Don’t Fear the Reaper

Today I am advocating for Tod from Rachel Vincent’s Soul Screamers series in the YA Crush Tourney on The YA Sisterhood‘s blog. As the match is not yet live, I’ve simply included a link to the homepage. Tod and I would love it if you would cast your vote for him over the next couple of days.

His competitor in the Tourney is Daniel from Lauren Kate’s Fallen series. A pretty tough competitor, given that he’s an angel and all. But please don’t fear this reaper. Tod is anything but grim.

As I’ve provided quite a bit of information about Tod in my match advocacy post, which you can read over at their blog when you choose who to cast your vote for, I thought I’d simply give a quick backgrounder on Tod which will hopefully give you some information and a few reasons on why this reaper should win out against his angelic competitor.



Name: Tod Hudson

Sibling(s): Nash Hudson

Parent(s): Harmony Hudson

Age: Eternally 17, but technically 19

Hair color: Pale blond

Hair type: Curl

Eye color: Bright blue

Facial hair: Some. Short goatee

Best facial feature: Lips. Perfect lips. Kissable lips that are quick to form a wicked grin.

Looks: Angelic. Face that expresses emotion.

Relationship status: Single…(as of the end of My Soul to Steal anyway).

Best friend: Kaylee Cavanaugh.

Employment status: Two jobs. Primary job – Reaper – transporter of souls. To fill those extra hours – Pizza delivery boy.

Status: Deceased, but not. Ageless. Practically immortal. Not soulless.

Powers: Teleportation, selective invisibility, ability to end a life and take a soul, no need to eat or sleep, wicked awesome kisser.

Personality: Flirty, charming, mischievous. Bad boy, rule-breaker. Funny, sarcastic. Loyal, self-sacrificing, chivalrous. Brave, reckless, loves a challenge. Vulnerable.

Finer moments: Saved a little girl. Sacrificed his own life for a loved one. Went to hell and back to try and save his ex-girlfriend’s soul. Watches out for Kaylee and Emma. Tries to keep Nash out of trouble.

Tod in one word: Hero.


Tod is a great brother, the best friend anyone can have and is good to have around when you need to get somewhere fast.

He will always be there for you and doesn’t let his job get in the way. He will let you be a part of the adventure and won’t leave you hidden away without a clue as to what’s happening.

If all reapers were as sweet, sexy and lovable as Tod there would be no reason to fear them.

So, be sure to head over to The YA Sisterhood in the morning to cast as many votes as you’d like for Tod, if you think he is a little more crush-worthy than Daniel. I will love you forever, and so will Tod…and he’ll be around for a long while.

One more thing…

I might have mentioned that there’s a LOT more to discover about Tod in the next book. He’s not just some secondary character with a limited role and a flat personality.

Just to give you a tiny peek into how Tod really feels, from the reaper’s own mouth:

“…I want the fire. I want the heat, and the light, and I want the burn…”

Yeah, definitely not soulless.



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