The Crush List #2

There are books that you fall in love with, that leave you breathless and sobbing your eyes out. Books that take your heart and stomp on it, leaving you completely destroyed.

Then there are books that steal your heart. These bookish thieves take but do not destroy, leaving you forever captivated by their charms and always begging for more.

These are the books that are the source of our undying crushes. The ones that leave us sighing, with a small smile that is just for them. We give our hearts to these books and would follow them to the very ends of the earth. Some of them make us do just that, and we follow, oh so willingly.

A crush may be a fragile thing, but we certainly have room for many. I know I’ve crushed on hundreds of books in my lifetime and I’ll crush on many, many more. They say crushes are harmless, after all, so what’s wrong with having just a few…or a few more?

Here are a few books that I’m crushing on big time

If I Die by Rachel Vincent is a fairly new crush. I’ve crushed on the series for a couple years now, but I just read If I Die last month and have been crushing hard ever since.

The more time that passes, the more desperate I become to read it again. And I can’t wait for September so that I can.

Crushes are supposed to fade over time, right? That is so not happening here.

Why I’m crushing: Shock factor. Ka-pow. Knocks you right down. Twisty-turny delectable, agonizing, torture. Kept me in knots the entire time. Surprise, surprise, surprise. So many yummy surprises. And an ending that…okay, I can’t tell you THAT, but you’ll see.

Dead Rules by Randy Russell is a brand new crush and one that I did not expect to have at all. I just love surprise crushes.

I mean I knew the book would be cool – rules for the dead, that cover, but did not expect this to make my crush list…until I actually read it, that is.

And I am so totally crushing on this book. Still.

Why I’m crushing: Dark. Mildly disturbing. Killer irony. Eternal love…or not quite. Bizarre, freakishly bizarre, deaths. Sliders…they may be bad, but they’re way more fun. Mars Dreamcote. So what, I’m crushing on a dead dude. Who says that has to be wrong?

From Sliders to Siders…

A Touch Mortal by Leah Clifford is an old crush. Yeah, I know it debuted this year, but I’ve been crushing on it since 2010. That makes this crush practically ancient.

And ever since the cover reveal for A Touch Morbid, my crush for the first book has come back full-force. I mean, come on, one peek at these covers and how can you not be crushing?

Why I’m crushing: Dark. Yep, this one’s dark, too. Maybe I’m a touch morbid… Edgy, clever, suspenseful. The suspense borders on cruel. Seriously bad-a**. And hello heartbreak.

Cascade by Lisa T. Bergren is a fairly new and unexpected crush.

And as it’s the second book in the series, it really is an add-on crush that I developed when reading Waterfall.

Why I’m crushing: Time travel. Knights. A love story. Action – the heart-stopping, nail-biting kind. Damsel in mega distress. Danger. Suspense. Knights – so nice I had to mention them twice.

Slumber by Samantha Young is a brand new crush. We’re talking one week old and yet it’s already hit me big time.

And it is another one of those total surprise crushes. Although I’m thinking this one will move from crush to love affair with the next installment in the series.

Why I’m crushing: Epic. Magical. Sweet, sweet torture. The chemistry. The love story. Wolfe Stovia – Vikomt oh how I’m crushing on you, too. Wicked. Definitely, grin-worthily wicked. Riveting. How can you not crush on story with a sword-bearing hero who is the ultimate protector?


So, these are just a few more books from my very eclectic crush list. I seem to have chosen books that are either bordering on the morbid or of the epic adventure variety. Knights, Reapers, Siders, Sliders, I have plenty of room in my heart to crush on them all.

Do you crush on books?

What makes a book crushworthy for you?

I would love to know!

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