Random Thoughts: The Meme

As I’ve now been hanging around the book blogosphere for about two-and-a-half months I’ve noticed that my website is sorely deficient in one area. The “MEME.” Is my lack of a meme the kiss of death for my website?

When I first started out as a newbie (oh yeah, I’m a seasoned veteran now, ha!) way back in November 2010 I knew next to nothing about blogging in the book reviewers arena. The first thing I noticed is that everyone is very friendly and there is such a great community feel. I suppose that makes sense as people who like to read books have always loved to be part of discussions of said books.

The second thing I learned is that you’ve got to be social enough to create awareness of you and your blog. It isn’t enough for you to read and review the books, you actually have to find people who want to read your reviews and visit your site regularly. (Unless, of course, your sole purpose is to have an exclusive online book club for friends and family.)

I then learned of someone called Kristi – The Story Siren. If it wasn’t for her blog, I probably wouldn’t know half of what I know now. She has such great information on her site and her reviews are always honest. I’m not sure you can blog about books without having heard of her?!? The world of book bloggers is vast, so I’m sure I haven’t met/seen/read about even one-tenth of them, but there are a few that seem to top the popularity charts, she being one of them.

This is where I first heard of something called a meme. Being the hermit I am/was I didn’t even know how the heck to pronounce it (and only just learned it derives from the French word for mime – yes, my father had to explain that one to me). Makes total sense, of course, given what a meme is. And for someone who took eight years of French I had a complete “duh” moment.

There are so many great memes out there that my entire blog could consist of memes and nothing else. I’ve only heard about a few from some of the blogs that I do follow. The popular memes seem to be (in day of the week order): The Story Siren’s “In My Mailbox,” Breaking the Spine’s “Waiting on Wednesday,” and Parajunkee’s “Follow My Blog Friday.”

While I currently don’t participate in any of these memes I’ll bet that at least one of my blog features is fairly similar – I’m sure Waiting on Wednesday and my Book Watch are pretty much the same idea, but on different days.

I like the idea of paying homage to someone’s great idea, but at the same time I’m certain I wouldn’t do nearly as well or offer anything more unique than any other blog. And I also like the idea of being part of this social group, but I’m terrified of committing to a set-in-stone weekly feature on a set day of the week.

But by not participating and being social in the blogosphere am I ensuring blog obscurity and permanent recluse status? Or if i bite the bullet and take a risk, will I then be just another blog with a meme that can’t compare to the original?

I am still debating. But if I don’t meme and you don’t see this blog here in 2012 you’ll know why!

(And I would have included a picture of a mime in this post rather than the MEME graphic above, but have an irrational fear of mime’s and would be afraid to refresh my website late at night and find a mime staring back at me.)

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