My Reading Pile #11

So, I didn’t get too many new books in the mail this past week, but the ones I did are pretty awesome, because they’re all signed, although they aren’t on my pile of reads for this week.

I still have a book left behind from last week to catch up on, but because there’s an extra day to this weekend I hope to get caught up. Next week’s pile is scary given just how many books are releasing on June 7th that I have sitting next to me. I’ll definitely have some tough decisions to make.

But, as next weekend is the read-a-thon over at Awesome Bookworm, which sort of straddles this week’s reading pile selections and next week’s, I hope to tackle some of those June 7th and June 14th releases. We shall see. But for now…

Here are the books I have in my reading pile this week.

(May 29-June 4, 2011)


I can’t wait to read The Vampire Stalker. I have wanted to read this book forever. I really enjoyed Raven by Allison van Diepen and was excited to get an early copy of this book through a trade. Of course, because I’m so behind I’m only getting to it now. It was on my wishful thinking reads list last week, but my wishes did not come true, so it’s on the pile this week.

The idea of fiction becoming reality as characters from a book come to life is definitely intriguing. Especially when there’s a bit of a mystery and a love story involved.

There is an excerpt on the author’s website of chapter one, HERE.

I received an eARC of Cascade from the author for review. I’m really excited to start reading the book this weekend, just in time to review it for release date on June 1st. This is the second book in the River of Time series and I can’t wait to return to fourteenth century to continue the adventures and see what happens next for Gabi and whether she’ll choose love over family.

The third book in the series, Torrent, will be released in September, so there’s not too long a wait to read the next book.

And if you haven’t checked out the first book, Waterfall, Scribd has a peek of the prologue and first chapter, HERE.

Forgiven is another book I received through a trade awhile back. But I just didn’t have a chance to get to read it when it first landed in my mailbox. As it releases this week, I’m excited to finally read it.

This sounds like a completely different type of story than ones I typically read. From the description, it appears to be historical fiction, with a heroine who has to overcome hardship and in the process falls in love.

I love discovering books that are outside the scope of what I normally read. I enjoy variety and just from flipping through the pages of the book the author’s writing style has a really nice flow.

I received an eARC of Queen of the Dead from the publisher via NetGalley. As I haven’t yet read the first book in the series, The Ghost and the Goth, I’m hoping to read that book and this one, this week. (Although this may be one of the books that gets read during the read-a-thon.)

I heard the author speak on a panel during the RT Convention in April, and I immediately bought her book. She was absolutely delightful and the series sounds like such fun. I definitely want to find out what happens with this very unconventional romance – a ghost cheerleader and a goth boy are a completely unexpected match-up. It’s bound to be highly entertaining.


Okay, so I’ve increased it to four this week, and with the first book in a series I need to read, that makes it five. I’m stretching it, as one of the days this week is the read-a-thon, so I’m thinking it might be doable.

Plus, it’s a holiday weekend here in the United States and I have an extra day off. I’m hoping to spend a part of that reading, although I do plan on enjoying time at the beach. It is summer kick-off weekend after all.

Wishful thinking reads:

Half-Blood. Definitely. That is my only wishful thinking read this week. I want to read this asap. I already started it, just a bit, but release date is way off and so I really should read some other more timely books first. But isn’t reading about finding your favorite books and reading those? I think so. So this one might just pop itself on top of the pile.

Those left behind:

Reading pile-wise, nothing got left behind. But I have a few books that weren’t on the pile that I must read in the next week or two – Between by Cyndi Tefft, Slumber by Samantha Young and The Kringle Khronicles Volume I: The Legend of Winterdale by B. Jason Roer. These are three books that I cannot wait to read!


Do you create a reading pile?

If so, what’s in your pile this week?

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