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I know I should be reading, but this morning when I decided to tweet yesterday’s Random Thoughts post about reviewer’s block, the awesome Kaitlyn of Kaitlyn in Bookland and I were discussing, in less than 140 characters, the difficulties of writing reviews for books you love.

She mentioned an idea that I actually really, really, really like and would love to see out there on the blogs – instead of writing a review for those books that are oh so tricky, write a love letter!

Now, I’m sure this idea has been thought of before. I’ve seen authors or fans write letters from the p.o.v. of characters in the book, and ones written to the characters (both of which are always such fun to read), so I’m sure there are people who write a love letter to a book. But I’ve yet to see one, and I would love to see these love letters written by reviewers to the books they adore.

If I had time to start another blog with all my reviews in that format, even if they’re not always love letters but not-so-much-love letters, I would. It’s such a fun idea and I know I would love reading those types of reviews on any blog.

So, thank you Kaitlyn for this amazing idea! Although I will probably still be fighting the good fight to write the glowing reviews in the same style as I do my other reviews, it’s nice to know there’s a really fun and creative option if I ever find myself with a case of reviewer’s block.

(Kaitlyn’s blog is linked above if you want to check it out!)

But, in honor of our discussion, here’s how I might write one such Love Letter Review:

Dear The Dark Tower series,

From the moment I met you I knew I would be in for an extraordinary adventure. You opened up my world and showed me places I could never have dreamed of and let me experience things well beyond my limited imagination.

I was so much younger when we first met, and so were you. But we both grew together and our experiences changed us both. When you talked of your history and revealed to me secrets of your past I knew from that point forward you had my heart and soul trapped between your pages for the remainder of my mortal existence.

But the road we went on was not smooth. There were many paths you could have taken, but you chose to take the hardest one – one with an end…and a beginning. And it was one that I could not follow, but you knew that.

I didn’t think I’d be around to take the entire journey with you. During those early days you were so unsure of your direction, and you left me alone in the world for many years, questioning everything, hoping for everything. I awaited your return with a dashed heart, a beaten spirit. But when you did come back to me, my heart soared. Like nothing ever before or since.

You were not the same when you came back. Not for a long time. I think something that occurred during your absence affected you more deeply than I will ever know. It changed you. It took you down an even darker path. One that you would not allow me to see. One that you refused to grant me access to.

At the end, though, I saw at first a flicker of the story you once were, and that flicker turned into a spark and then a flame. And you burned so brightly at the end. But I knew it was the end for you. A flame can only burn that brightly right before it is extinguished.

And oh, my dear, sweet Dark Tower, you left me alone in this world. Railing at the injustice of your demise. Longing for your return. Hoping against all hope that you might one day return to me.

Praying that if there were a higher power you could somehow reach through time and space and embrace me once again. Taking me to new places, on new adventures. We could start anew. Begin again. Recapture the magic we once had.

Even after all these years of your absence my love for you has never dimmed, my devotion to you never faltered, but my heart is guarded now. Though if given the opportunity to fall in love once more, to have a second chance at that connection we once shared, would be worth any pain that may come.

I’ve heard rumblings of your return, but until the moment I am holding your sweet pages in my loving hands I refuse to believe it. You’ve hurt me before, you’ve left me broken and bleeding, left me lost out there in the wastelands with no promise of your return, so you understand my reluctance to open up my heart without guarantee that you’ll be coming back to me.

And if you do return, if you somehow manage the impossible, you will have my heart again to do with as you please. Love is not something the mind can control. Love comes from the heart. And as always, you have mine.

Yours forever,


If I were to write a love letter it might go something like that. The Dark Tower series is my all-time favorite series and I would never even think of reviewing any of these books. I just couldn’t. So my brief attempt at a love letter will have to suffice.

If you’ve written a love letter to a book, or if you would like to do so on your blog, I would love to read it. Feel free to link it in the comments!

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