Going Out of Business

I was informed during the early hours of the morning that my blog must be shut down. And after just five months. Apparently there has been a committee that has been monitoring my blog for quite some time and has determined that I have exceeded the maximum quantity of suckage. Yes, suckage. They basically told me that my blog sucks. (You secretly agree with this don’t you?)

The committee has met. They have voted. And the results were in at 12:01 a.m. on April 1st. I had readied this post in anticipation of their vote, as I knew, in fact, that my blog does suck and that the voting would not result in a win for me.

Oh boy was I right. It was unanimous. Twelve votes for “suckage” and zero votes for “awesomesauce.”

And so I must apologize. Not that I have to shut down my blog, but that I have given you an experience filled with suckage day after day. I have tried my best, but my best just isn’t good enough. (And I promise not to break into song here.)

So I would like to thank you for each and every visit, for all your amazing comments and for listening to me prattle on ceaselessly with my random thoughts and reviews  – all of which triggered the suckage meter.

What apparently tipped it to maximum suckage levels were my giveaways. Oh well, I will admit I suck at those too.

I am told I will not be allowed to pull the content, revamp the site and start anew. My suckage was so great that it bordered on offensive and so I must close down. The committee has spoken.

I apologize to you all, again and again.

But I do have one final thing to say before I go….






I hope you’ve realized by now, although it may not always be obvious, that I do have a sense of humor and just couldn’t resist an April Fool’s Day joke post. (And I hope the number of times I mentioned the word “suckage” clued you in that something was amiss.)

I hope I haven’t trigged a mass unfollow as I did not mean, in any way, to be cruel to any of my readers, I just thought that poking a bit of fun at myself was the perfect way to start of April Fool’s Day.

I promise to have my regularly scheduled review up later in the day. You guys are awesome for putting up with my antics.

If you have a great April Fool’s post, please put the link in the comments below. I would love to read it!

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