The Mailbox That Made Me Cry

I don’t do In My Mailbox posts (I’m still afraid of the vlog) and I try not to brag about what I’ve received (too much anyway, I can’t always stop the squee). I’m always very grateful for any books I get from a contest I’ve won or a trade with someone who gets many more books than I. I am not a reviewer who is on any publisher’s radar, so my books tend to come from a combination of luck and wheeling and dealing. But today I wanted to dedicate a special post as my trip to the mailbox made me cry.


Today I went down to my mailbox, as I tend to do lately, hoping to receive a few of the books that I won in an auction that I’m waiting on and also to see if those missing CoFA’s had turned up. When I saw the key in the big overrun box I knew that I wouldn’t be in luck. But when I opened my own box I saw two priority mail envelopes. I figured they were two of those auction books I was expecting.

I opened the first, which I knew from the return address was something I was waiting on with quite some excitement. It was Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer, which I had bid on and won at an auction. I think I danced a little in the elevator.

I was puzzled as I looked at the second envelope. The return address looked familiar, but there was no name on the package. I tore into it (carefully of course, in case it was a book) and took out a generic looking manilla envelope. When I found out what was inside I started to cry.

The moment I saw the cover I knew exactly who it was from. And of course I cried a little more. Not ideal to be crying in an elevator. But whatev’s.

You see, a few weeks ago on Facebook I noticed that Gayle Forman was having a signing in Brooklyn, NY for her new book Where She Went. I jokingly harassed my friend by sending her the link to the Facebook event saying she must attend and get me a signature because I just read If I Stay and fell in love with it and the author.

On the day of the event I once again reminded my friend about the event and she happily replied back later in the day as if she completely forgot about it, and asked who again it was for.

Mind you, I never really expected her to go to the signing. You see, Park Slope, Brooklyn isn’t exactly in the center of all things and it’s not like it was anywhere near where she would be. Plus, it’s not like she too was a fan of the author – not that she won’t be, just that she hadn’t yet read anything by her. (Of course I will be gifting her both books for her Kindle.) This is the same friend I cajoled into attending the Cassandra Clare event in Union Square. But she had been a fan of that series and was just as excited to meet the author as I was to hear about the event via text messages. Plus, it was in a central location and not oh-so-far out of the way.

Last month I participated in Book Soulmate’s Random Acts of Kindness, but of all the acts of kindness that I’ve received in my life, this is one of the tops. She had no reason to go so far out of her way. She did something so generous for absolutely no reason whatsoever. It’s not like we wouldn’t be friends if she didn’t go – I’m not THAT mean. And, it’s certainly not like this was a life or death situation.

She received no personal gain for doing this. She did this just for me. And she surprised me. Boy did she ever. I had no idea she went to the signing last week. It may explain why she hasn’t been in touch much. I just thought she was living her life, and reading, reading, reading.

So, today she made me cry. A lot. And so I want to thank her here, publicly, and forever, for this amazing thing she did. And she sure as heck got me! I was completely surprised and I’m never surprised.

If you wonder about all the giveaways I host, it’s because I like to think that I’m a generous person who wants to share what I can with others whenever humanly possible. And it’s because of friends like her that always show me that in this world of not always kind people, there are really wonderful people out there, that do make a difference.

So, Nic, thank you for being such an amazing person who is always so nice to everyone just because. And thank you for being awesome once again for me. I cannot tell you how much this means. And now I will forever have this beautiful signed book with the reminder of just how nice you are imprinted inside – which made me cry just as much as the book did.

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