Random Thoughts: 24 Hours of Fame

The one thing I’ve noticed about book blogs, and I suppose this is true for any type of blog or online media forum, is that each post gets about twenty-four hours in the spotlight. Sometimes it’s longer, sometimes shorter, depending upon post frequency. But once that twenty-four hour period is up, that post moves farther and farther away from center stage.

Sure, you can re-post it, if you feel it’s that timely. You can continue to Tweet it or Facebook link it, so that it stays top of mind. But it’s really only for that short time when it’s showcased on your blog’s homepage that it gets its notice.

I have no problem with any of my random rantings sinking into oblivion. And my Book Watch posts are really only meant for the short term. But I always feel bad when my reviews get sent into obscurity. And it’s not because I spent so much time writing them. But I always feel that an author’s work deserves more than just a short moment to shine. Even if it’s only on my little blog.

With book blogs, the demand is always there to have new content and to post something different each day. And it’s always popular to have reviews of the latest books or those not even released – the ARC reviews. And so the need to churn out these reviews to keep up with the weekly influx of new books causes some of our favorite books, which we feel should bask in the glow of success for weeks on end, to slip into the archives.

And yes, these may only be blogs, not printed publications where week after week those top sellers stay fresh in the minds of consumers. But like The New York Times Best Seller List, it would certainly be nice to have some way to give those favored books and reviews the recognition they so readily deserve.

I’m saddened by the fact that I find a book, fall in love with the story and characters, perhaps weep a little, shake it off, write my review, create my post, schedule it or hit publish, and then check it off a long list of to do’s. And then on to the next book. Lather, rinse and repeat.

I wish I could sit with a book I’ve loved and continue to sing its praises to anyone who will listen, until I’m ready to move on. Yes, I realize I am only one small voice out there in a great mass of voices that choose to cheerlead for their favorite authors and books. But somehow I feel I’d be doing my part a whole lot better if I didn’t simply lead the cheer until release date or my review is written, and then quickly run off to the next book that I want to shout about.

I’m not certain my reviews are seen by all the authors I write about – I stopped Tweeting at the authors a while back – and I’m not sure how much of a difference they make to sales or to the outside world, but to me they are my one way to pay homage to an author and their book and so I tend to feel bad when I’ve checked that box and moved on.

I also feel sad when I see the Twitter timeline heat up with talk of one book just before or after release date and then see that fire quickly die out as everyone moves on to the next latest and greatest.

I tend to be someone who hangs on to things. If I make an emotional connection to a book, it sticks with me for a long time. And there are many books that affect me deeply. Some that I have carried with me, that haunt me, that inspire me, that motivate me, weeks, months or years after I’ve read them. These are the books that I always feel deserve so much more than just that one single day.

And as I write this post, which I plan to publish immediately, I know it will cut into the twenty-four hours of fame that were promised to that last posting, but as it wasn’t a review, just another random thought I had, I don’t feel too bad. But if I don’t spend my evening writing up my review and posting it just past midnight for my current read, that book will get less than its twenty-four hours to shine. And for that I will feel deeply sorry.

I couldn’t possibly list all the books that I feel deserve another moment in the sun, as there are far more that do than that don’t. But even if I’ve not mentioned them here, they take up that corner of my heart where books that I love reside and will do so until I think my last thought and breathe my last breath. And there they will always be in the spotlight.

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