Quickie Review: Remedial Magic (Faeriewalker series)

Remedial Magic by Jenna Black

Remedial Magic, by author Jenna Black was released today as a free download from To read it on Macmillan’s website for free, click here. It is a preview story for Glimmerglass in the Faeriewalker series.

Remedial Magic was so much fun. It is a brief story about Kimber’s attempt to practice magic. It can be read without reading Glimmerglass, the first book in the Faeriewalker series, but it is better read after just to get the full context. All readers need to know is that Kimber and Ethan are siblings, both Fae, who live in Avalon.

The story gives you a bit more insight into Kimber, which explains a lot about her personality when we meet her in Glimmerglass.

This story also makes her much more likable, as you get to see the struggles she goes through having limited magical capability, a mother who left her and a brother who can’t seem to do anything wrong and steals away all her friends. But the best “laugh out loud” parts of the story are the killer teddy bears. They alone make this worth the read.

It’s a free story, a quick read, and a delightful way to spend a Friday!

Click HERE to read an excerpt of Glimmerglass from the author’s website. The Amazon download includes a peek at Glimmerglass.

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