Random Thoughts: The perfect gift for an eBibliophile

For those of us who have been a bit tardy in purchasing those Christmas gifts for friends, family and loved ones, the perfect last minute, stress-free gift to give to our eBibliophile friends are eBooks. This requires no crowds, no long lines and an almost hassle-free gift-giving experience.

I’ve checked on Barnes & Noble and Borders, but at present it seems that only Amazon is currently offering the eBook gifting experience. (I know I mention Amazon a lot on this blog, but it’s only because I buy a majority of my books from them. I am in no way affiliated or compensated by Amazon for my mentions.)

These books do not require an Amazon Kindle reading device. The eBook can be read on a computer or on any mobile smartphone that allows you to have the Kindle app, so unless your recipient is without an e-mail account to receive the electronic gift, or a computer or other medium in which to read the book, it can be a pretty sweet gift to receive.

Gifting an eBook beats giving a gift card. Firstly, it tells the recipient that you are spending time thinking about them and their specific reading preferences. You are also giving them the gift of reading whereas giving the gift card leaves the door open for them to buy something altogether different like a Blu-Ray disc or video game. And even though an electronic gift might appear to be last minute and rushed, it is far more personal than running to the pharmacy or grocery store to buy a generic gift card from a kiosk.

Finally, each book gets sent individually with a lovely personalized message to accompany it. So if you were to purchase ten books for someone as a gift, they would receive multiple email messages – just like opening many gifts versus receiving the single electronic gift certificate or the one gift card.

I make this suggestion as not someone pushing eBooks or Amazon products, but as a reader who would revel in receiving lovely books rather than an impersonal card or item I’d have to re-gift or return.

Of course, if you have the time and money, purchasing an eReader for someone this holiday is a fantastic gift, whether that be a Nook, Kobo, Sony eReader, Kindle or iPad. And, if you don’t mind the crowds, or live close to family or friends and don’t require advance notice for shipping, going to the store to buy a physical book or three is another super holiday gift.

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