.)

What books would you bring to the island?

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