Random Thoughts: A Friendly Reminder

One thing I discovered over the short span of my blogging career is that things are not always easy. I had the idea that this would be a fun hobby when I started out, but it’s turned into something that I take quite seriously. Maybe a little too seriously.

Which is why I opted to join in the fun with the YA Crush Tourney hosted by The YA Sisterhood blog. Of course, I think I was a little intense with my participation in that event, too, thus defeating my purpose for joining it in the first place. Intensity or not, I still had a whole lot of fun. And plan on continuing to show support for my favorite characters.

But, sometimes reading a book, writing a review, or coming up with something clever to say on the blog is really challenging. Reading according to a schedule is definitely something that takes time to get used to. Reading books that aren’t necessarily ones you’re in the mood to read at that very moment can be a tough hurdle to overcome, as is reading books when you’d rather be watching television, sleeping, playing video games…living your life away from the computer.

And trying to immediately come up with thoughts on a book you’ve just finished reading can result in a lot of head-meets-desk until the words start to flow.

With all the effort involved in maintaining our blogs, building our viewership and readership – if that’s the intention – and establishing ourselves as a presence in the community, we always have to keep reminding ourselves just why we do it.

Because we don’t have to do it. No one is holding a gun to our heads and we won’t lose our source of income if we decided to stop blogging. I haven’t yet met the book blogger who earns their living from their blogs.

So, why do we do it? There can be any number of reasons. They can be big or small, they can make sense to everyone or just to us. But whatever these reasons are, it’s always good to remind ourselves every once in a while why we do it. Because when things do get tough, and it doesn’t seem worth the hassle, we can just give ourselves a friendly reminder to help get over the hump.

With all the drama last month, giving myself a reminder of just why I was doing this really helped me get back on track. Maybe not immediately, but I kept giving myself a reminder and eventually it took.

My Friendly Reminder

Why do I blog?

1. I want to share my thoughts on the books I love with others who love them as much as I do.

2. I want to be a part of a community of readers, writers and publishers who are as passionate about books as I am and who are willing to share their experiences and expertise.

 3. I want a front row seat for any news about upcoming books and the authors behind the books.

4. I want to have something that I can call my own, because everything else is shared.

5. I want to have a creative outlet, and blogging about books is the best way for me to express my creativity.

6. I want to create something that I’m proud of and that my friends and family are proud of me for.

7. I want to do something that makes me happy, and blogging does that, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

8. I want to challenge myself. And blogging is definitely challenging.

9. I want to discover authors and books that I might not ever have known about.

10. I blog because I love having the opportunity to read books in advance of release.

11. I blog because there’s no way I could give up Twitter now that I’ve finally gotten fairly used to it. It’s seriously addictive.

12. I blog because I love to read. And because I love to write. Blogging is just the perfect mix of both.

13. I blog because I’ve already put in a lot of time, effort and love into my blog and I want it to succeed.

14. I blog because I love it. Period. Full stop. End of story.

It usually helps long before I reach the end of the list, but it depends on how bad a day I’m having. And having something there to remind me of why I do what I do definitely keeps me focused – even when I’m so tired I can’t see straight. Like now…after spending the past 24 hours awake and involved in the tournament.

My regularly scheduled “My Reading Pile” post will be up tomorrow. I was way too consumed by the event to create that post and now I’m just too bleary-eyed. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m about one post away from blog extinction. I clearly love to live on the edge.

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