Random Thoughts: The Last Minute Blogger

There are so many different types of book bloggers out there. Some who prefer to plan ahead, scheduling their posts as far as a month out. Some feel comfortable having just a few in the bag. Then there are the others. Those who look up at the clock and realize that they’re just moments from tomorrow and they have nothing on the schedule.

Now, some of these bloggers don’t mind passing into a new day without a post. These more laid back bloggers are fine having a day – or a few days – without one. These bloggers realize that it’s not the end of the world, that the blog will still be there and they’ll post something when the mood strikes them.

But those other bloggers, the ones that insist upon having new content each day, see the time tick down, becoming more panicked by the moment as they wrack their brains trying to figure out just what they can have ready at a moments notice. This is the group of frantic, last minute book bloggers of which I am a part.

Yes, I am a last minute book blogger. Sometimes I am a spur-of-the-moment blogger, but isn’t that just another form of last minute blogging?

I wish I had the ability to schedule my posts well in advance. I envy the level of organization that those bloggers who can think that far into the future have. Each and every day I’m one blog post away from disaster. (Yes, admitting that here may not be in my best interest, but it is a fact.)

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not a quick reader. At least for books I enjoy. Give me something tedious to read and I will zip through it at lightning speed. But find me a book that I can sink right into, and my pace slows down just so I can be completely engrossed in the story.

When I’m connecting with a book I love it doesn’t even feel like reading, but rather as if I’m a voyeur who is experiencing everything along with the characters. I no longer notice the words on the page – they transform into images which become the world that surrounds me. It’s wonderful to experience a book this way, but it does slow down my pace. And it is not ideal when trying to get a book read and reviewed by midnight each day.

To top it off, I’m not a quick reviewer. Another trait that is also not ideal for a last minute blogger. My reviews take me hours. They involve many re-writes, re-reads and a whole lot of reading aloud to see if they sound okay. And no matter how many times I proofread, errors always seem to slip through. And the later it gets and the closer to posting deadline I am, the more likely the errors.

Perhaps I thrive on the tension and adrenaline rush that come with living so close to the edge, even if it is a self-imposed one that I’ve created in my mind. It’s only a blog after all. It’s not as if I’ll lose my job if don’t have my post in before deadline.

But being a last minute blogger who insists upon a daily post means a lot of late nights and several early mornings in order to keep on track. It also involves a lot more writing when you’d rather be reading. And yes, I do so envy those who are able to think and plan ahead and to get those posts in the queue long before they’ll ever be published.

I know I’ll never be a month ahead of schedule, but I strive to be a week ahead. Right now, I’m at zero, unless I choose to schedule this for midnight rather than hitting publish immediately as was my intent when I began this post. (Yes, this is one of those spur-of-the-moment ideas.)

However, if I do schedule this now, the likelihood of me sticking with my original plan of reading a novella and writing a review tonight might not happen. Yes, that last minute blogger mentality would creep right in and instead of reading and reviewing as planned, when I would be under no pressure and finally have something set up a day in advance, I would most likely find something else to do instead.

But that’s just me. Always one post away from nothingness. What about you? How do you blog?

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