Random Thoughts: The Readers Have Spoken #2

It’s finally back. These posts actually take a huge amount of time to set up and go through all the answers to choose my favorites. Apparently I ask a lot of questions and do a lot of giveaways.

This will be my second “The Readers have Spoken” post where I list a few of my favorite answers to the questions I’ve asked in my giveaways. I actually have a lot of favorites this time around, so narrowing down the selections was incredibly difficult.

After my first few giveaways where I just asked questions to avoid spam, I decided to use the opportunity to create a post where I highlight some of the best, most creative or strangest answers I’ve received.

Some questions required a specific answer and some simply asked for the entrants opinion. Well, the readers have spoken. And here are a few of those results along with some of my favorite responses.


My Starcrossed Giveaway

Q. Do you believe in fate?

Favorite Answer: “When it suits me.”

Favorite Sweet Answer: “yes, I do – my hubs and little boy are proof enough for me :)” (Oh my gosh this is so sweet!)

My Answer: I suppose I like the idea of destiny rather than fate. Fate seems so dark, and destiny sounds so much more romantic. But I do believe things are fated. I just don’t believe fate means things are set in stone.

My Forever Giveaway

Q. If you could shift into a wolf in winter would you want to? Why?

Favorite Answer: “Nope–I like my food cooked. I like my showers warm. I like clothes, not fur. But I do bite, so…” (The perfect answer!)

Runner Up 1: “I would see if my tongue stuck to myself when I licked myself, as any wolf would.” (Ahh…the mind of the wolf, LOL!)

Runner Up 2: “Totes! I could stalk people and then record their whereabouts for future blackmailing…hehe. I’m evil…” (Yes, definitely evil!)

Most Unusual Answer: “YES YES YES, why would I pass up the chance to sniff butts and not be called a freak for it!” (o-kay… no comment.)

My Answer: No way. Doggie breath is bad enough, wolf breath must be so much worse. So, no. Not for me. Even if I could be the lone wolf – I so don’t do packs – I think I’d drive myself crazy with all the howling, snarling and panting.

My The Near Witch Giveaway

Q. If you could cast a spell, what would it be?

I had a lot of favorites, so am including quite a few here.

Surprisingly the most popular spell was the Avada Kedavra from Harry Potter…hmmmm. Who’s entering my giveaways? *am frightened.* The second most popular was Accio, also from Harry Potter.

Favorite Practical Answer: “Volume control on my son : )” (Love it! I think all mom’s would love this spell.)

Favorite Answer I Wish Would Come True: “My spell will be stop the violence on my city.” (That would be wonderful.)

Favorite Answer: “To make Jace Wayland real.” (*sigh*)

Answer that Made Me Laugh: “My Cat. I want a lovely and nice cat because mine is very bad.” (Aw, your poor cat.)

Answer that Made Me Smile: “I would cast a spell to make sparkly unicorns readily available for anyone who wanted one!” (hehehe)

My Answer: I’m totally afraid of spell-casting. Bad things always seem to happen to spell-casters. But if I had to cast one, I would totally love to be able to cast one on myself to make me forget just one or two things I might have done.

My Illusions Giveaway

Q. Team David or Team Tamani?

A. Tamani gets the win with 59% of the vote. David came in at 41%.

Favorite Answer: “As if you even have to ask… Tamani of course! PS. People actually support David? Crazy! ;).” (Apparently 41% of the entrants are Team David. Who knew?)

My Answer: Team Tamani ATW. With every book I keep hoping that something happens to David. Hey, I didn’t say something bad! Just…something. He may be loyal and nice, but he’s no Tamani.

My Buzzed Book Giveaway

Q. What is your favorite part about blogging?

Most Popular Answer: Meeting other bloggers/Being a part of the community.

Second Most Popular Answer: Sharing thoughts and talking about books with other like-minded people.

Favorite Answer: “Hearing that someone bought a book because of my review.”

My Answer: I love to talk about books with others who are just as passionate as I am. I like being a part of the book blogging community, which at this time last year I didn’t even realize existed. I love interacting with authors and discovering new books.

My Morganville Vampires Giveaway

Q. Which Morganville cover is your favorite?

A. By an overwhelming majority, Kiss of Death was the favorite cover. A not-so-close second was Ghost Town.

My Answer: I totally agree with Kiss of Death for the same reason many listed – the pink hair is so cool. I do love Bite Club, though, because it’s purple.

My Pick a Debut Book Giveaway

Q. How has your Armchair BEA experience been so far?

A. The general consensus was that it was “awesome” or “amazing” or “fun” or “great.” And many said that they loved discovering new blogs/meeting new bloggers. Only a few people still wished they were in NYC at the event at Javits.

My Answer: I thought it was an amazing event and had a fantastic experience. I loved the thought-provoking posts that the hosts of the event came up with and loved the chance to win prizes. Even though I didn’t get to go to New York City, I did feel like I was still a part of something that involved this wonderful community of bloggers, authors and readers.

My Soul Screamers Solstice Giveaway

Q. Would you rather be a Bean Side, a Mara, or a Reaper? (If people hadn’t read the series, I asked them to answer “Not a Clue”)

A. About 1/3 of the contestant participants said “Not a Clue.” Of those that chose, Reaper was the favorite by a small margin over Bean Sidhe. (Reaper 45%, Bean Sidhe 42%, Mara 13%)

My Answer: You’d think I’d say Reaper because I love Tod. But I’d have to say Mara. It seems like the coolest power, I’m not too concerned about the lack of friends I’d have if I was one, and being someone’s worst nightmare doesn’t sound too bad. It certainly seems really, really interesting. No way would I want to be a bean sidhe. If there wasn’t a male bean sidhe around, I’d just really sound like some crazy, wailing girl. And as much as I love that Reaper, hanging out at hospitals, in retirement homes and at morgues is not how I’d want to spend my eternity. Even part of it.

My Pick an Upcoming Debut Book Giveaway

Q. What is your favorite way to connect with other bloggers?

A. The overwhelming majority of answers said Twitter. The second most popular way was through comments on the blogs. There were a few mentions of Goodreads and Facebook, but so few they didn’t factor.

My Answer: I can’t pick. Really. I love connecting with bloggers (and readers) everywhere. I think I connect more with bloggers on their blogs and Twitter and I connect more with readers on my blog and on Facebook. Sort of a nice balance. I just find that I’m still a bit overwhelmed by Twitter so I tend to share my posts and chat with people I know rather than jump into random conversations. I’m still Twitter-shy.


Okay, so I’ve been saving the best for last, as this giveaway gave me some of my favorite answers. And some of those answers are really, really long….

My Wildefire Giveaway

Q. What would you do if you found out you were a volcano goddess?

The Bookish A. “Be terrified of burning my books, of course!”

—Yes, that would be a major downside of being a volcano goddess.

The Series Mash-Up A. “Melt Prince Ash’s (Iron Fey) icey heart and make him fall for me? :P”

—Now that would be the perfect use of powers. I’m liking the idea more and more.

The Tasty A. “Hahahaha! I’d toast some s’mores over my thighs!”

—A terrifically yummy and totally practical use for those powers. And interestingly quite a few people like the s’mores idea, but no one else chose to make thigh-s’mores!

The Left Me Hanging A. “I’ll help people with….”

—That could go so many, many ways. LOL!

The Bad Breakup A. “Spew lava all over my ex. HAHA…erm…Just kidding.”

—One of the many hazards of dating a volcano goddess. BEWARE!

The Who Are You People? A. “My parents would have a lot of explaining to do!”

—Seriously! This is something they’d probably want to mention, oh, I don’t know, before you accidentally burned down the house.

The I Don’t Want to Be There When You Find Out A. “I would seriously pee on myself out of excitement.”

—Yeah, it would be a total shock! In good and possibly really bad ways. I think I’d want to hear it from you via text message if you got that excited, though.

The Ambitiously Unambitious A. “make a new island for myself or burn stuff.”

—Talk about opposite ends of the spectrum. Creation and destruction. Kinda awesome. One day build an island, the next day, well, not so ambitious… burn stuff. Love it!

The Confident A. “I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve always known I’m pretty hot!”

—Haha! Clever answer. Love the play on “hot.” Smart and gorgeous? Well you must be a volcano goddess!

The Civilized A: “probably something boring like re heat my cup of tea when it goes cold!!”

—Ah the simple pleasures. The tea-heating volcano goddess!

The Sexy A. “experiment with a water god – could we defy the odds? xD”

—Oooh, I hope so. Mixing fire and water can produce some pretty hot steam! Good luck!

The Scientific A. “Try and uplift all of the volcanic debris off of Pompeii so that archaeologists could get a better idea of how its people lived before their deaths etc. I figure that if they can rain down volcanic debris, they can pick it back up, right? ;)”

—That would be cool! But of course you say “they,” but you, as the volcano goddess, would be doing all the heavy lifting. Good luck! I would love to discover Pompeii! Make it happen goddess!

The Playing with Fire A. “I have no idea what being a Volcano god entails, but I would definitely try jumping into a volcano 🙂 hopefully I’m not roasted alive.”

—Oh that’s scary! There is really no takes-y backs-y on that one! And I don’t think volcano gods have nine lives. Maybe dip a toe or finger in first? A little pain is better than a world of hurt if you’re not immune to the volcano’s fiery lava.

The Devil-May-Care A. “I would dance at the edge of the volcano while it erupted.”

—Sounds a little “Nero fiddled while Rome burned.” I can totally envision it!

The Kindly Destructive A. “Blow up an abandoned island!! (Yes, I’m weird :P)”

—Well at least you said abandoned. Odd, maybe, cruel, no.

The Celebrity A. “Hmm I would walk around saying ‘That’s Hot’ Like Paris Hilton!’

—And if people started talking smack you could just fry them!

The Evilly Indecisive A. “Blow up people I didn’t like… No, don’t worry I’m not that evil! :L I have no idea what I would do… Panic, probably ;)”

—You know what they say about the first thought that springs to mind… Perhaps you’d panic and blow people up! I’ll definitely be sure not to be around when/if you’re expecting some shocking news!

The Selfless A: “Easy answer, I’d make my son able to walk again.”

—If I had the power, I would too.

The Longest A. (Slightly redacted for language) “First, I’d scream a stream of cuss words, cause you know, cuss words just make everything (feelings, emotions) that much more effective, and then I’ll most likely hyperventilate until I throw up. AND THEN, I’ll walk around like a dumb dork saying, ‘WTF! WTF! WTF! IS THIS REALLY TRUE?!’ And by the sound of my reaction, you’d think I was freaking out, BUT then I’ll say, ‘F*** YEAH! I’m a Volcano goddess – BOW DOWN b**********s!’ | SO sorry for the cuss words; if you really do end up posting this you have my permission to edit them out….but wait, the effect of my false anger turned excitement won’t come through. Oh well, if you must. LOL | THIS was fun.”

—You said it! That’s probably the most honest response of them all. Love it! That answer is so full of win!


Well, the readers have spoken and that’s what they had to say… for now. I will begin asking questions again with a few of my upcoming giveaways, so stay tuned.

And thank you to all the readers who had some amazing answers. Sorry I couldn’t post them all!

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