Random Thoughts: Pick Your Paranormal

There has been much debate as to who tops the leader board among the Paranormals. There may even have been a little bloodshed – always an added bonus for the Vamps. Some say Vampires rule. Others will argue it’s the Wolves – Were or straight-up. But not everyone is Team Edward or Team Jacob.

While the Vamps have hogged the spotlight for some time now, there is finally some light being cast on other Paranormals who feel it’s their time to shine.

First up we have the Angels, and there are so many varieties to choose from.

If you like the good ones, there are the Guardian Angels – like Matthias in Heavenly, Robert in Falling from Grace or Garreth in Angel Star.

You also have your basic, honest-to-goodness white-winged Angels like Gabriel in Personal Demons.

And if you prefer your angel somewhat less than perfect you have your Fallen Angels such as Patch in Hush, Hush or Daniel and Cam in Fallen.

Whatever your angelic preference, there are a variety of characters and stories to slake your thirst. While I’ve only mentioned male characters that are Angels, there are stories featuring female Angels, like Clara in Unearthly, just fewer of them.

Still in the angelic realm, you also have your Nephilim. And we’re only talking about the stories in which Nephilim are the good guys and not some evil abomination resulting from the liaisons between humans and angels.

Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments series has catapulted one such Nephilim, Jace Wayland, to the top of many a girl’s list as favorite Paranormal. Some even prefer him to dear old Edward Cullen.

On the flip side, of course, with Heaven there is Hell, so you have your Demons.

Again we’re not talking about those mutant demon freaks that reek of brimstone.

We are talking about the super hot, über sexy, bad boy demons like Nick in The Demon’s Lexicon and Luc in Personal Demons.

I don’t believe there are any other spawn of Satan or hellions that would top anyone’s list of favorites, but please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also in the running are the Fae (or Fey, Fairies, Faeries depending on which stories you read).

Some say that Faerie stories are hands-down the best stories out there. With such variety in how a Faerie story can be written, from the happy-go-lucky Faeries, to the wickedly devious Fae, with two courts, four courts or more, there are enough options to make them strong contenders for the top spot.

You have your “gentler” stories, like The Iron Fey series, Wings series, Faeriewalker series or even the Need series. This is not to say that these Faeries, Pixies or Nixies are nice, they just aren’t as hardcore as some of the others.

There are also those stories that range anywhere from mildly violent to pretty harsh, like the Wondrous Strange series, Wicked Lovely series or Holly Black’s Tithe, Valiant and Ironside books.

Whichever type of Faerie story you prefer, there are definitely enough to keep them in the running against the Vampires.

The final group, which always goes hand-in-hand with Vampires are the Wolves of which I spoke at the beginning of this article.

This group is less likely to take the top slot away from the Vamps than either the Angels or the Faeries. Mainly because it’s harder for them to pull of the whole sexy vibe, given that they shape-shift completely into a beast or into some combination of man and beast.

In Wolf form, they can look either frightening or sweet, but generally aren’t considered alluring or sexy. But if there were any books or series that could possibly knock the Vampires down a few pegs, they would be the Nightshade series, The Dark Divine series, The Wolves of Mercy Falls series (Shiver, Linger, Forever) or the 13 to Life series.

While I don’t mean to neglect any of the other wonderful Paranormals out there, like the Spellcasters, Reapers, Bansidhes, Succubi or Ghosts, as their numbers haven’t yet risen to the level that make them a threat to the Vamps, they don’t get an individual call out.

I have been a victim of the Vampire craze since childhood. But in the exact order in which I’ve placed these competitors, is the order in which I’ve come to learn about and love each and every one of these other Paranormals. Although, depending on the day, the Demons may swap places with Angels in my ranking order.

And on days when I’ve discovered a new book and new characters that I fall in love with, sometimes that Paranormal actually knocks those pesky Vampires right off their pedestal and take over the lead, even if only for a day.

If you had to choose a Paranormal? Who would you choose and why?

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