Character Interview: Tod Hudson

Today on the blog we have a special treat. That’s right, Tod Hudson has agreed to stop by and answer a few questions. Quite a few, as it turns out. I had so many questions I was sure he’d add me to his list, but I’m still here. For now….

As a thank you to all the loyal fans who voted for him in the YA Crush Tourney, his “agent,” Rachel Vincent, has agreed to allow him to take part in this exclusive interview.

He gives away no secrets about what he’s getting himself into next. I knew not to ask. But you will get a much better idea of just who he really is.

And I hope that after reading this interview you’ll come to see just how crush-worthy Tod is and show your support by VOTING TOD, Tweeting with the Hash Tag #TodsLegions, grabbing a button or doing whatever you can (but no Zach bashing please) to help him make it to the final round.


Hi, Tod. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk with me today. Between your two jobs, keeping an eye on Kaylee, Emma, Nash and your mom, I know you don’t have a lot of free time. So I really appreciate it!

Since you are so busy, I’ll skip all the typical boring questions and get right to what your fans want to know….


Q. When people think “reaper” they think grim, hooded robes, skeleton-like appearance…you clearly do not fit that description. I’m sure that with your looks people often confuse you with an angel. How do you break the news to them about what you actually do?

A. Most people I meet on the job never see me coming. It’s a shame, really.

Q. When given the choice, you decided to become a reaper versus the alternative. If you had to make that choice again knowing what you know now, would you? And why?

A. Yes. I did what I did for a reason. Things haven’t worked out like I hoped. Yet. But I have faith in my brother.

Q. What is your favorite part about being a reaper? Is it the teleportation? Invisibility? Near-immortality? Or do you just like hanging around hospitals?

A. I hate hospitals. I don’t care if I never see another bedpan or IV stand. The best part? The commute.

Q. You seem to spend a lot of time in the Netherworld. What’s the fascination? Do you have some kind of a deal with those demons that you haven’t told us about yet? Anything you’d care to share?

A. The Netherworld is like humanity’s trash can. Ready and willing to dispose of the worst the human species has to offer. Have I occasionally played matchmaker between hungry hellions and those who deserve to be eaten? Hell yes. Do I feel bad about that? Not even a little.

Q. You always seem to pop in on Nash and Kaylee at the most inopportune moments. Is this planned or is it all just coincidence?

A. How is it my fault they’re always making out? You think I want to see that?

Q. As a reaper you can travel anywhere in an instant. What are some of your favorite places to visit? And don’t just say Kaylee’s bedroom…

A. There’s also Kaylee’s living room, Kaylee’s kitchen, Kaylee’s garage…

Q. As a reaper you aren’t required to eat, but you do seem to enjoy it. What are your favorite munchies?

A. Popcorn. Nachos. Candy. Anything you can get at the concession stand at the theater.

Q. Who was the most interesting person you popped in on during your free time?

A. It used to be Nash. He was always watching, or playing, or listening to something entertaining. But now he’s always at Kaylee’s, and watching that makes me miss the ICU. And bedpans. And, hell, the Netherworld.

Q. You tend to remain invisible to most people, except Kaylee. Do you do this just to antagonize Nash? Is he an easy target or do you just like to push his buttons?

A. Yes. Wait, was that an either/or question? Nash takes life too seriously. Also, he doesn’t like me. I’m doing him a favor by staying out of sight.

Q. You are wonderfully, incredibly sarcastic. It’s probably your most endearing quality. But that’s not all that you are. You have given us the occasional peek at a different side of your personality. What else can you tell your fans about who Tod really is?

A. What else am I? Do you really need more than this?

Seriously, what you don’t see is what you get. Death and sarcasm. And pizza. Anything else is just a rumor. A dirty, nasty rumor. *hides playlist full of 90s ballads*

Q. Your friend Kaylee gets herself into a lot of scary and dangerous situations. You’ve even dragged her into a couple, yourself. Do you regret having to ask for her help?

A. The biggest regret of my life (not to mention my afterlife) is being the reason Kaylee almost died in the Netherworld. I’ll never be able to make up for that. But that was the night I got to see the real Kaylee Cavanaugh—the Kaylee who would jump in front of a train to save someone else (anyone else)—and I realized that she didn’t need my help getting herself into trouble. But she might need my help getting out of it.

Q. At one point, Kaylee thought maybe something might be happening between you and Emma. Was that all in her mind? Were you just being a good friend?

A. Em’s just a friend. A really hot friend, but just a friend. Did I let Kaylee think I might like her best friend for a while? I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Q. You’ve been described (and I can see for myself) as having perfect lips. Just how many girls have had the pleasure of discovering just how perfect they are? Or do you not kiss and tell?

A. What, you want a list? I don’t kiss and tell. Well, I don’t tell, anyway.

Q. As a reaper you don’t really age. You’re forever seventeen, though technically you’re nineteen. Do you still feel seventeen? Does it freak you out that everyone you know will get older and you’ll still be a teenager?

A. I haven’t been a teenager since the night I died. Does it piss me off that my little brother is now my older brother? Yes. But I find solace in my flawless timing. I mean, if you have to be stuck in an ageless body for eternity, isn’t this the one you’d pick? Tell the truth. It’ll stay in this room.

Q. You’ve been described as a bad boy by some of your fans. Would you say that’s true?

A. Am I overburdened by an abundance of good will? Well, let’s just say that the angel on my shoulder gets a hell of a workout. But my hands are in the right place.

Oh, no, wait, Kaylee says it’s my heart that’s in the right place. My hands, evidently, are another story.

Q. If you could be any type of supernatural being, what would you be? Vampire? Werewolf?

A. I don’t look good in fur, and liquid diets make me cranky. I’m a reaper. Why fix what isn’t broken?

Q. Right now you’re unattached. Completely understandable given the situation with your former girlfriend. My heart goes out to her and you. But if you were to have a first date, what would be your ideal first date?

A. A date with death? She’d have to be fearless and enjoy hospital cafeteria food. I work nights.

Q. What would a girl have to have to grab your attention? Would she need to be smart? Funny? Sarcastic? Adventuresome?

A. What would a girl need to grab my attention? A death wish. Or a pizza order. Maybe big blue eyes and a stubborn streak.

Q. What quality do you most admire in your friends?

A. Corporeality.

Q. Nash has gone through some difficult times. If he would actually listen to you, what advice would you give him, being his older, wiser, and way cuter brother?

A. You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Quit messing up.

Q. As a reaper you don’t age, but can you change your appearance? Do you need to get haircuts? Do you have to shave?

A. I can shave to get rid of stubble, but it’ll never grow any longer than it was when I died.

If you don’t mind, let’s quickly play “what’s your favorite”:

Q. Who’s your favorite superhero?

Kaylee. What do you mean, she’s not a superhero? Would you want to be the only thing standing between her and a friend in danger?

Q. What’s your favorite video game?

Pac Man.

Q. What’s your favorite song?

It’s Not My Time, by 3 Doors Down. (You thought I’d say Don’t Fear the Reaper, didn’t you?)

Q. Who’s your favorite author?

Seriously? With Rachel listening right outside the door?

Q. What’s your favorite book? Favorite character in a book?

If I Die. I like the ending.

Q. Who is your least favorite demon in the Netherworld?

There are no good hellions. None. That said, Avari can be useful—for a price. But even though he can’t lie, he can’t be trusted.


Once again, Tod, thank you for your time. Talking with you has been a dream come true. Your eyes are really hypnotizing…must be one of those bean side side-effects.

I wish you all the very best on what’s coming up next. I hear that there may be a bit of excitement in your future. Just know that I’ll be rooting for you!



And an extra special thank you goes out to Author Rachel Vincent for taking the time to help her character in this tournament, for setting up this interview today, and most especially for creating such a crush-worthy boy like Tod who it has been my pleasure to get to know and love so much better during the course of this event.

Please feel free to grab a button or grab the avatar below (both of which were designed by the author’s amazingly talented husband) to show your support for Tod during his match, which ends on Saturday at 8 a.m. Central time, United States.

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