Random Thoughts: Six Month Blogiversary

In just a few minutes my Six Month Blogiversary + CoFA Giveaway #6 post will go up. I’m sure that’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. I can’t wait to get this large box of books out of my house, either! So, just hang tight for a few minutes. It will be up here shortly.

I thought I’d just quickly (or as quickly as I can) reflect back over the past three months since I celebrated my three month blogiversary.

I still have that full-time job. The balancing act between job, blog and life is getting a little precarious, but I’m still trying to make it all work.

I wanted to attend BEA this year, I am even registered, but I decided it was best to bow out. I have more than enough books to read, and if I head to the event I just know I will become too overwhelmed. I would love to have met other bloggers and the publishers and authors that attend, but I think for right now, Armchair BEA will have to do.

If I’m still at this next year, then I will definitely go. And hopefully by then my work/life balance will be much more stable.

When I started out “for real this time” back in November, I said to myself, let me just give it six months. If I’m still flailing, or if I find the process less than enjoyable, then I can stop. But if I don’t give it six months, then I haven’t really tried.

So here I am. It’s now officially six months and I’ve managed to post content on every single day of that time period. I’m not sure how I did it, I think I sacrificed a little bit of everything each day to do so, but I find the rewards so worth it.

I love receiving the feedback and comments I get from my readers. I love reading others reviews and blogs – I wish I had more time to visit, but I never seem to get to every blog I’d like to each day, but I still try.

I am still passionate about books. In some ways, I think I’m even more passionate than I have ever been. Now, not only do I fall in love with a book, but I really want to see the author succeed. And more than ever before I want to share the books I love with everyone. Hence the giveaways. Although in June my wallet and I may take a small vacation.

I’m learning more and more about html code, but I’ve actually found that I have less and less time to work on changing the visual appearance of my site. I think for now, I’ll keep things that seem to be working as they are, and when I get really bored or tired of it I’ll make another change.

I had an amazing opportunity during the last three months to meet a number of authors and get a ton of books signed. Although I don’t think I introduced myself to most of them as a blogger, just as a fan. I still haven’t gotten over my fear of meeting them in person, but I don’t know if that will ever change. They are still my rock stars.

I’m still working out the kinks on my site – what features work and what don’t and whether or not I enjoy all of them – but I’m not quite ready to make any drastic changes at the moment.

I have not yet participated in a meme, although IMM is still one I’m thinking about. I feel like I should give credit to those who send me books. And I’d like to do it vlog-style though I’m still camera shy.

And even though I have a reading pile post, I only list the books I’m planning on reading and I don’t list the books I’ve received in the mail each week, so not all books get the attention they so rightly deserve.

So, that’s about it. Not too much has changed in three months. I think I’ve gotten more comfortable on Twitter and am a bit more active on my blog’s Facebook page, although my personal one is a vast wasteland. I’ve read a few more books, bought a whole lot more, traded for some and won a couple. Oh, and I’ve had a ton more giveaways.

I know I’ve “met” a lot of great people on the blog, Twitter or Facebook and even had a chance to meet a couple of them in person!

So, if you’ve managed to read this in less than four minutes, you’ll be right on time to catch that giveaway post in which I thank all of you and give away a set of Cassandra Clare’s books. But for now, a quick thanks here and if you click to the homepage you should see the post.

Thank you for stopping by to celebrate my first six months in the blogosphere!

I won’t be celebrating a nine month blogiversary, but I will be celebrating at the one year mark if I make it. And as always, happy reading!

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