Random Thoughts: For the Love of Reading

Once upon a time I was a reader without a blog. I selected my books solely upon what captured my interest at that moment. Sometimes I read them right away, sometimes I chose to wait. Each and every book I chose to read from start to finish was solely for the love of reading.

Now that I’ve become a blogger with a site that requires me to produce content daily, I don’t always choose my books based on what I feel like reading at the moment. Sometimes I accept books for review that have a deadline. And, for me, when things have a set date or other requirement, it can take away from the sheer joy I get from reading.

Reading had always been an escape, but with timelines and deadlines, it now sometimes feels like a job. That pressure to start or finish when I might want to be reading something else is always there in the back of my mind. And when those books have an expiration date when they’ll no longer be readable on my eReader it can take away even more from my love of reading.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Sometimes these timelines actually help me to commit to reading something that might otherwise have gotten buried at the bottom of my very long reading list. And sometimes the books are just that good that I can forget all about the fact that I should be taking notes so that I can pinpoint those parts of the story I want to highlight for my review.

And there are other times when I race to finish a book before it is to expire and I get so caught up that my mind is awhirl and I find myself practically writing the review in my head as I’m reading it. These are the books that I’ve begun to enjoy the most. They are the ones that spark my own creativity and make me feel so in tune with the story that I can’t help the outpouring of words on the page following my read.

But the one thing I refuse to change, no matter if I’m reviewing a book, or not, is how I read. I review and blog for many reasons, but it all stems from my love of reading. And when I read a story, I like to immerse myself in it. I have the ability to read quickly, but I choose not to do so for fear of losing that feeling of being sucked into the depths of the story.

If I were to read at the pace I read most things other than books, I know I would lose my love for the story, the characters and my love for reading. And this is the one thing I will never sacrifice. Because as this sometimes seems like a lot of work – this blogging and reviewing – it is all because of my love for books and my desire to share that with others who feel as I do.

No matter how many books I read, I still become giddy when I open a book and see those first lines filled with promise. There is nothing in the world quite as exciting as hearing “once upon a time” and knowing that a great adventure will follow.

There are so many things I do for the love of reading and so many things I will sacrifice. Sleep is my number one sacrifice at the moment. In the past it was always schoolwork. (How I graduated I will never know.) I will sacrifice space in my home to fill it with books or time with my friends to read a book that can’t be put down.

I’m sure one day I’ll learn to better balance my love of reading with my real life interests, my reviewing and blogging, but for now I can say that although I may be losing sleep now and again, it is so worth the cost for the love of reading.

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