How to Win an ARC of Wildefire

Just in case you haven’t seen it on Twitter or you don’t follow author Karsten Knight on YouTube or his site, I thought I’d post the information about his contest here.

I normally don’t have dedicated posts for contests unless it’s one of the requirements to enter a contest, but this is probably the most hysterical contest I’ve ever seen. Ever. And it does require you to be slightly creative.

In order to be entered into the contest you’ll have to check out his website at But you can check out the video, which I’ve embedded below, to get the details.

It’s pretty straightforward on what you must do to enter, but even if you don’t want to enter I still recommend visiting the site. Just reading some of the comments will have you ROFL. (Oh, and feel free to skip over mine. I will stoop so low to win an ARC of this book. So low.)

This contest is truly ingenious. And if you do enter, you have a chance to get an advance copy of his debut novel, Wildefire, which looks pretty amazing. I have a link to a sneak peek in the sidebar somewhere on the right.

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