Armchair BEA: Who am I, and how do I Armchair?

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So, today is the first day of BEA in New York City. How exciting! I spent all weekend avoiding the Twitter chatter about people packing up and heading off to the Big Apple. Why? Because I’m not going.

This is probably the best time of year to be in New York – just before it gets too hot to be intolerable and after the misery of winter has passed. But NYC is a pretty expensive city, and even though I would have had a place to crash for free and my airfare paid, it still would not be cheap. It would have also involved a lot of extra “stuff” that I won’t bore you with.

So, the big question – Who am I?

My name is Rachel, and I’ve been blogging here at Fiktshun for just over six months now. I’m fortunate to be blogging from Southern California, which usually has nice weather and a beautiful view, although lately it’s been cold, cold, cold. I suppose the term is relative – it’s not like it’s in the thirties or forties – but for someone who is used to the moderate temperatures it feels pretty arctic.

I like to move around a lot, and spent a few years living in NYC, just a walk away from the Javits Center. Of course I had no idea there was such a thing as the Book Expo or even book blogs at the time.

I am one of those adult persons who love reading young adult books, as well as paranormal/urban fantasy, contemporary fiction, chick lit and even horror (well, anything by Stephen King, really).

I have a full-time job during the day, so my blogging happens whenever it possibly can during my waking hours. I obviously love reading, but I am also a film junkie, I love watching (not participating in) extreme sports, and hanging out by the ocean.

True fact: Until I started blogging I only owned four books that weren’t eBooks. (Three were photo essays and one was a collectible.) Now I own over two hundred.

Oh, and as viewers of my blog know, I haven’t owned a bookshelf, but I just bought myself one and can’t wait until it arrives!

(I’ll be getting the shorter version of this one, and since my books will still be “stacked” I can continue to call it my reading pile.)

How am I planning to Armchair?

Not completely decided. I figure, if I was at BEA I’d have to abide by a rigorous schedule, but since I’m not, I can play it by ear. So, that’s what I’ll do.

But I will plan on discovering a few new blogs to visit – bloggers who aren’t just gushing about the author’s they’ve met, ARCs they’ve received, parties they’ve attended and contacts they’ve made at the Expo.

I still have my full-time job to keep me busy during the day, but I plan on stalking the blogs and joining in all the reindeer games at night.

Happy Armchair BEA week to those participating!

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