500 Followers Giveaway

Today I reached 500 followers on the blog. I can hardly believe it. I keep waiting for someone to “unfollow” so that I’m once again back to that under 500 number.

I cannot tell you how much this means that you’ve decided to follow my blog and read my reviews and posts.

I am especially thankful to those who have left comments, who chat with me on twitter and on my facebook page. I think you guys are supremely awesome! And I do grin like a lunatic much of the time when I read and respond to your comments knowing that you’re just as excited about books as I am.

So, in thanks to everyone who has followed and also to the other bloggers, authors and readers in this amazing community, I am giving a little something back. And I want to let you guys know just how much I appreciate you for your love of reading, talking about books and even more for the support you gave me this last week.

And so, without any further ado…

What’s up for grabs?

Your choice: Either a Graphite Kindle 6″ Wi-fi or the new graphite 6″ Nook touch screen. (If U.S. versions aren’t usable in your country then I will substitute an eGift Card for the U.S. retail sales price in USD.)

Who is eligible?

There are no hoops, but this giveaway isn’t open to everyone. My whole point of having a blog is sharing the book love with others. So, who can enter?

*Book bloggers


*Readers – but only those I’ve “met” already on the blog, on twitter, on facebook or on Goodreads or who can be vouched for by other known bloggers or bloggers I’ve gotten to know.

UPDATE: Reminder, there is NO FOLLOW REQUIRED. If you are a reader, I do not need to know you personally. If you are sent here based on a tweet by another blogger you can enter. Just say who sent you over!

UPDATE 2: For the form – If I know you from around – and I’m really good with names – you don’t have to leave a link to your blog, just say “it’s me” or something. You can even just leave your blog’s name, or your twitter name.

I am only trying to avoid people who stalk contests for free things that have no interest in authors or reading.

The Deets:

* There will be one winner.

* Only one entry per person.

* Must be 13 or older to enter.

* Contest is International where allowed by law.

* Giveaway ends Sunday, July 31st at 11:59 p.m.

* Winner will be chosen by and announced on the blog on Monday, August 1st.

* Winners will have 48 hours after notification to respond.

*Prize will be sent directly from Amazon or Barnes & Noble to U.S. recipients or by mail to international recipients.

There is no requirement to follow, tweet or “like,” but following the blog is always appreciated.

To enter, fill out the form below:

The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering and taking part in my 500 followers giveaway. Somehow during the last month I gained another hundred followers. Wow! I can hardly believe it.

If I’ve learned one thing from this giveaway, which I will not repeat when I reach my 1,000 followers giveaway, and that is that I don’t do well with long giveaways. Half the time I forgot I was having this giveaway, and the other half of the time I just wanted it to end.

I love giveaways. Yeah, hello. My blog is sometimes giveaway central, but I prefer them to be short, to the point, and more of an “instant gratification” kind of giveaway, than a long, drawn-out one. I’m also terrible about promoting my giveaways.

I feel like a salesman when I tweet or FB my giveaway more than once or twice. So, I think next time around, if there is a next time, I’ll do the giveaway for a week, tops.

So anyway, stay tuned…I hope that Google Docs form is still there.


Congratulations Amy!

I swear, this was totally random and I will get no favors for my next round of the crush tournament. Even one of my besties entered the giveaway and did not win!

From all 200+ entrants, Random chose you. Seriously? What are the odds… Anyway, congratulations!!! Looks like you might be taking home two victories in the coming weeks.

So, I will be emailing you to see which eReader you choose and will be ordering it asap. As always, you have 48 hours to respond or it will be going to the next person on the list.

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