Random Thoughts: Why I Became a Book Blogger

I’ve met a number of book bloggers since I started my site last November. And over the past several months I feel that I’ve gotten to know a little bit about some of those bloggers who I talk to online. And I have to say that there are some truly amazing people in this community.

Most of my discussions revolve around books. Makes sense. After all, isn’t that the point of having a book blog – to discuss books with others who like to read? I don’t really know much about many of these bloggers outside of their bookish interests. That’s to be expected, because most of us are here to find others to talk about our joy of reading, not to talk about jobs, school or family.

But the one thing that I’m surprised to realize is that I don’t know why most of these bloggers decided to start blogging. Yes, we blog because we want to talk about books, but what made us get that site name, design that page, and start creating our posts in the first place? What motivated us to start our blog?

Some people who visit my site may not even know why I decided to start blogging, so I thought I’d (over)share…

Why I decided to start book blogging – take one: A creative outlet.

A little over a year ago I was going stir crazy. The love of my life suggested to me that it was because I had no creative outlet. Apparently selling off all my belongings on craigslist was not as satisfying as I’d initially believed. And once I finally gave up my dream of becoming a lead guitarist in a band, I knew I had to find something else to occupy my time.

He suggested that I should start a writing blog. And when I balked, reminding him again that I couldn’t write anymore, he suggested that I at least start a blog where I could talk about all those darn books I read. (He is most definitely not the lover of fiction that I am.)

I was reluctant. But during one of my sleepless nights I started searching for available domain names and found one that was a play on the word “fiction.” So, I bought it and started up my site. That was in May of last year.’s original logo

It was an utter disaster. The theme was too complicated, loaded way too slowly, and even though it looked pretty, it was not practical. Plus, half the code was in German and trying to change that to English was not easy for a non-techie.

The moving bar in the middle required specially sized images

And I didn’t have the first clue as to how to write a review. I ran a search on Google on “how to write a review” and sat down and wrote a couple. It was awful. I hated it. It felt like homework. It was not my voice. It was not my style. I wrote a couple of articles which were, but I just didn’t have the motivation to go on.

And so, fiktshun went straight into the failed hobby pile.

Why I decided to start book blogging – take two: Amanda Hocking.

In the five months since I gave up on fiktshun I spent my free time reading, searching for sneak peeks and book excerpts, finding books to add to my TBR pile, and stalking Amanda Hocking’s blog.

You see, I ran out of vampire books and so I started reading books by self-published authors. I believe Amanda Hocking was my very first, thanks to Amazon’s many suggestions that I read her My Blood Approves series. I kind of fell in love with that story and wanted to know if there would be another book in the series and I happened to stumble upon her blog when doing an online search.

I had no idea authors had blogs. Hers was the only author blog I had ever come across. And it was the only author blog I read until I started blogging in November.

One day I saw a blog post by the author looking for beta readers for the second book in her Trylle trilogy. I was thrilled. I desperately wanted to be a beta reader and get a chance to read her book prior to its release.

Her post said that there were two requirements – that a review be written and that the reviewer have a blog where they would post their review.

Well, I had a blog…sort of…

I immediately went to the site, created a completely new logo and redesigned it using a much easier theme. I contacted the author letting her know that I was a very new blogger, but that I would be happy to read and proofread her novel and write a review for my site.

I didn’t really expect to hear back. But I did. And I dropped everything and read the book and sent back my edits and wrote my review all within the span of a couple of days.

The review for Torn posted on November 9, 2010 and I’ve been blogging ever since.


Sure, you could say I began blogging to get a free book. That I was an ARC junkie right from the start. But it wasn’t like that for me.

Getting the opportunity to beta read a book was probably one of the most exciting things I’d ever done. Giving my feedback to an author that I admired was just so cool. And seeing my site’s name on Amazon under editorial reviews still makes me smile.

And all of this happened because I got the courage up to ask.

So, why did I start blogging?

Because the man I love knew what I needed more than I did and because one of my favorite authors decided to give me a chance.

Without both of them, would not be here today.

So, why did you start blogging?

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